Brazilian Moqueca Chowder

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Brazilian Moqueca Chowder


Tiger shrimps with / m headless in shell (seafood and white fish) 450 g
Bell pepper 1 PC.
Long-grain rice varieties Jasmine or Basmati 1/4 cup
Fresh sweet tomatoes pureed without seeds (pureed canned) 420 g
Coconut milk (canned) 1 can (250 ml)
Bulb onions 1 PC.
Coconut or olive oil 2 tbsp. l.
Lime (lemon) 2 pcs. (1 PC.)
Garlic or dried garlic 2 small teeth
Ground pepper taste
Chili peppers in flakes taste
Coriander (cilantro), for serving, chopped 1/4 Art.
Salt taste
Fish broth or water 4 tbsp.
Annatto (if any) 2 drops

Cooking method

Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Peel the shrimp, rinse the rice, dice the bell pepper and onion.
Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Heat olive or coconut oil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan and sauté the onions and peppers for 3-5 minutes. until soft. Add washed rice.

Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Add mashed tomatoes to the pan, simmer, stirring occasionally, for a couple of minutes.
Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Add spices, hot broth or water to a saucepan and bring the soup to a boil. Cook over low heat for about 10 minutes, until the rice is cooked until half cooked.
.Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
While the rice is cooking, peel the naturally defrosted shrimp and cut them into medium pieces. The intestinal vein must be removed without fail.
Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Add the coconut milk to the saucepan, drops of annatto, if any, bring the soup to a boil and put the shrimp in it. If foam appears, carefully remove it. Cook the soup for about 3-5 minutes over low heat. Don't overcook the shrimp! In the end

squeeze lime juice to taste, literally a quarter. You can then acidify to taste right on the plates. Peppers, shrimps (seafood) and fish, if we put it in, reign in the soup. The rice is here only for the bunch.
Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Our soup is ready. Serve with chopped fresh cilantro, lime and chili.

The soup is delicious. You can use both shrimp and white fish fillets. Shrimp and fish can be marinated in salt and lime juice first. And if you splurge on scallops, you will get a real delicacy in just 15-20 minutes. Adjust the pungency and amount of salt to taste. Bon appetit with family and friends!


Moqueca is a traditional Brazilian soup with seafood and / or fish, influenced by several culinary cultures, mainly Brazilian and Portuguese.
There are two main varieties of this dish and a lot of modern interpretations. But in any of them the basis remains unshakable - tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and the sea component - seafood or white fish, or even better their combination.
Moqueca Capixaba is a more delicate soup by substituting olive oil for palm oil and adding coconut milk to the broth. At the same time, it is cooked in clay containers in Capixaba pots, which are made from clay and mangrove juice.
After shaping and firing the pot, the juice is reapplied, which gives the clay a black color and makes it waterproof. Before use, the pan must be treated with the same oil a couple of times.
A more authentic version is Moqueca Bahiana (Peixada), which is a soup made from a wide variety of seafood and fish based on palm oil with the addition of Annatto dye (it is well known to forum users who make cheese).
Annatto or Bixa annata (lat. Bíxa orellána) - a shrub or small tree originating from the tropical regions of the American continent; species of the genus Bix of the Bix family.The seed-derived dye is widely used in Latin American and Filipino cuisine to brighten fish, meat, color cheeses and add vegetable oil to salads.
The Indians use this dye to color the body, especially the lips and hair. Various parts of the plant are used to treat the effects of sunstroke, burns and headaches.

Super! I will definitely cook it! This must be super tasty! And very informative!
Thanks to the author!
Olya, how delicious it is, I will definitely cook it too! Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful recipe! I am delighted with the photo!
Kapet, Thank you so much! Pleasantly! Give an estimate after preparation, I will wait. Maybe you can add something of your own, you are doing great. Direct the spice to your liking!
Rada-dms, Ol, and I would try the plate! Then another plate! Such an appetizing soup !!!
Cvetaal, Svetochka, thank you for the compliment to the photo. At the dacha it is difficult to find something suitable, as it happened, but I tried to take a more cheerful photo to cheer everyone up! The soup is delicious, do it once only.
Ukka, Olya, you won't believe, but I did just that! As I began to try, so half and capitalized. Well, my husband immediately poured it into a bowl.
In general, I am not indifferent to soups. Hopefully, the times will come, everything will return to normal, and we will cook delicious soups again, and not from stocks.

Quote: Rada-dms
and we will cook delicious soups again, and not from stocks.
Olya, just talking to her brother, was in Globus (Elektrostal, visited my mother), everything is filled with groceries and various goods, there is everything in large quantities, there are very few people, cash desks are free, parking is also

Shrimp !!!!! Well, Olya, again a blow below the belt. I have a deep faint. I can imagine what aroma and taste!
Cvetaal, I am also sure that the products will not go anywhere, there is a stock for a month, so I always have it. And there, like everyone else, everything will be.
We only go to the Globe at night, apparently, people and delivery men clean up during the day.

Quote: Volgas

Shrimp !!!!! Well, Olya, again a blow below the belt. I have a deep faint. I can imagine what aroma and taste!
I move the ladle by the nose, you will immediately come out of a swoon from the aromas!
Get ready, I have two more packs of these shrimps in stock, so to be continued.
Olenka, what kind of soup is just a release of endorphins and a cup of fish
Tatyana1103, Tanya, thank you, always glad to see you! Treat yourself to at least a delicious photo, and if you wish, then cook the soup, it is delicious, in our opinion, it turns out.
A bowl in Lenta was bought for mere pennies, I regret that I bought only four of them.
I could hardly resist not to go for seasonings in the middle of the night. Only the lack of shrimp kept it. I'll cook today. If without rice, then probably quite a light soup will come out.
Irriska1963, there is little rice, mainly fish or shrimps and onions with peppers.
I will wait for impressions! Spiciness and seasonings to your taste. ...
Rada-dms, this is our way, in Brazilian !!
It looks gorgeous, I can imagine how delicious it is !!
Lerele, Caramba! Well, we are all almost Brazilians at heart! And, by the way, they are somewhat similar. I know them firsthand.
The soup is great, if the coconut flavor does not bother you, cook it, Irish!
Rada-dms, well, I will not cook, there is no milk and in the store for it at the present time it seems like no reason, although there are shrimps
We'll need to buy in stock when we go to the store to shop. But it will be in a week, everything is there.
Lerele, where to go conceived, call delivery !!!!
lettohka ttt
Rada-dms, Mdaaa ... here is teteA naturLihh Ol, and Ol? Do you have a lot of such yummy? If sho, preserve! As the borders are opened, welcome!
Rada-dms, ha three times, no delivery terms, no delivery at all.
It is not very developed here, delivery is not in all stores.
So with legs, legs or cars
LereleProbably, it is not customary for you to make large stocks ... But how will lonely elderly people get out of the situation?
Rada-dms, who can not do it yourself, there are special care firms, depends on what you can do yourself. If you can't go to the store, they'll buy you everything. If you can't wash, help you wash. Depends on the degree of disability and there is still a degree of care.
And so, I think, the neighbors will be asked, there are also sympathetic people, hardly anyone will refuse.
All the more so, everyone drives their cars for purchases; it's not a problem to take an extra bag of groceries.
In the store, I saw many times how different purchases were made from the same cart, a separate check was checked against the list. It means to someone.
Quote: lettohka ttt

Ol, and Ol? Do you have a lot of such yummy? If sho, preserve! As the borders are opened, welcome!
Will be done, a lot of shrimp. Not enough, in the summer we will breed in local waters!
I took out five-liter cans, a key, I will preserve it!
Olya, what are your always fascinating, educational and delicious recipes
I love reading your recipe and country stories.
And the song
Quote: Rada-dms
Lerele, Caramba! Well, we are all almost Brazilians at heart! And, by the way, they are somewhat similar. I know them firsthand.
I agree with everything. So Brazil sometimes looks to us.
Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Quote: selenа
I love reading your stories of recipes and countries
Nadia, I'm glad that I could entertain you at least a little during these turbulent days! I will continue to try, I myself like to learn something new, find and immediately itch to share it with friends.
And thank you for the gift - the song has a great video sequence, please don't delete it! After all, recipes should be lively and interesting, and you contributed to this!
Volgas, Svetochka - Voce e linda voce é a melhor.

You are beautiful, you are the best!

And what a cool handbag to match the dress! Fashionista!
Is this where you light it up?

Olya, it is here in Syzran that the Silver Trumpets of the Volga Region festival takes place every year. Orchestras come from different cities and there are French, Brazilians, Slovaks and many others. Well, I take pictures with someone every year. That's just the Brazilians here.
Volgas, and I studied in the first year with Brazilians, and the teacher was Brazilian, I even wrote a term paper on Brazil. They are so cool! Last year we flew alone Russians with my husband, the rest of the Brazilians and Portuguese for the championship, talked, naive
Everyone asked if the Russian kda in the cafe "Mu-Mu" was good
Sooooo delicious! Cooked. I didn't add rice, a lot of shrimp and fish. Milk, though dry. Though coconut; And lime juice from a bottle. Thai. It turned out a lot and tasty.
Irriska1963, Irishka, WHERE IS THE PHOTO? Well, at least the edge of the plate can be or in a saucepan?
Glad you liked it? And also news for me about dry coconut milk, for this many thanks! And I don't like rice in soups ... So!
Photo, you say? I will try to doBrazilian Moqueca Chowder
I had another pack, slightly different in appearance, but yesterday I threw away the empty package. I like soups with dry more
Irriska1963, I will wait! Probably not all have been eaten yet. Wow, the mood has just risen!
If it's not difficult, I would like to see pictures of coconut milk, since it's good. In our time, by the way, it will be a dry stock to do.
Brazilian Moqueca Chowder
Uffff. I was exhausted, but everything is simple
Irriska1963, Ira, thanks for your time.
But they learned!
The soup turned out to be rich, it is immediately clear that you have a generous hand, there are a lot of shrimps, and we love this!
I will look for such milk, for this special thanks.

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