Bread with vegetable filling

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Bread with vegetable filling


Sifted, wheat flour 600 g
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Salt 1 tsp
Rast. oil 50 ml
Liquid kefir 300 ml
Dry yeast 1 tbsp. l.
Filling recipe:
Medium potatoes (cut into strips) 2 pcs.
Chop a large onion 1 PC.
Chop fresh cabbage as well 200 g

Cooking method

  • The dough is prepared in KhP, the filling is sautéed in a frying pan, stacked in layers on the dough rolled into cakes, and baked in KhP.

  • Saute vegetables for 10 minutes. in a frying pan, then add a little grated cheese, chopped herbs, salt and spices to taste. Stir well and cool.

  • Knead the dough in HP. (1 h. 30 min.)

  • At this time, as you understand, you can make the filling

  • After preparing the dough, we defend it for 30 minutes. and divide into 5 parts (no need to add flour, pliable, do what you like)

  • We roll out each part into a rectangle, and putting a bucket on the bottom, fill each layer with a filling, covering it with the next layer of dough. In total, there are 5 layers of dough, and 4 parts of the filling.

  • We put the bucket in the HP and leave it for 30 minutes. distance without opening the oven lid all this time.

  • Bread with vegetable filling

Time for preparing:

60 minutes.

Cooking program:

"bakery products"


Better to chill the loaf before slicing, then you get guaranteed slices like regular sliced ​​bread.
Bon Appetit!

Quote: Gabi

And, I want to say creatively. All the same, fountaining is a thing!
Gabi! Vikochka We also have such a recipe on our website no less cool For those who have a long bucket. (as an idea I mean).

KASONYA, this is * pie * with cabbage!

Irr and exactly how I haven't seen him before? What would I do without you encyclopedia-wikipedia you are mine. Thank you.

A question to the author of the recipe - when slicing the bread does not fall apart, then the bish filling does not fall out? This question torments me.
IRR! not even a pie, but a pie - enough for everyone!

Gaby, does not fall apart, everything is "bundle"
The chilled loaf is cut into small pieces.
Gabi, you can have onions and mushrooms, and whatever your heart desires! In the photo, the filling looks like mushroom (to my mind), but this is: cabbage with potatoes. Sometimes I don't even add cheese and an egg to the filling, and nothing falls apart!
Well, while hot - we sweep the loaf only in this way, cut into 4 parts.
The pie remained only in memories ... ... delicious about!

Bread with vegetable filling

Bread with vegetable filling

Bread with vegetable filling

Maybe someone has already cooked this way, but I cook such a pie periodically.
Especially good for those who love cabbage in all its forms.
Class !!! I only thought of before Cabbage curl, though the pictures are there, but the meaning is still clear ... I will definitely try your version, thanks!
Crochet! I would like to see cabbage curl, I know - delicious and tasty again!

I'm glad I liked my version. The puff is not far from the curl, right?

Thank you for rating!
Dough: common for baking wheat bread.

Filling - sausages and grated cheese with herbs.

Bread with vegetable filling

If it seemed delicious, I'll tell you more ...
KASONYA, and I also bake such a pie, only in a smaller size. Already baked it several times, and also with cabbage. This is my favorite filling.
I make the dough with milk.

And I also have such a board, and it is also red!

Only I distribute for an hour, and I bake for 55 minutes (in Panasonic). Yummy.
Well, there are people who bake like me! Alena 78, it's nice to meet a like-minded person!

And about the filling,
(also my favorite cabbage!) and about the red plate.

I will say about the dough:
I do this on milk all the time, but if there is kefir in the refrigerator, I choose it. More delicious, more magnificent.

Why do you have a smaller pie-pie? Right, the consumption of flour is less?

In general, it was nice to meet you!
We will continue to communicate, exchange recipes ...
Smaller - you will laugh, this is to eat less!

I will definitely bake your test. You write that you don't need to add flour when cutting flour, and you can't cut my dough on milk without flour. It is more convenient without flour.

I love pies. And the additives in the dough are no longer the same, they dissolve there partially or completely. First, I came up with the idea of ​​baking bread from pies, then baked from rolls, then from cakes ...
As for the test - I often do different things, well, I just want to try everything.

Today I baked 4 rolls with apples and sugar, put them inside and out.

But then as a forum you read, all the time it turns out that he invented the bicycle!
Everything has already been written, scheduled.
Bakers are creative and enthusiastic people!

Bread with vegetable filling
This is today's, I'm not cutting it yet, there is no one at home, I'm waiting.
To me - to "you" - easy!

Alena78, this is you - a creative and enthusiastic person!

And as for the bicycle, the wheel can be square, the main thing is that someone needs it!

You bake the bread - awesome, even without magnification you can see, delicious !!!


If it seemed delicious, I'll tell you more ...
KASONYA, Tell me, please. I really like sausages and cheese in dough. Just drooling
nakapustina, tell me, have you ever baked puffs or curls?
If - baked, then it will be easier for me to explain to you, if - not, then I will tell you in great detail and step by step. Waiting for an answer!
no, did not bake

I'll tell you in great detail and step by step.
we are waiting for mulberries in the bushes in detail, tomorrow at the sea with an overnight stay, I want to somehow perverted at night looking
I'll tell you in detail, but here you need patience, time and, of course, the desire to cook deliciously.
So, a loaf of sausage, cheese, sauce and herbs.
Prepare the dough in KhP (1h 30min.)
1 st. l. Sahara
1h l. salt
50 ml. grows up. oils
300 ml. liquid kefir
600 gr. wheat flour, bakery.
1 tbsp. l. dry yeast.

While the dough is being prepared, we will prepare sausages without fat, any tomato ketchup sauce you love, chopped greens and grated cheese. All this is in different dishes.

Divide the prepared dough into 8 parts:
Bread with vegetable filling

Roll each into an oval, grease with tomato sauce

Bread with vegetable filling

Sprinkle with grated cheese and herbs, put half a sausage
Bread with vegetable filling

Roll gently into a bagel shape and splice
URL =Bread with vegetable filling

We put eight of these bagels in a bucket of HP in any order you like and put them in the oven on the "baking" mode for 60 minutes.
The crust is medium.

Here's the result:

Bread with vegetable filling

By this principle, you can prepare both a puff and a curl. Bon Appetit!
KASONYA , thanks a lot, everything is clear Tomorrow I will try to do it.
Yes, not at all, nakapustina ! You will succeed, I will be glad!
How lovely! Awesome bread in the photo. I am so delighted that I already ran to put the dough. It will be a holiday for my family today. Thanks for this recipe!
natalka! Good afternoon, thank you, I accept

If you have questions - I will always help!
KASONYA, I report. In the morning I planned to bake a loaf of sausages. Well, as always, she messed up. There were no sausages in the house. My husband went to pick mushrooms, I have a temperature, my grandmother does not leave the house, my daughter did not come. And already unbearable.
In short, I replaced the sausages with boiled sausage, it was also not enough, I added raw smoked, wrapped the cakes like a roll. What can I say, it may not be very beautiful, but delicious. Only the top of the loaf is a little damp. Maybe because of the sausage?
Bread with vegetable filling

Next time I'll do it with sausages Thanks for the recipe

natalka! Good afternoon, thank you, I accept

If you have questions - I will always help!

Thanks again! No questions. Everything worked out the first time. There is no photo because they dared everything and did not have time to take a picture. The family is delighted. Require repetition.
cool! straight hot sandwiches! and if you cut this in front of the guests - the highlight of the program!
nakapustina! What a good bread, a great photo! 5 points with a plus!

Is the top of the loaf not baked and opal? Or is it just a bit damp?

natalka! Happy for you! My family also always requires repetition and that's not a question! Bake to your health!

Pogremushka! Exactly, and in front of guests is not ashamed, and tasty and satisfying!
KASONYA, no, everything went up well, the dough did not fall off, and the top was slightly damp when cut.
Quote: nakapustina

KASONYA, no, everything went up well, the dough did not fall off, and the top was slightly damp when cut.

The dough did not fall off with such baking - this is the height of luck! The damp top is due to the large amount of filling, moreover pieces of cheese!

Try changing the crust to dark and reduce the baking time by 5 minutes.

For example, I do this - the dough is quite tight, in the filling - as little moisture as possible.

And in general, everything is fine with you, and I think it will be the same further,

I baked a meat pie from your dough for my husband in the oven (I don’t eat meat myself), it turned out good.
Indeed, it is so easy to cut this dough. At first it seemed to me thick, but everything was caked fine.
I will make such a dough, I wrote down the recipe in a teteradka. Thank you!

As for the apple pie, which I baked according to this principle, I want to say that it is delicious, of course, but for my taste it is still tastier with vegetables (especially with cabbage).
I won't bake with sausages, because I don't eat them!
Alena78, for thanks - thanks!

About the apple pie that I used to bake this principle,

Tell me, how was the apple filling made?
The fact is that bread with apples, even puff, will not be tasty enough if the filling lacks ingredients.

And the dough for apples needs a different, more rich one. Rather better do charlotte, in my opinion.

And with cabbage - the filling is juicy and self-sufficient, so the loaf is delicious!

I won't bake with sausages, because I don't eat them!

They can be easily replaced with strips of any fish fillet (I recommend pink salmon).
Add spices for fish for the aroma - and a guarantee, you will lick your fingers!

Tell me, how was the apple filling made?
The fact is that bread with apples, even puff, will not be tasty enough if the filling lacks ingredients.
And the dough for apples needs a different, more rich one.
I made the apple filling simply: I cut the apples and sprinkled them with sugar. Can you please tell me what additional ingredients are needed?
The dough was rich in milk, delicious.

I baked with fish just yesterday. Boiled fish (trout) + fried onions + grated cheese.
The dough is yours. It turned out delicious.

There are also plans to bake the same pie with filling: saury (canned food) + heat. onions + boiled rice.

I do not have time to bake all the ideas, they still have to have time to eat!
And in general, I went out, I bake on 2 stoves at once.
Clever, clever! Always so "disperse"!

With apples and sugar with such a dough, nothing tasty will turn out, I think.
After all, this is BREAD - first of all, and for PIE - first of all, you need butter dough
(not only with milk!) Secondly, it is better to make the filling jam-like, with the addition of plums, pears, for example. In a blender, you can mix all the ingredients, with the addition of sugar and spices (ground cinnamon, coriander, a little ginger).
Vanilla sugar . If the filling is thin, evaporate the excess moisture in the microwave oven.

But ... I would still make a charlotte from apples ...

Boiled fish (trout)
- I put a raw strip of red fish (or - just a piece of fillet, any boneless).

With canned food (by the way, I also chose saury!) Everything will work out, do not hesitate that they would not add rice there, onions, etc. I generally add my favorite cabbage.

The fillings can be different, the main thing is to observe proportions, moderation and have a flair, your own, inner. And yet - to think logically. That's all it takes to be successful.

And if TASTY - then it will be eaten in one moment!
Prepared for the weekend little snack curl

Bread with vegetable filling

Bread with vegetable filling

With sausage, cheese, onions and herbs.
In general, the same pizza. And the dough is ordinary, not on kefir, but it turned out - TASTY!

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