Air fryer Steba HF 5000 XL

Steba HF 5000 XL. Innovative Air Fryer


Healthy food preparation
5.2 liter basket with non-stick coating and food divider
7 automatic programs
Keep warm mode
Temperature setting from 80 to 200 ° C
Keeping warm
Timer for 60 minutes
overheat protection
Changing the temperature or cooking time without stopping the program

Power supply: 1800 W (230 V ~)
Weight: 6.1 kg
Dimensions (H / W / D): 37 x 34.5

Steba HF 5000 XL. Innovative Air Fryer

Safety instructions

Hot surfaces! There is a risk of burns if touching the surface during operation. Place the appliance with its back at a distance of 10 cm from the kitchen wall. Only connect and switch on the device in accordance with the instructions on the nameplate.

• Use only if there is no damage to the power cord and device. Check each time before use!

• Do not pick up the plug with wet hands.

• Connect the plug only to a properly grounded and easily accessible outlet.

• To disconnect the plug from the mains, always pull on the plug and never on the cable.

• Remove the plug from the outlet after each use or in case of a malfunction.

• Do not pull on the power cord. Do not press the cord against sharp edges or pinch it.

• Keep the power cord away from hot parts.

• This appliance can be used by children over 8 years of age, as well as by people with mental, sensory or physical disabilities and lack of experience and / or knowledge, if they are supervised or trained to use it safely and are aware of the possible dangers. Cleaning and maintenance can only be done by children if they are over 8 years old and supervised.

• Keep the device and the power cord out of the reach of children under 8 years of age.

• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device or packaging materials (eg plastic bags).

• The device is not designed to work with an external timer or independent remote control system!

• Never leave the device unattended during operation.

• Do not store the device outdoors or in a damp place.

• Do not place anything on the device or block the ventilation openings.

• Do not immerse the device in water.

• Leave at least 10 cm of free space around the device.

• Do not use the device after a malfunction has occurred - for example, if it has been dropped or damaged in any other way.

• The manufacturer is not liable in the event of improper or improper use resulting from non-observance of the instructions in the operating instructions.

• To prevent hazards from occurring, repairs to the device - such as replacing a damaged power cord - should only be performed by a service technician. Only original spare parts may be used.

• The device may only be transported after it has completely cooled down after heating.

• Use the device only for the purposes described in the instruction manual.

• The device is not a conventional deep fryer. Do not add oil or fat for deep fryers to the pan. Risk of fire!

• Do not place materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, etc., in the device.

• Before first use, thoroughly clean and dry all parts except the heating element.Warm up the device for about 15 minutes to remove odor.
• ATTENTION! The device heats up to a high temperature. Danger of burns! During operation, the temperature of the contacting surfaces can be very high! Place the device on a level, damage-resistant surface and keep it at least 70 cm away from combustible materials (such as curtains).

• Steam is emitted during operation. Keep your hands and face at a distance. Please note that steam may escape from the pan when you remove it. Provide sufficient distance from wall cabinets to avoid damaging the cladding.

• When using an extension cable, it must have a cross section of 1.5 mm2.

• When using the 16 A DC combo plug, do not load more than 3680 W due to the fire hazard.

• Make sure children do not pull on the cable or trip over it.
• If the device is not supervised, always unplug it before assembling, disassembling or cleaning.

• Hot steam can escape from the ventilation openings. Do not put wet food in the appliance, defrost it slightly

frozen products.

• Hygiene: Due to the possibility of contamination by bacteria or mold, make sure that the device is always kept clean.

Steba HF 5000 XL. Innovative Air Fryer


• Attention! Wait until the appliance has completely cooled down and unplug the power cord before cleaning.

• Do not immerse the device in water.

• Clean the pot and basket with soapy water. Do not use abrasive or acidic cleaners or steel wool.

• Wipe the inside with soapy water and, if necessary, clean with oven spray. If the reflector or heating element is heavily soiled, turn the unit upside down to clean the heating elements and reflectors with a brush.

• Insert the pot and basket into the device and dry for about 5 minutes at 80 ° C.



Never place the device on or near a hot surface (such as a heating element of an electric stove), but use it only on a level, solid and temperature-resistant base. It is always important to ensure that there are no flammable objects nearby. Do not place the device on the edge of a table so that it cannot be touched by children or fall when touched.

1) Cart

2) Button protection

3) Basket holder

4) Basket handle

5) Outside pan

6) Air intake

7) Housing

8) Display

9) Control Button / Start

10) Air outlet

11) Connecting cable

12) Temperature

13) Menu

14) Maintaining temperature

15) Timer

16) Stop

Steba HF 5000 XL. Innovative Air Fryer


• Do not use the device without a basket. Place food in the basket, not in the pot.

• Fix the basket in an external saucepan and then insert it into the device. To remove the basket, pull both parts out of the device and place the entire assembly on a heat-resistant surface. By pressing the button on the handle, you can separate the basket from the pan.

• Unwind the cable from the holder and connect. The device beeps and the display turns blue --- - -

• Preheat the device for 2 minutes, put the food in the basket and reinsert it.

• Fill the basket only 3/4 full so that nothing gets on the radiator and that there is enough space to turn the food over.

• If you take the basket out of the appliance to check the browning level, heating is interrupted, time stops.

• After the end of the time, remove the pan and place it on a heat-resistant base.

• By pressing the release button on the pan, you can remove the basket from the pan and remove the food.

• If you want to empty the pan with the basket, season or stir food, do not press the unlock button, otherwise the pan will be unlocked.

• Stir the food in the basket or shake it from time to time to achieve an even browning. Do not use metal objects for stirring.

• The pan and basket get very hot.

• Only fill the basket up to the Max mark so that nothing comes into contact with the heating element.

• Press the temperature button. The display will show the initial setting - 180 ° C and 15 minutes.

• These values ​​can be changed within 10 seconds as follows.

o Press the temperature button again. 180 ° C flashes, the rotary knob can set the temperature from 80 ° C to 200 ° C in 5 ° C steps.

o By pressing the timer button, you can set the time with the rotary encoder from 1 to 60 minutes.

• When you press the "Start" button, the device starts to work and starts the countdown. The fan symbol appears on the display. When the temperature is reached, the red dot in the center of the fan will start flashing.

• You can change the time and temperature while the device is running.

• If the basket is removed from the device during operation, the timer stops and restarts as soon as the basket is reinserted.

• After pressing the menu button twice, you can use the rotary encoder to select different main programs. The settings are shown in the display by means of symbols:
French fries 160 ° C 40 min.
Steak 160 ° C 20 min.
Shrimp, lobster, lobster 180 ° C 15 min.
Pie 200 ° C 20 min.
Fish 180 ° C 20 min.
Meat 200 ° C 20 min.
About bird 180 ° C 15 min.

• The program is started using the "Start" button.

• When the time has elapsed, the device will beep 5 times - and

heating turns off. The ventilation continues to run to cool the electronic components.

• Pressing the Stop button stops the selected program. The ventilation continues to run to cool the electronic components.

• To keep the cooked food warm, press the keep warm button. The display shows 120 minutes. Every 30 seconds, the heated fan switches on for a short time and
keeps food warm for 120 minutes. Using the Stop button, you can cancel the process at any time.


• Cooking less food takes less time.

• Stir the food halfway through.

• Stir fresh French fries with a little vegetable oil, salt, rosemary.

• For very fatty foods, remove the fat from the outer pan.

• Foods suitable for deep fat frying can also be cooked in the appliance.

• For crispy fries, use thin potatoes.

Basket divider

The frying basket can be divided into 2 parts using the basket divider. This way you can cook 2 different foods at the same time.

Cooking food

• Many foods, such as fries, nuggets, cevapcichi, breaded vegetables, fish sticks or puff pastry stuffed with filling, can be cooked in the appliance after being removed from the refrigerator, saving energy.

• Before cooking, the French fries can be mixed in a bowl with a few drops of vegetable oil, salt, curry or garlic, if desired. Stir the fries while cooking for an even fry.

• When cooking fresh fries, country potatoes, potato cubes, etc., dry the slices well.

• But also very good shrimps in bacon shells, stuffed mini peppers, stuffed mushrooms, marinated chicken legs or wings, Viennese sausages in puff pastry.

• Due to intense heating in the container, food must be kept under control.

• Starchy foods (eg potatoes) should not be cooked above 180 ° C. Overcooked foods are harmful.

• Poultry should always be heat treated because of the risk of salmonella contamination.

Experience with Steba HF 5000 XL
Are the flowers only black? I would buy white
Well, where to get it?
Only a month on sale, and has already disappeared from all stores. I called, they say it is out of production.
Nothing is clear.
Take a look at the KT-2208 Airfryer, Kitfort - just brothers in appearance, size and functions.
Better this multifurner or Caso AF400? Tell me which multi-oven is better to take?

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