Bulgarian pepper marinated with carrots

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Bulgarian pepper marinated with carrots


Bulgarian pepper 2 Kg
carrot 1 kg
water 1 liter
vinegar 9% 150 ml
vegetable oil sunflower 1 glass
sugar 1 glass
salt 2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Prepare the pepper as usual - wash, remove the seeds. Cut the pepper into tongues, cubes, strips, as you like.
  • Peel the carrots and cut into slices.
  • Mix all the ingredients of the recipe in the dishes in which you will cook. Cook for 10-15 minutes after boiling.
  • Arrange in sterile jars, roll up. Banks must be wrapped and left to cool completely.
  • Bulgarian pepper marinated with carrots

Time for preparing:

from the moment of boiling 10-15 minutes.

Cooking program:



You can take less vegetable oil.
Simple, quick to prepare and delicious. The carrots are al dente, we like them.
I cooked for 18 minutes.
The recipe was given by my sister Lida, she found it in some magazine. I don't know who the author is, but I am very grateful to him.

Tonya, we also like plump carrots in blanks! Thank you for a simple, but very relevant recipe, taking into account the season of "upcoming" vegetables. We will definitely try!
Rada-dmsThank you for looking at the recipe.
The recipe is simple. Take note!
Tonya also took note of the recipe. But while the peppers still do not sell what I like ... But I will definitely do it!
Nadyushich, Hope, I'm glad you noticed the recipe.
Get ready, you will like this blank.
Tonya, thanks for the recipe, I'll try to cook it.
Yunna, Natasha, it's good that I dropped by.
Cook, you will like the salad!
I report, I prepared "based on":
Quote: OgneLo
Peeled 1.7 kg bell pepper and 850 g carrots, then cut them into triangles
Bulgarian pepper marinated with carrots
She mixed the vegetables and put them in jars on the hangers.
Made a marinade: 1500 ml of water + 250 ml of 9% table vinegar + 3 tbsp. l. b / g salt + 3 tbsp. l. b / g sugar.
I poured the vegetables with marinade over the shoulders of the jars and added 1 tbsp to each jar. l. vegetable oil (refined corn) in cans of 0.75 liters and 2/3 st. l. in jars of 0.5 l, closed with screw caps and sent to the pan to sterilize (0.75 - 25 min., 0.5 - 20 min.) 4 jars of 0.75 l and 3 jars of 0.5 l came out. and some more marinade left for another piece
At the end of sterilization, I put all the cans on air cooling in a bath on a microfiber towel
Bulgarian pepper marinated with carrots
It turned out delicious, we used to make a blank from one pepper using a similar type of recipe. This option is also good.
Another plus of this preparation, by analogy with the preparation of pickled peppers: you can pour chopped fresh white and red cabbage with a cold marinade from ready-made canned food - it turns out a delicious salad, but it must stand at least overnight for the cabbage to make friends with the marinade.
OgneLo, Marina ま り な, it's good that the recipes are similar!
alba et atra
Tonya, thanks for the recipe!
I really wanted to make pepper with carrots, but I could not pick up all the recipes, everything is not right ...: girl_pardon: And yours seems to fit, interesting and simple!
Anatolyevna, Antonina, I liked the option of pickled bell peppers with carrots very much, as did the ratio of pepper: carrots. Now, pickled bell peppers, I will cook with carrots: both beautiful and tasty.
Thank you for sharing this great recipe with us.
Quote: OgneLo
sent to the pan to sterilize (0.75 - 25 min., 0.5 - 20 min.)
next time I will try to sterilize less by 5 minutes.
alba et atra, Helen in the recipe, everything is selected, the taste is harmonious.
Feel free to cook!

OgneLo, Marina ま り な, I do not sterilize, everything is wonderful to be stored in the cellar.
Anatolyevna, Antonina, unfortunately, I don't have a cellar (we are horseless), and the refrigerator and freezer are almost always filled to the maximum, respectively, if possible, I immediately cook in jars to store in the apartment.
OgneLo, Marina ま り な,
Quote: OgneLo
I immediately cook in jars to store in the apartment.
Everything is clear now!
The next almost 4.2 kg of pepper and 2 kg of carrots fit into 7 + 4 + 2 cans of 0.72 liters each
This time, for 1500 ml of water, I took 200 ml of 9% vinegar and 3 tbsp each. l. b / g salt + 3 tbsp. l. b / g sugar. This amount of marinade was enough for me to fill 8 cans. For 5 more cans I had to prepare an incomplete portion of the filling.
Oil, 1 tbsp. l. poured into the jar before pouring the fill. Sterilized for 20 minutes, cooled this time, in the same pan where they were sterilized.
OgneLo, Marina ま り な, Everything is harmonious in the recipe. The oil can be reduced!
My husband and I also prepared such a salad.
He made a carrot in a vegetable cutter, sliced, cut the pepper, and I boiled it in a saucepan and rolled it up.
Photos are inserted every other time.

Quote: Anatolyevna
Everything is harmonious in the recipe
yes, this is a wonderful and very tasty recipe, I just don't eat so much sugar, that's why I reduce it "to my taste" ...
I, the second preservation did not photograph, because it is the same as the first: everything is cut on a cube cutter with triangles (it is convenient to eat with a spoon) and in the same jars (for one or two meals).
Anatolyevna, thanks for the fresh version of the pepper preparation. Basically all the recipes are based on tomatoes, there is clearly a different taste. I want to do it.
The recipe contains vinegar. So it will be possible to store the jars in a warm room?
OgneLo, Marina ま り な, me too in small jars
Quote: OgneLo
in the same banks (for one or two meals).

Tanya-Fanya, Tanya, Try,
Quote: Tanya-Fanya
So it will be possible to store the jars in a warm room?
We have a cellar where all the conservation is stored.
Anatolyevna, Thank you. then I will experiment. Do not forget to unsubscribe in winter - :)
Thank you very much for the recipe, we really liked it. We eat with pleasure.
Hvesya, Irina, I am glad that you liked this template!
We have a few more jars, we love the salad!
By the way, if you grind these canned food with a blender in mashed potatoes, you get a delicious sauce. A very successful and versatile recipe. Thank you, Anatolyevna, Antonina,
OgneLo, Marina ま り なThanks for the interesting sauce!
I am very glad that I liked the recipe!

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