Meatballs with vegetables in Ninja® Foodi®

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Meatballs with vegetables in Ninja® Foodi®


Minced meat 500gr
Onion 2
Carrot 1
Zucchini squash 1
Potatoes 1
Sour cream, ketchup

Cooking method

I got very tasty and juicy meatballs with vegetables.
It is not difficult to do, the result is pleasing.
Prepare vegetables for minced meat, grind onions in a chopper or, as you like, grate zucchini and potatoes on a coarse grater. Instead of eggs, I put some bread crumbs, pour water, they glue the minced meat very well.
So, put crackers, minced meat and vegetables in a dose, salt, pepper and knead well.
Meatballs with vegetables in Ninja® Foodi®
Put the onion and grated carrots in a saucepan, pour oil and fry a little on the program sote.
Shaping the meatballs. Move the slightly fried vegetables to the edge of the saucepan and lay out the meatballs.
Fry on both sides. While the meatballs are fried, we prepare the filling. Pour sour cream with ketchup with a little water, salt, pepper, stir and pour the meatballs. When it boils, turn off the program sote.
Meatballs with vegetables in Ninja® Foodi®
Close the pot with a large lid and set the program Air crisp 25 minutes.
Turn the meatballs in the middle. Everything is ready. In parallel, we make a side dish.
Meatballs with vegetables in Ninja® Foodi®
It turned out juicy (due to vegetables inside), elegant (due to the air fryer program) and delicious (due to golden pens)))))) meatballs !!
Bon Appetit!! Help yourself
Meatballs with vegetables in Ninja® Foodi®

Well, I returned straight to childhood. Kindergarten and school for some reason came to mind. Thanks for the recipe. All ingenious is simple.
Volgas, and delicious!
Thanks for the praise
Lerele, thanks for such a delicious and simple recipe! So beautifully recorded everything! I took note of crackers, interesting, I will definitely apply
Cvetaal, I
I shoot everything, everything ... while I'm cooking.
And I have been doing crackers for a long time, when they lie in the water, they become sticky and stick together no worse than eggs. I found something like a photo with cutlets, and they do not fall apart
Meatballs with vegetables in Ninja® Foodi®
Lerele, Irish, you cook deliciously! The meatballs are notable! Someone in luck!
I finally brought it to Fedik's house, as I get my hands on the minced meat, I will make it according to your recipe.

Yesterday, too, I put crackers in the cutlets, there is no more bread, but I don't want to bake and I won't yet. It is necessary to unload, otherwise we will "hatch" 20 kg, it is more difficult to slow down.

Rada-dms, well, I will not say that they are dietary, but still meatballs at least slightly diluted with vegetables. In general, I have an idea to put vegetables and meat in half, and also carrots and green onions there, well, zucchini, of course, with potatoes. Then the egg will be needed in addition to the breadcrumbs, but I think it will be delicious.
In general, in the evenings I switched to vegetables and kefir, I also do not want to eat myself.

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