Girls, what can you do with Italian meringue? In the sense, you can bake-dry, like a regular meringue or whatever. I only ran it in mousse. And now a shitload of proteins has accumulated. It's a pity to pour it out. What to do with them?
Nobody eats ordinary meringue. Too sweet and crumbly. But it seems that Italian itself is also very sweet?
Olga VB
Valeria, if you don't need it now, then the proteins can be successfully frozen and then used as needed. At the same time, they do not lose their properties.
Oh, how you will need them later, for example, for Easter.
In addition, biscuits can be made with proteins alone, and other baked goods where eggs are required - too. More sauces, mayonnaise, ...
And by the way, protein creams and meringues don't have to be sweet. Of course, they are stabilized by sugar best of all, but by brewing they also stabilize well even without sugar.
Good luck!
VRad, marshmallow. Or bird's milk on agar. Or how Olga VB, advises, angel biscuit on squirrels. Creepy, how delicious !.
Thank you! I'm going to study, understand

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