Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water

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Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water


milk 250 ml
sparkling water 250 ml
odorless vegetable oil 250 ml
wheat flour 900 gram
salt 10 grams
sugar 50-150 grams
dry yeast 1 sachet (10-11 grams)
vanillin taste

Cooking method

Mix dry and wet components separately.
Knead a soft dough.
Approach in a warm place for 3 hours. After 1 and 2 hours, sediment.
Dough after kneading.
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
An hour later.
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
In two.

Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
After 3 hours.
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling waterTurkish yeast dough with sparkling water
For cutting, the working surface should not be greased or sprinkled with flour.
The dough is buttery. Does not stick.
You can cook any type of baked goods.
I made raisin buns, buns, curls, braids, just buns, apple pies.
The result is excellent.
After cutting the workpiece, leave it for 20-30 minutes to approach.
Then brush with sweet strong tea.
Put in an oven preheated to 200 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes.

The dish is designed for

depends on the type of cutting

Cooking program:



I've been baking for two weeks already.
The dough is just a miracle
And it is done for one or two.
The batch takes 10 minutes. Approach between cases.
Baked in different versions. Mine don't care if only there is more
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
The last time I just made buns. Greased and sprinkled sugar on top.
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
One nuance.
If you bake pies, then you need to close the seam well. The dough is greasy, the edges may come apart.
You can make non-sweet pastries. Alternatively with herbs, garlic or fried onions.
The amount of sugar depends on the cooking option.
Everything turns out soft, fluffy.
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
The finished products are not very fried due to the lack of eggs.
But the taste is not reflected
Took the recipe into permanent

An interesting recipe, thanks Helen, you have to try it.
Take away
Don't forget the bun
an interesting recipe, I somehow didn’t try to make the dough with carbonated water, only because of the addition of milk - this is no longer lean baking, I’ll try to replace milk with soda on fast days, thanks for the recipe
Exactly Marish, I'll fix it now
Doesn't mineral water mean carbonated drinking water? Why can't you have mineral water?
I don’t really trust drinking water: it seems to me that since it’s not from a well, it’s from a water pipeline :) ... Although there is no guarantee about mineral water, of course. But I know my favorite "Goryacheklyuchevskaya" mineral water to taste and will not confuse it with anything!
Tatyana, try with mineral.
The only question is, how will it go with sweet pastries?
Elena, very cool recipe !! Thank you Lenochka! Once I made the dough on mineral water, it was very tasty, but I lost the recipe ,,, I will definitely try yours !!
A very good recipe. I have been baking this recipe for many years. I don’t remember where I found it. I buy water BonAqua, Minerale and other drinking table sparkling water.
I will definitely try !! There is cabbage just.
Today I started the dough on Narzan. I'll see what happens.
Ludmila, please sign off ,,, I have Esentuki ..
Quote: zvezda
please sign off
Unsubscribe necessarily. I myself wonder if real mineral water will affect the taste of the finished baked goods.
Wow, how interesting it is, while I work in the garden
I will also wait for the result with mineral water
Girls, baked buns, just fabulously delicious. So you can take any mineral water. I forgot to take a picture.Distracted, and almost immediately ate everything, my husband took to work and gave it to his friends.
Ludmila, thanks for the tip
Now I will correct the recipe
Yesterday's buns, figurines
Turkish yeast dough with sparkling water
I rolled the dough sausages into knots. It worked out well and my eaters check it out
Podmosvichka, Elena, it's just super cool! This dough is my favorite!
Thank you
I have now too
I keep a supply of water

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