Girls, who knows how to fix the meat ...
There was 500 g of fioe turkey breast
KT 205 was busy with hercules, so I threw a piece at Russell. I cooked on Hai for about 2.5 hours. The temperature is about 87 *, the meat is rubber with rubber, it is harsh for a puncture. I poured a little ox into the bowl, turned the piece over and put it on Low, maybe it will help.?
At 205, he would have become 'eat with your lips' in 2.5 hours on Hai, and then such a perdimonocle happened
Quote: brendabaker
meat rubber rubber
Oksana, if I'm not mistaken, its power is 160, then, only with water for high, 7-8 hours
The meat in the slow cooker is not fully cooked, what is the best way to fix it?

I knew heh that you shouldn't put a small piece of lean meat in a big slow one WITHOUT a WATER bath, how many times I checked 4.5 liters on a Kevuda and stepped on the same rake again.
I pulled out the oxen and put 1 liter in Maman,

200 w, good right slow, you just had to choose either a water bath and a large slow cooker, or a small slow cooker, since the weight of a piece is 500 g in total.
In 2.5 hours, the big slow lick just dried it out for me, instead of the necessary 76 * there was almost 90 *
If it had been Kitforth, then I would have stood with the thermometer and did not miss this moment, but with Russell I would have taken up other business and got involved late.

I was afraid that in 7-8 hours in Russell, the expensive, lean and best part of the meat could acquire the * simple * flavor of stew, or hololitsa,
... and the nimble Maman brought a piece to the taste and look of * turkey boiled pork * in an hour, which for me, as a hostess, is a more flattering, winning option
brendabaker, 200 w - this is serious, especially when the piece is small

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