We bought this baker - we are very happy. However, there is little information and recipes. I am looking for owners of the same stove.
Grouse, There is already a topic on this bread machine on our website. Look

Bread maker Bresko Home Bread 1000
Hello Palych. So the problem of easy scrolling of the stirrer is normal for a bresko bread machine? If so, then you reassured me. And then I sent one bakery for repair with this problem after three months of operation (at first I did not notice this), they sent me a new one, and there the same thing. If that's okay, thanks for the clarification.
Andrei, this is normal for ALL HP models, well, this is the mode, the kneading, the release of gases is needed according to the technology. And the fact that in repair because of this ....))) This is not problem, this is a necessary step in baking bread.
Thank you. But they sent a new x / furnace. Good luck.

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