Crab stick muffins

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Crab stick muffins


kefir (yogurt) 200 gr.
Egg 1 PC.
Butter 50 gr.
Wheat flour 180 g
Baking powder 1 tsp with a slide
Sugar 0.5 coffee spoon
Crab sticks 7 pieces
Salt 0.5 coffee spoon

Cooking method

  • Wet ingredients: kefir (or yogurt), egg, melted butter - stir.

  • Dry ingredients: Sift flour with baking powder, mix with sugar and salt. Cut the crab sticks into cubes.

  • Mix wet and dry ingredients (quickly and not very thoroughly), the consistency is like thick pancakes. Spread on 2/3 of the dish, bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes, check the willingness with a splinter.

Time for preparing:

20 minutes.

Cooking program:

Baking in the oven


Dedicated to lovers of "crab sticks" ...

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Very tasty, especially after the abundance of sweet pastries, the family is happy!

Crab stick muffins

Little one! Super! These snacks muffins should be great for beer !! Thanks for the recipe!
Thank you sunshine ... there are no muffins anymore, though initially there weren't many of them, only 8 pieces. The last ones were smashed by donechka, she loves crabs and everything connected with them, these muffins for her are just what doKhtUr ordered!
I make bread with chopsticks for my lovers of crab meat - I shred their full dispenser finely (one large package = full dispenser + eat while you shrink a little yourself) and bake a small loaf of milk bread from the instructions for Panasonic, 400 gr. It turns out there are a lot of them, only you need a little more milk or water than in the recipe, since the sticks are dryish.
And it is also very tasty if chopped squids fried in salted butter are loaded into milk or plain bread or whole-flour bread. The bread turns out - you will lick your fingers, only the dispenser and the stove are then washed from the oil (well, it's like after fried honey agaric), but the result is delicious for seafood lovers.
Crochet, brought a report and a thank you for the muffins. Unusual and tasty.

Crab stick muffins

Crochet, thanks for the recipe Very tasty cupcakes turned out, although I baked in HP (the oven does not work) and cut them into squares. I made the second portion with w / c beef, it also turned out deliciously.

Crab stick muffins
Hell in email muffin girl is very soulful
Thanks a lot for the recipe! What the soul now asks for !!! Is it possible to use pecto convection?
Quote: Olex

Is it possible to use pecto convection?
Olex Helen, even necessary !!! We bake with convection at 160 gr.

Homik Lizonka, good health !!! I am very glad that muffins are to your taste !!!
Everyone bakes, but what am I redhead or something ?!

I kneaded a double portion of dough, divided it in half, added 200 g to one part. crab sticks, in another manya sausages cut into small cubes and canned green peas, it turned out !!!

Crab stick muffins

Baked at 160 gr. with convection, within 20 minutes.
An excellent recipe, I made it for a picnic, only cheese remained in the refrigerator - dare to cheer!

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