Tell me, plz.
She put her first bread to be made, he had already risen (on the program, fast baking), and the child took it and just before the start of baking, pressed something (apparently, stop) and reset the program.
What to do in such a situation?
I put it back on quick baking ... I hope I get some bread
You can immediately turn on the baking mode at the time you need. With quick bread (medium size) -30 minutes.
TaTa *
In the fast baking mode, kneading and proofing will start again, it is better to put in the oven
generally baked normally. only the lid is not round and there are a few large pores inside, but the taste is excellent What to do if you accidentally turn off the program before baking?
TaTa *
For the first bread and even with an accident - just wonderful!
Aunt Besya
In fact, if the shutdown happened just before baking, then it's okay !! Just turn on the "Baking" mode, in the instructions, as a rule, there are tables with baking times by size and type of bread

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