Wheat bread with oatmeal and apple on kefir

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Wheat bread with oatmeal and apple on kefir


1 tsp dry PAF yeast
600 gr wheat flour
100g oatmeal or multigrain (instant)
300 ml of kefir
1.5 tsp salt
1.5 tbsp sugar
1.5 tbsp of vegetable oil
2 juicy apples grate (I had medium Fuji)

Cooking method

  • The bread is very satisfying, the crumb is slightly heavy and moist, well elastic.
  • Wheat bread with oatmeal and apple on kefir

  • Made in Panasonic. Basic program, size XL, medium crust. The kolobok needs to be followed. The density of kefir and the juiciness of apples are always slightly different. The gingerbread man is slightly sticky when kneading.
  • Wheat bread with oatmeal and apple on kefir

Lika, according to the recipe 600g flour + 100g flakes = 1 hour. l yeast and 300 ml of kefir. Not a lot of flour? Yes, and in our Panasik they recommend no more than 600 g of flour, and then there are flakes. Or is apple juice an extra liquid and yeast aid?
Andreevna, that's right, the apples gave quite a lot of juice and helped the yeast, and Panasonic mixed everything very easily, completely without effort.
Thanks for the recipe. I liked the bread very much. It turned out very tasty, tall, fluffy and fragrant .. Pekla in Moulinex 5002 on the main program. He went up to the edge of the bucket. I put 3 small apples. Apparently they were not very juicy, I had to add about 30 grams of kefir. The gingerbread man was shaggy at first. But she resisted adding more. And she did the right thing. He leveled off and became just wonderful. Thanks again.
A recipe-based experiment. I baked bread on apple cake from juice, kefir, with the addition of rye flour and sunflower seeds.
It turned out very tasty, after breakfast there was only half a loaf. I would have known what would be SO delicious, I would have weighed the ingredients.

Wheat bread with oatmeal and apple on kefir
Lika, Thanks for the great recipe !!!
For a long time I was going to attach apples and use cereals in bread. Everything was baked perfectly, rose and ate! Especially with honey and tea I liked it! I will definitely write it down and repeat it for an encore!

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