In order to understand, to orientate correctly and to form a decision for yourself - to accept such an object of nutrition as “Contentment” bread into your life, it will probably be better if you get more information about it. In this section, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the composition of micronutrients (fillings) of Dovolstvo bread.

Alimentary fiber - our body needs at least 30 g of fiber (dietary fiber) every day, and in the “Dovolstvo” bread its content is 11.75 g per 100 g of product. The presence of dietary fiber contributes to:
- removal of cholesterol from the body, which is especially important in violation of fat metabolism, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease.
- equalizing the level of glucose and insulin in the blood, which is important for patients with diabetes mellitus.
- removal of heavy metals, radionuclides, toxic substances.
- improvement of intestinal motility, contributes to its easy emptying, beneficial effect on the state of the entire digestive system ...

Pectins - high-molecular polysaccharides are present in soluble and insoluble form in the shell of all plant cells. The content of pectin in 100 g of bread made from whole wheat germ grain "Dovolstvo" is: - 2.23 g.
Pectins slow down and suppress the processes of putrefaction and gas formation in the intestines, reduce the toxic effects of various toxic substances, adsorb them and promote excretion from the body, including heavy metals and radionuclides. Pectins increase the viscosity of the intestinal contents and thus slow down the absorption of glucose, as a result of which the condition of patients with diabetes mellitus improves. These beneficial compounds promote the absorption of important minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which improves the condition of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as gastroenterological diseases. The introduction of "Contentment" bread into the diet is a guarantee of good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. This is the normalization of the work of our microflora and the prevention of all troubles, the cause of which is dysbiosis.

Bread "Contentment" - fermented food!
Germinating wheat grains is a very special product that contains a huge amount of actively working own enzymes, because all reactions in germinating grains are very fast. Enzymes, including hydrolytic ones, decompose complex reserve substances into simpler ones, suitable for building new tissues, accelerates the synthesis and accumulation of antioxidant vitamins, fiber, pectins in the germinated grain itself in a natural way, very intensively and harmoniously. This means that the grain used for making bread "Contentment" helps us to digest ourselves, is easily digestible by humans and does not require additional digestion costs. That is why grain bread "Contentment" is effective in diet therapy. Germinated grain saves the reserves of metabolic enzymes in our body. And they are limited, according to the American researcher Dr. E. Howell, author of the monograph "Enzyme Nutrition" - the faster we use up our reserves of digestive enzymes, that is, the more we consume processed, refined, enzyme-free food, the faster we age.
Consumption of bread made from whole wheat germ grain "Contentment" is to help your body in the synthesis of its own metabolic enzymes, to help every cell!

Bread "Contentment" is an active natural antioxidant!
Antioxidant activity is an extremely important indicator that indicates the presence of substances that neutralize excess free radicals in living tissue. Vital nutrients required by every person are dietary natural antioxidants that plants synthesize. Natural vitamins E, C and carotenoids are antioxidants. The leading place in antioxidant activity is occupied by bioflavonoids, for example rutin. As well as a number of other well-known compounds ... Bread "Contentment" from whole sprouted wheat grain can maximally help neutralize the destructive effect of excess free radicals. It contains ample amounts of antioxidants. The norm of their total amount per day for an adult is 360mg. And in bread "Contentment" the total content of water-soluble antioxidants is 58mg / 100g. The high content of antioxidants in the "Contentment" bread, in comparison with white flour bread 23 mg / 100g, is explained by the fact that it is prepared from sprouted grains.

Amino acids in the human body are used for the synthesis of proteins and peptides, as well as many non-protein substances that perform special functions in the body (choline, taurine, ..). Almost half of the amino acids are essential nutritional factors, the carbon part of which is not synthesized in the body, and the "Contentment" bread contains all the essential amino acids. An adult needs about 100 g of amino acids per day, supplied with food proteins. The total content of amino acids in bread from whole sprouted wheat grain "Dovolstvo" weighing 350 g is approximately 43 g (± 30 mg). Of the 20 essential amino acids, 18 amino acids are contained (asparagine and glutamine are absent, but these substances can be formed on their own with a sufficient amount of aspartic and glutamic acids). Heat treatment has no significant effect on the total weight of amino acids.

Bread "Dovolstvo" has the richest composition of natural micronutrients.
And this is only a part of its excellent qualities! It's not just about its biochemical composition. All this storehouse is charged with natural energy-information fields.
This energy appears to us in the physical embodiment of living nature on Earth. Bread "Contentment" is fully endowed with such energy. It is made of living grain and is a product of the intelligent use of the fruits of this Energy of Life.
Refresh yourself! Eat and be energetic!

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