Meat grinder Oursson MG5020 / DC

An irreplaceable assistant in the kitchen - the Oursson MG5020 meat grinder processes more than one and a half kilograms of meat in a minute. The set includes three perforated discs 3, 5 and 7 mm for minced meat, attachments for sausages and kebbe, as well as a nozzle for squeezing juice from soft fruits and vegetables. Accessories can be stored in a special box. The meat grinder has a reverse function that allows you to turn on the movement of the auger in the opposite direction, if necessary.

Technical characteristics of the Oursson MG5020 meat grinder

Power with the blocked engine, W 1500
Productivity, kg / h 1.6
Power consumption, W 500
Accessory Storage Box Yes
Perforated disc with holes, pcs 3
Diameter of holes of a perforated disk, mm 3/5/7
Sausage attachment, piece 1
Vegetable cutter Yes
Receiving tray for meat
Aluminum alloy
Separator Yes
Locking attachment Yes
Pusher for graters and shredders Yes
Overheating protection Yes
Case material Plastic
Product height, mm 210
Product width, mm 140
Product depth, mm 253
Product weight, kg 2.75

Description of oursson MG5020 meat grinder

Wipe the body of the device with a dry and soft cloth before first use. Wash the rest of the parts with warm water and some dishwashing liquid. Dry all parts thoroughly. Before assembling or disassembling the device and / or disconnecting attachments, make sure that the device is unplugged.

Automatic motor protection

The device is equipped with protection against motor overheating. If the protection is triggered, the device will stop and the buttons on the control panel will not function. Let the appliance cool down for 10 minutes.

Operating procedure:

• Make sure that the meat grinder is fully assembled in one of the complete sets you need.
• Plug the appliance into a power outlet.
• Place a container of the required size under the cutting unit.
• Start the motor by pressing the button once.
• Place the prepared ingredients on the hopper and gradually feed into the meat grinder with a pusher, without applying excessive force.
• Press the button again to exit.
• Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
• Disassemble the device. Press the button and turn the cutting unit clockwise.

Cooking recommendations

It is recommended to cut the ingredients into pieces no larger than 3x3x3 cm before cooking.

Cleaning and maintenance

• Clean all parts of the meat grinder immediately after use.
• Switch off the device. Disconnect it from the network.
• Disassemble the device.
• Thoroughly wash all removable parts of the product in warm water using non-abrasive detergents.
• Non-metallic parts are dishwasher safe. The temperature in the dishwasher must not exceed 60 ° C.

Wipe the body of the instrument with a damp cloth. Never immerse it in water because of the danger of electric shock.

Dry all parts thoroughly.

After cleaning, wipe the metal parts of the grinder dry to prevent rust. For extra protection, you can lightly grease them with vegetable oil.

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