Goat milk creamy ice cream

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Goat milk creamy ice cream


Goat milk powder 15g
Goat milk 642g
Butter 78g
Condensed goat milk 215g
Sugar 33g
Invert syrup 32g
Agar agar 3d
Agar water 100g
Salt 1g
Gum 1 / 4h l.
Water for gum 100g

Cooking method

1. Pour gum into water (100g) and leave for at least an hour to swell.
2. Heat about half of the milk with butter to melt the butter. Beat with a blender (foot) until smooth.
3. Mix dry milk with sugar and, adding milk little by little, dissolve it so that there are no lumps. Mix together all the milk, condensed milk, invert syrup and salt. Add gum, you can mix it with a blender (foot) to disperse the gum lumps. Heat the mixture to 60-65 degrees.
4. Pour agar-agar with water, heat to a boil. Boil for 2 minutes. Pour into the milk mixture, stir.
5. Cool, stirring constantly. I use a cold water bath to speed up. It is necessary to cool to a temperature below 40 degrees, then the mixture will not solidify in jelly, but will be thick, but liquid.
6. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
7. Strain and freeze in an ice cream maker. Transfer to cups / molds and place in the freezer. I usually let him lie in the freezer for another day. In general, it is necessary to withstand a day at -33 degrees, in production this is called quenching. After that, the ice cream will not melt quickly when eaten. But I don't have such a freezer, only from -15 ..- 18 degrees.
Bon Appetit.

The dish is designed for

1 kg of ready-made ice cream.


My son is allergic to cow's milk. After purchasing the book by Irina Chadeeva and shoveling a bunch of other materials for making ice cream at home, this recipe turned out. Thanks to the Qween recipe "Sweet cream", I got a higher fat content of ice cream than dairy. By the way, I also have goat milk powder. And I make condensed milk myself from goat's milk. From cow's only butter, but my son can use it. I make ice cream both in glasses and in popsicle tins, and then glaze:

Goat milk creamy ice cream

Wonderful recipe! I wanted to try!
Anchic, Anna, cool ice cream! I would now sharpen what in chocolate
And how much butter?
Quote: Yarik
And how much butter?
I reread it several times, but I missed the oil. 78g

Rada-dms, it turns out quite tasty. I buy goat milk in Vkusville, there it is usually 450 ml in bottles. So I counted myself a portion for 2 bottles, these are two bookmarks in my ice cream parlor (there is a 1.5 liter bucket). And the son has to slow down so that it does not end in a week
Anchic, Anna, but how do you make condensed milk?
Venka, here in this way: "Royal" cake # 2
In general, at first I came across the topic
I began to reread it and there Qween gives a link to this method of making condensed milk. With long-term storage, it becomes a little sugar-coated, but this does not affect ice cream. And it turns out it is not white, a little creamy. But the taste of boiled condensed milk is not yet available.
In general, powdered milk and condensed milk are needed to increase the dry skimmed milk residue (SNF), that is, it is the remainder of dry milk substances.In ice cream, the amount of SNF is regulated and should be about 10-12%. Thanks to this, the taste of the ice cream is more intense, pleasant consistency, whips better and melts more slowly. But the excess is also bad - the ice cream will be too dense and not refreshing. This is what Irina Chadeeva writes in the book. And I have tested it in practice - with the addition of condensed milk and powdered milk, the ice cream becomes more tasty.
Yeah, thanks, I see. We will try!
Anchic, Anya, tell me, where do you buy powdered goat milk? And gum?
Ukka, Olya, I bought milk at Ozone. It is quite expensive, but its consumption is low. On the other hand, I have already come to terms with these prices for goat milk. There is goat milk powder Almatea, for example, in Detsky Mir 🔗
I bought the gum at Yagodka (Wildbury). The gum is optional, but it can help reduce the formation of large ice crystals at home, and aids in whipping and thickening the mixture. You can try to cook without it.

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