Buckwheat cake in a multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH18

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Buckwheat cake in a multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH18


Dough: 1 tbsp.
Buckwheat flour 1 tbsp.
Wheat flour 1 tbsp.
Boiling water 1 tbsp.
Milk 1 tbsp.
Sugar 1 tbsp.
Rast. oil 0.5 tbsp.
Egg 1 PC.
Soda 1 tsp
Soft curd
(I do it myself, weigh out yogurt,
from 2 l of yogurt
it turns out 800 g of soft cottage cheese
not grainy)
400 g
Sugar 0.5 tbsp.
Raspberry jam 1 tbsp.

Cooking method

  • glass-250 ml
  • Dough:
  • Mix all dry ingredients (flour, sugar, soda)
  • Then add an egg, butter, milk. Mix. At the end, pour a glass of boiling water and pour the dough into a multi saucepan oiled with rast.
  • The dough turns out like thick sour cream.
  • Baking-65 + 20 minutes.
  • Open, allow to cool, remove from the mold.
  • The cake turned out to be 6-7 centimeters.
  • Slightly slightly damp, does not crumble.
  • With a bright smell of buckwheat.
  • It was taken out easily.
  • Cut into 3 cakes, and grease a layer of jam, a layer of cream.
  • Cream:
  • Add sugar and vanilla to cottage cheese, grind.
  • Decorate.


My comments:
This cake is impromptu. There was just buckwheat flour at home. Since it is customary in our family to eat something sweet every day for tea, I am constantly looking for simple recipes for frequent baking. Well, I try to reduce the number of calories as much as possible for the cake.
The cake was a success. It can be classified as USEFUL. Instead of fatty cream, cottage cheese, homemade jam, no chemicals, and the unusual use of buckwheat flour.
The taste is pleasant, due to cottage cheese and jam, sweet and sour. Wet, but not wet. I took the recipe for Boiling Chocolate as a basis. The dough was not as liquid as Boiled Chocolate, due to the fact that buckwheat flour absorbs more water. Walnuts just asked for the taste of this cake.

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Buckwheat cake in a multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH18
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Buckwheat cake in a multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH18
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Buckwheat cake in a multicooker Panasonic SR-TMH18
natamylove ,
Wow ! What an interesting recipe! After reading, I immediately had a desire to repeat!
I just baked such a cake .... it turned out to be low .... exactly 4 cm. I don’t know, maybe the flour had to be sifted ... or maybe it took longer to bake, when I cut it (though I was in a hurry still warm), it was wet inside ... I made a cream from yogurt + sour cream + thickener for sour cream ... and added walnuts ... I'm waiting for it to soak ... then I'll write about the taste ..))
I report on the taste ---- very! Very, very! The taste is unusual! In general, I love the taste of buckwheat flour - I always add buckwheat flakes or flour to bread, even if it is not in the recipe. For a long time, my husband did not believe that there was no cocoa in the cake. A cream without butter is practically a "diet" cake. natamylove , thanks for the recipe,: flowers: for the second time I bake according to your recipes, and for the second time I really like it.
Thank you for your gratitude, I was worried, waiting for your answer.
I got it higher, but also wet, after the refrigerator it tastes better, like all the cakes.
Quote: natamylove
... after the refrigerator it tastes better, like all cakes.
And, poor fellow, he did not live to see the refrigerator ..
You have surprisingly tasty and, which is important in our turbulent time, economical baking recipes ... Last time I baked your fruit pie with sprinkles ... and really amazingly tasty sprinkles .... and fruits can be different. Now I decided to re-cook all your recipes from the baking list in the cartoon ...what I will report on over time

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