How to replace a meat grinder for a small amount of meat?

Good morning! Please tell me which apparatus can occasionally replace a meat grinder for a small amount of meat. Sometimes you need a little minced meat, but it's lazy to get out and wash the meat grinder later. Maybe someone will recommend a good chopper.
For such a case, I bought a small plastic meat grinder with a suction cup. I like her very much. I spin fish for cutlets on it, boiled meat for pancakes. I didn't cook raw meat, but I didn't need it. But it is quite possible. It is much easier to wash it than a large one
I have a Redmond blender with a 0.7 bowl and a two-blade knife, it is convenient to grind a small piece of meat (a couple of chicken legs) and use it to make dumplings. If you twist it longer, the meat turns into pasta, my son likes minced meat cutlets more, they resemble fast food nuggets.
Crown, the same is only Bosch. Grind the meat last three times
I also grind with a blender)

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