I use Kenwood (KVL 8320 S Chef XL Titanium) every day, store bread and pasta have stopped buying, as a dough mixer it is excellent, and in general the impressions are the best from all the attachments and from the machine itself, the bowl does not seem large at all.

I baked an Italian nut cake, so 8 proteins were whipped so that they definitely would not fit in the bowl of the old combine)), although before I whipped a 3.9 liter bowl in a Boshik there was still room.

The dough roll is especially pleasing - the noodles are very tasty, and it is a pleasure to cook it, before hands did not reach to make homemade noodles. The first time I used it, I didn’t understand the meat grinder, it was shaking, but the next time, after reading the topic, I immediately assembled it at low speed, twisted the meat at 4th speed and everything was buzzing, the meat with veins flew out of the middle grill.

I have bought a mini-shredder from the nozzles, the next nozzle is a grater-slicer, but I can't decide which one I need more KAKH 643 or AT 340.

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