Kefir bread (bread maker)

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Kefir bread (bread maker)


Olive oil (I take the first pressing) 1.5 tbsp. l.
Kefir 2.5% 100 ml
Water 235 ml
Salt 1.5 tsp.
Sugar (can be fructose) 1 tbsp. l.
Flour 550 g
Yeast 1.5 tsp.

Cooking method

  • main bread 1000 g
  • the ratio of kefir / water - by eye, the main thing is that the total volume is 335 ml.

Cooking program:



Photo by mamadochek

Kefir bread is very good. Can I post a photo?

Kefir bread (bread maker)
Kefir bread (bread maker)
please don’t tell me. is it possible to take kefir a little soured ??
Lanca it will be even better for bread.
Yesterday I tried to bake everything on kefir, they added Bifidok - it is our molkobinat that makes such a kefir product ... the term has just expired. Well, I also loaded it into the oven .... I loaded everything correctly by grams. decided to come later to check the bun ... GOD the spatula barely interfered, or rather, it could not cope at all ... I had to sit next to her and help her ... I don't even know why ... the bun was very elastic and resilient ... with the stove and home it was time to get up, then I left the kitchen, but I was worried and ran up to peep at my own peril and risk ... the dough became pliable, soft ... warm TOTAL: the bread turned out to be very beautiful and plump, not as airy as my usual white breads, this is the density I like, it is cut perfectly and the taste is just wonderful!
Thank you! Great recipe!
The bread turned out to be just a handsome man !!!
And delicious .....
Kefir bread (bread maker)
Quote: Lanca

please don’t tell me. is it possible to take kefir a little soured ??

I took just a little sour)))
And the ratio of water and kefir was clearly in favor of kefir, about 240 ml of kefir and the rest of the water. I was worried about this until the bread was baked. In general, I did not expect that it would turn out so well!
Thanks again for the recipe
And I chose the "French" mode. And the bread turned out with an even crispy crust and airy crumb.
Thanks for the recipe! The bread turned out to be airy with a very crispy crust., Delicious !!! Only I added 335 ml of low-fat kefir (what was in the refrigerator), but did not add water, I got 580 grams of flour, put 2 tsp. yeast and also put on the "French bread" mode.
A delicious recipe! Indeed, in the French mode, it turns out amazingly delicious bread. Thank you!
if this bread is baked in a panasonic 255, what mode, size? the type of bread is super!
Good day.
Take in the ranks of the "newbie".
This is my second loaf. The bread turned out to be very tasty! Thanks for the recipe. But for some reason I can't get a crispy crust
Kefir bread (bread maker)
Lyolya-la, the bread turned out beautiful!

The crust of the bread depends on the set "crust color" setting and the model of the bread machine. Unfortunately, there are models of x / stoves that do not bake the crust. You can read about this in the section Operation choosing the model of your x / stove.

Enter in your profile, the model of your stove, the volume of the measuring cup for it and the place of residence - then it will be easier and faster to advise you

Let's bake bread together, good luck!
Thank you, now I will add my profile ...
My experience as a baker is still quite small. But of the recipes I've tried, I liked this bread the most. Thank you!
The bread is just super!
I baked in old homemade milk, replaced some of the flour (about 50g) with bran, and even rye. The bread just flew away. It turned out to be a boring "heavy", slightly wet crumb, as I like.
Thanks for the recipe!
I tried to bake bread according to your recipe in Orion 204. The bread turned out BOMBE] !!! Only instead of kefir I took sour homemade milk 350 gr., Instead of olive oil, ordinary vegetable, and poured flour in 3 measuring cups (which comes with a stove) with a slide. The program used number 2 (French bread) crust color 2 (medium) as for me it is necessary for 1 (minimum) will be better. And I add 50 grams to almost all recipes. a glass of sunflower seeds (it is possible and more about 100g. "CERE WITH OIL WILL NOT SPOIL"), a pinch of ground black pepper and a teaspoon of dry dill (you can also chop fresh) Pepper and dill add spice to any unsweetened bread. I add the seeds immediately with flour. And someone there wrote the order of loading. So I will correct that you need to first pour in the liquid (it should be warm), vegetable oil, then salt and sugar, then flour, seeds, dill, pepper, then make a deepening in the flour and add 1.5 tsp. yeast (I use dry Lviv). Good luck with your cooking. I look forward to feedback and adequate, reasoned amendments. ENJOY YOUR MEAL !
Today I baked breads according to this recipe in Orion 204. My first resulting bread !!! It turned out just awesome bread. It fits well and tastes good, and the crust is umm ... so crispy. I took everything according to the recipe in the following sequence: I put 2 hours on the bottom. l dry saf-velor yeast, then 4 measuring cups (supplied with a stove) without a slide, then salt, sugar, sour homemade milk 210 ml, water 125 ml, ordinary refined sunflower oil 1.5 tbsp. spoons. The program used 2 (French bread) crust color 2 (medium), set the mass to 900, the bread turned out to be a pleasant golden hue. Somewhere for 1h 30min. The dough rose strongly, I thought it would come out of the bucket, but then gradually settled a little.
Kefir bread (bread maker)
Kefir bread (bread maker)
right now, let's see what I get))
Here! only the loaf is warm and I haven't cut it yet.

Kefir bread (bread maker)

Kefir bread (bread maker)
I will also add to the piggy bank! The bread is wonderful! There was only kefir left for pancakes, so I decided to bake bread. Found this recipe. Thanks to the author! Try it, friends, you will not regret it !!!Kefir bread (bread maker)
The bread turned out to be airy, I did not expect such a result)))
Kefir bread (bread maker) Thanks for the recipe))

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