Healthy curd-chocolate thick waffles with prunes and starch-free flour

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Healthy curd-chocolate thick waffles with prunes and starch-free flour


pitted prunes 50 grams
boiling water 50 ml
fat-free soft cottage cheese 200 grams
eggs c-0 2 pieces
bitter chocolate (I have 80% cocoa) 10 grams
any flour without starch (I have equally flaxseed, sesame and cedar) 30 grams
vanillin sachet
fat-free cocoa powder 1-2 teaspoons
baking powder 1 teaspoon
salt on the tip of a knife
any sugar substitute taste

Cooking method

  • Pour boiling water over the prunes. Leave on for 30 minutes. Then mash with a blender.
  • Or take ready-made puree without sugar for baby food.
  • Put cottage cheese and yolks in puree, beat with a whisk.
  • Pour in flour with baking powder, cocoa and sahzam (if necessary). Mix.
  • Cut the chocolate into small pieces, add to the dough.
  • Beat the whites with salt until a strong foam, gently add to the total mass.
  • Oil the panels of the waffle iron a little with butter before each tab and put a full tablespoon in each cell.
  • Bake until tender.
  • Put the finished waffles on a napkin or towel so that the bottom does not get damp.

The dish is designed for

8 pieces

Time for preparing:

about an hour (without preparing prunes)

Cooking program:

whisk, blender, mixer, waffle maker


I keep playing with the new adaptation
I really like both the process and the result.

I really liked today's waffles
Variety of flavors in one piece
Well baked, after cooling, firm, not wet.
One of these three foods can be used as an additive.

PP-boiled "condensed milk" and two creams with its use
There will be a tasty treat with condensed milk, and if you spread it with one of the creams, you will generally get a full-fledged cake.
Prunes can be poured with cold water in the evening.

Alena Besha
What beautiful waffles! In appearance I would never have thought that this is a PP, and not a super high-calorie delicious waffles! Helen, does starchless flour taste very different from ordinary flour? I have never tried it, now it is interesting to find it on sale. Do you order somewhere specially? I'll take the recipe
Quote: Alena Besha
starchless flour tastes very different from regular flour?
With the addition of cocoa and prunes, there is no foreign taste at all
If done without additives, it can be a little specific.
But this is a matter of habit.
Quote: Alena Besha
Do you order somewhere specially?
I was lucky, we have an Eco-products store, where you can buy almost everything if you want. Nut flour - cedar, peanut, almond can be ordered at Ozone. There are also other species almost always there. Disassemble quickly
Alyonushka, thank you for your interest in the recipe.
Gorgeous waffles !!!
Can I use rice flour?
Then write how it will taste, I have never done it purely with rice alone
I always add, at least a little, linseed, it gives viscosity, and the structure of the dough is different because of this.
By the way, you need to portray something from rice
looks delicious. I'll take it.)
Veronica, to health
Running with a report, making a double portion of rice and corn flour. The waffles are very tasty, I will do it, but the multi-baker bakes for a long time, which discourages the hunt.

Healthy curd-chocolate thick waffles with prunes and starch-free flour
Irochka, I'm glad that the recipe came in handy and I liked the waffles
Thanks for the report

Quote: kykysik1107
but the multi-baker bakes for a long time, and thus discourages the hunt.
And I am cooking something else in parallel

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