Puff tongues

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Puff tongues


Wheat flour 2 tbsp.
Butter 200 g
Sour cream 200 g
Sugar for sprinkling

Cooking method

  • glass 250 ml
  • I chop butter + flour on a combine until crumb (you can grate butter + flour) + sour cream in the refrigerator for 2 hours (sometimes I stand it for 2 hours, sometimes not, sometimes I bake it right away, and sometimes I'll make the dough in the evening, and bake it in the morning, to breakfast),
  • Roll out the dough 1cm thick. fold it in an envelope, roll it out again 1 cm, fold it again in an envelope, etc. only 4 times, for the last time pour a layer of sugar on top and press down a little with a rolling pin, then cut into any shape, you can, like traditional tongues, you can, like in my photo ...
  • I bake in an ordinary oven, I have one, so I bake everything on the smallest fire and I look, when it's done, the crust is a little golden, which means it's ready, I won't say anything in time, in my 40 minutes, and in a good one, probably much less.
  • Puff tongues


My family loves tongues very much, I make them very quickly and simply, they are sooo tasty, try it too.

Aaaaaa !!! This is my husband's weakness !!!! He always buys where he sees them. And I do not like, therefore I never bake! Now you just can't get out! And fold it with a wire, how is it, 4 times?
Just roll it out and fold it with an envelope, then roll it out again and fold it again with an envelope and do this 4 times., It turns out puff pastry.
Very simple and fast, I hope it will be delicious for you too.
Four corners - towards the center

Puff tongues

(photo from the Povaryonok website, supplied exclusively for example)
Well, we can't have mutual love with puff pastry! Firstly, the dough seemed thin to me, I should have added flour, but I slowed down something. Secondly, to roll out in 1 cm, it seems to me, is rather thick. In short, I got delicious sour cream cookies, but not tongues. Although my husband liked it, and we ate everything today!

Puff tongues
Stella Thank you. I already did so, only sprinkled the dough

Puff tongues

agata116 Thanks for the recipe, we really liked it, very tender dough, it melts right in your mouth.
I really didn't get tongues, but diamonds, but I think it doesn't matter.
The main thing is that it is tasty and +

girls tell me, if you baked, what consistency the dough turns out to be.
I do it for the second time and constantly, it seems to me, the dough is liquid.
When I fold the envelope, it feels like molten plasticine, and when I cut the rolled dough into different shapes and start taking it piece by piece, it crumples.

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