Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2

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Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2


Chicken fillet 500 gr.
cold boiled water 500 ml
coarse salt (no additives) 1 tbsp. l. (under the knife)
sugar pinch
peppercorns (assorted) 4-5 pcs.
olive oil 1 tbsp. l.
honey 1 tbsp. l.
table mustard 1 tbsp. l.
soy sauce 1 tbsp. l.
garlic 1 tooth.

Cooking method

  • First, prepare the brine. Add salt and sugar to cold boiled water, mix until they dissolve, add peppercorns and bay leaves. We immerse the fillet completely in the marinade and send it to the refrigerator overnight.
  • Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2Combine olive oil, mustard, soy sauce, honey and finely grated garlic.
    Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2We take the fillet out of the brine, dry it with a paper towel, form a roll, fix it with twine, grease it with sauce.
    Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2You can first carefully cut the fillet to make a larger plastic and grease it, then roll it into a roll and grease it with sauce again
    Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2Then it will turn out like this. The photo shows that the roll is slightly stratified
    Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2You can wrap one of the rolls in the skin from the breast (if you are not afraid of excess fat), in finished form it is not felt, but the meat, although not much at all, differs in taste for the better. Here in the photo I have a fillet cut from one chicken breast, one half wrapped in a skin, the second without it, sauce without garlic.
    Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2We turn on the oven to the maximum. I have 240C. We spread the fillets on baking paper or foil and send them to an already preheated oven for 25-30 minutes. Do not open the oven door until the oven has completely cooled down, but it is better to leave it for two to three hours. After cooling down (I still keep it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours), cut the fillet and enjoy the taste and aroma. In the photo in the background is the file that was wrapped in a skin
    Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

500 gr.

Time for preparing:

15 minutes active time

Cooking program:


Tinochka, I smell delicious meat. Thanks for the recipe honey! I take it to bookmarks, I just could not pass by!
Vika, thanks here, the marinade is very tasty, you should like it
Quote: V-tina
roll up, fix with twine, grease with sauce
Tina, I didn't understand a little. : girl-q: Roll several fillets together? And if you make one file, then you need to spread it out, smear the inside with sauce and garlic, then twist and smear it again? Something I'm dull in the morning
Innochek, dear, I didn’t understand this, I’ll get to the computer and post step by step photos. If you spread it, grease it and twist it, then everything falls apart in a sliced ​​form. Here it is easy to form, as if tucking in all unnecessary and tighten with twine.
Quote: V-tina
as if tucking in all unnecessary and tightening with twine.
Thanks for the quick response. I will definitely do it. And then the daughter only feeds on breast.
Innochek, added photos and explanations. I think my daughter will like such meat, my children love it very much.
Thank you very much!
I will definitely prepare and bring a report.
Tina, hello! And if my oven heats up to 280 degrees, reduce the baking time and how much?
Jeanne, hello, I think 20 minutes should be enough, or just set the temperature lower for the first time, 240 somewhere
Thank you!
Tinochka, how tasty and beautiful, and most importantly, simple. Thank you!
Nina, Ninochka, I hope that this recipe will be useful to you and like
Here I am!
Fast, juicy, tasty, lazy! I liked it very much.
Thank you very much from me and from my daughter, who closed her eyes and said: "Melts in your mouth"
Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2
There was simply no mustard, I made it with Dijon.
Innochek, thanks for the wonderful photo report. I am especially glad that my daughter liked it, eat with pleasure!
I also say thank you for the recipe. I made one breast (two fillets), kept it in brine for a day, instead of honey I used syrup from a jar with lemons and ginger. Before going to bed, she baked for 20 minutes, then turned off the oven and went to bed. In the morning, the slicing for sandwiches is ready.
I used honey to keep the shape of the files. bandage mesh.
Valyusha, I made a piece of turkey fillet on DR and on February 23, practically according to your recipe. We had two days of the holiday in our family. Marinated for 3 days, bay pepper was still present in the marinade. In addition to the usual mustard, I also used Dijon mustard for coating. Since there was not a thin edge of the fillet, but a plump part of it, there was no need to shape and use twine. Bake for 35 minutes and until cool. Very tasty and requires little cooking time.
50Lena, Borkovna, girls, thanks for the wonderful reviews, it's very nice that you liked this fillet
V-tina, this kind of fillet is always available in the house, thanks for another wonderful way!
Rada-dms, Olga, I also cook fillets in different ways, it is very convenient and tasty for sandwiches. I would be glad if you like this method too
So I have this meat in the refrigerator all the time, with my fractional nutrition it helps a lot!
Thank you for the new type of marinade and coating, I made it the day before yesterday - I really liked it!
The photo is not so hot, I have nowhere to photograph at the dacha, especially when I'm still cooking something.
But all the same, it is clear that the juicy fillet turned out, all the more valuable because it was (already was!)
turkey fillet, and it is usually drier than chicken. Such a slight oriental accent is present in the aftertaste, I advise everyone to try it.

Tender chicken fillet à la pastroma for sandwiches - 2
Rada-dms, Olga, wonderful photo report, thank you, I am very glad that I liked such meat, eat with pleasure
Thank you! Now put the chicken for tomorrow!
Olya, I also prepared this today, to give my husband with me to the hospital
V-tina, did a pastroma, loved it! Thank you !
Helena, hurray thanks for the report
Tina brought you a thank you
Everything is very tasty and not troublesome to prepare. I baked it in a 200 g air fryer. 35 minutes with a coup. Mine have already eaten everything, there is nothing to take a picture.
I will repeat, the marinade is very good !!!
Victoria, cook with pleasure, we also really like this option, I often cook
Tina, thank you too! I took it out of the oven and tried it. Delicious. She did it, wrapped in leather. The skin is burnt, although it did at 240 degrees. She took it off, leaving a clean meat.
Got a question. How to store? If several days (3-4) can be in the refrigerator? What packaging?
Tashenka, I'm glad that you liked this meat too. I usually do it in small portions, I don’t store it for a long time, it didn’t take more than three days, I usually wrap it in baking paper or foil.
So I, too, need to save this portion until Sunday. Hope mine will like it and will be happy with everything quickly.
Thanks again. Fast and delicious.
Natalia., I hope, it will stay, I try to cook the day before, it is tasty, mine is quickly eaten. Put it somewhere colder
Tina, what if in a vacuum bag? In general, I need to decide for the future how to store it. There are few eaters, but cooking often simply won't work. Therefore, the best option for me is to cook it on Sunday, so that during the week my shilopiki will be with buffers. I'll figure it out later with some recipe for such a sandwich meal, but for now ...
Natalia., in a vacuum, in theory, should be stored longer. I don't have a vacuum cleaner, I won't tell you here. I usually count on three days, I didn't have to store it anymore, and I also noticed that different refrigerators have different storage times, it depends on the climate .. in general, until you believe in anything you can't be sure

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