Cevapchichi from a bottle

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Kitchen: Serbian
Cevapchichi from a bottle


Mixed minced meat 600 g
Onion 1 PC.
Garlic 2 teeth
Paprika 1 tbsp. l.
Soda 0.5 tsp
Mineral ice water 3 tbsp. l.
Salt, pepper, spices taste
Rast. oil 3 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • There are many recipes for chevapchas, and I am posting this recipe just to show you another convenient way to form these delicious sausages.
  • Having chopped the onion and garlic, we combine all the components, except for the oil (I honestly admit right away that I always add a frozen celery stalk to onions and garlic, and to spices - chaman and a pinch of sugar, but I don't write this in the ingredients, because in authentic I have never seen anything like this in chevapchichi recipes), and knead the minced meat well. Lubricate it with oil, cover it with a film and send it to the refrigerator for aging for several hours.
  • Cevapchichi from a bottle
  • Cut off the top of an ordinary plastic bottle - this will be a "forming device" for sausages
  • Cevapchichi from a bottle
  • Now we put the minced meat in the bottle and push it into the neck, getting the same sausages of the required length (I made short ones for children, 8-10 cm)
  • Cevapchichi from a bottle
  • It remains to fry them until cooked in heated vegetable oil. Serve with your favorite side dish.

This is how it happens. Having a hundred thousand culinary pribluds, Larissa was drawn to the bottlenecks
Super! I will definitely cook this weekend!)
LarissaThanks for the unexpectedly original molding - simple, fast, affordable and inexpensive.
I have never cooked chevapchichi, but I tried it with great pleasure!
Very tasty!
Larochka, thank you for the recipe, for the molding method, and for the delicious photo!
Quote: dopleta
knead the minced meat well. Lubricate it with oil, cover with a film
Larochka, that is, do you need to grease the finished minced meat on top? Lubricated and covered with a film, right?
Ah-ah ... again beauty from Larochka. And how the tomatoes and cucumbers are laid out is another story! People can do it ... And the molding method is very interesting. Thanks for the recipe!
The beauty! Delicious and simple! And how to push something, Larisochka?
Gayane Atabekova
Larochka, what a beautiful presentation.
Larisa, thanks for the molding method
In addition to the molding method: I saw a roller of the same manufacture. Only the bottle is taken with a smaller diameter, matched to the diameter of a can of Pepsi or beer. A wooden skewer is inserted into the neck of the bottle, the bottle is filled with minced meat, and an empty (or full?) Tin can is squeezed out of the bottle. And the bottom of the plastic bottle is literally cut off. It is smaller in volume. As a result, we get the sausage right on the skewer. Honestly, I have not tried it myself. I just saw it recently.
Great, bookmarked it. Thanks for the idea!
What sausages, and the idea with a bottle of vapsche !!!
Larisochka, thanks for the recipe and idea!
Scops owl
Laris, pleased with the design and the original way of molding.
Larissa, great idea great sausages
ChevapBucici !!! Cool! Thank you, Larissa!
Girls, thanks, my dears!
Quote: Fotina
drawn to bottlenecks
Gee)))! I also love this very much, Shine, - to lubricate something useful from improvised means.
Quote: Rituslya
Lubricated and covered with plastic, right?
Yeah, Rituslya, so it seems to ripen faster and does not weather.
Quote: anavi
And how to push something, Larisochka?
Olya, I just pushed with a fist in a glove, it seemed to me more convenient than the "ass" from the same bottle.The bottom and strength is required a little more, and a thin layer of minced meat is squeezed out between the walls, annoying me; and so I press with a fist, and adjust the flow with my fingers. Well, it's more convenient for anyone.
Quote: Oroma
Only the bottle is taken with a smaller diameter
I have just a little one, from under the Pepsi. And the bank goes in there, yeah. Cevapchichi from a bottle
But as I wrote above, I still liked my fist more, what is it ...
Soooo, how to push it - it's understandable, and another question: can you grill them later without oil? On the contact? There won't be hard pebbles, because they are without bread there, without everything except onions?
Olya, I make them sooooo juicy. But I'm sure my frozen celery plays a big role in this. In general, I always try to cram frozen vegetables into all the mincemeats: I freeze cabbage, then zucchini, then celery. Well, I chop the onion not until it is full of porridge, but so that the pieces remain, then the juice evaporates less. And at first I always fry on high heat - an outer crust quickly forms, sealing the juices inside.
Laris, exactly frozen? And I shove these - zucchini, cabbage ... what's the ice cream chip?
They are icy! Therefore more moisture! To do this, ice cubes are often added to minced meat, but vegetables from ice are tastier.
Quote: dopleta
but vegetables made from ice are tastier.
Aha, now everything is clear - boom to try! Mercy to you!
Larissa, Laris! I didn't understand something, but how can frozen vegetables be added to minced meat? Are they in the form of separate cubes and did not turn into a monolithic piece while they were freezing? that is, they froze like berries individually, right?
I shove the leftover vegetables all together into a bag and into the freezer and then this piece flies into the blender when I cook mashed soups. here such a trick will not work like
Quote: Mirabel
in the bag and in the freezer and
And if you break them frozen with a blender into crumbs
Quote: Trishka
And if you break them frozen with a blender into crumbs
Yes, I grind together with onions in a blender. But not into porridge, but into large crumbs.
Larisa, thanks for the great recipe, and especially for the molding method! In the spring in Serbia I ate, what a deliciousness it is! And yours is beautiful as always!
Larisa, thanks for the original recipe. Made on the grill on skewers. Very tasty, almost nothing reached the table. Everything was eaten on the spot
LelyaLelya, thanks for your feedback, I'm very glad!

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