Condensed milk without sugar and 3 ways to prepare it

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Condensed milk without sugar and 3 ways to prepare it


SOM (Skimmed Milk Powder) 100 g
Regular milk (I have 0.5%) 100 g
Any sweetener (I did not put it) Taste
For way 2:
COM 30 g
Corn starch 5 g
Plain water 100 ml
Sweetener (I have Fitparad) Taste
For 3 way.
COM 30 g
Milk (I have 1.5%) 200 ml
Corn starch 10 g
Vanillin Sachet
Sweetener Taste

Cooking method

  • 1. Cooking in 1 way.
  • Pour ordinary milk into a container and put it on a steam bath.
  • Gradually pour in the COM and, stirring constantly, cook for 15-20 minutes until thickened (until sour cream is thick). After cooling, it will become even thicker. Therefore ... do not overcook!
  • Condensed milk without sugar and 3 ways to prepare it
  • 2. Cooking in 2 ways.
  • We mix everything, send it to the microwave until it boils (it took me 1 min 15 sec). We take out, mix well so that there are no lumps (preferably with a blender-foot), cool. Done!
  • Condensed milk without sugar and 3 ways to prepare it
  • 3. Cooking in 3 ways.
  • Mix everything until smooth, put on medium heat and bring to a boil. Do not boil !!!
  • Condensed milk without sugar and 3 ways to prepare it
  • If you want "boiled" condensed milk, then before mixing the products you need to fry the COM in a / p pan until brownish.

The dish is designed for

Each one a little (for trial)

Time for preparing:

5 to 25 minutes

Cooking program:

Stove, microwave, blender


You perfectly imagine how you want sweets to someone who is losing weight or forced to limit themselves to sweets! And how do you want "forbidden" condensed milk? Sometimes she just dreams at night! With pancakes, with cheese cakes, with casserole, just pouring from a small hole in a thin stream directly into your mouth ... and you lick this sweetness, wipe your mouth with sticky fingers, lick this tasty treat from sweet lips with a rough tongue .... What sweet dreams! And you are so sorry that condensed milk is from the category of pipe dreams. But "we were born to make a fairy tale come true ..."
This is how the “sweet fairy tale” turned into a “non-sugar reality”.
Now my impressions of condensed milk.
Prepared for all 3 options.
Option 1 (of two components) tasted to me the most successful. Almost exactly like a store condensed milk of an inexpensive price range. Only there is no cloying. The texture is uniform, shiny, smooth. But, either I still digested, or the COM should be taken less, but by the morning it so froze that not only to pour, but even to really smear it stopped. Although at first there was an ideal density. But in the morning I added milk, blended a little and successfully reanimated her. We ate it with pleasure.
The second option (from the microwave). consistency, like well-cooked semolina porridge, matte, but it tastes much sweeter and tastier than the first (it seemed to me so). The taste is very close to the Rogachev condensed milk. By the morning, the consistency was preserved. A huge plus is the speed of preparation !!
Third option. The taste is closer to the first, the consistency is like the second.
All three - A very good replacement for regular condensed milk. You can't eat a lot of it, and you don't need to. But “to take away the soul” and to pamper yourself is very successful!
I advise you to cook! how? It's up to you! Just make a small portion first (like in the recipe!). And if you like it, cook more. What if you don't like it? It's a shame to translate products ....
I must say right away that the calorie content is also not small (due to COM), but in ordinary condensed milk ... even more!
It can be stored in the withers for up to 8 days (if it stays! 🤣)

In the morning we finished it with waffles made from the remaining dough for Kefir Pancakes, to which I added cocoa (to one part of the dough) and black currant (to the other).We liked everything very much!
Condensed milk without sugar and 3 ways to prepare it

Guzel, took away your condensed milk in recipes. Now you need to look for powdered milk, something I have not seen on sale for a long time.
Thanks for sharing.
Guzel, the recipe is very interesting, especially when you consider that Rogachevskoe is also curtailed. Dry milk of normal fat content is not difficult to find, but I have never seen skimmed milk. Is it necessary to look at specialized ones?
Smile, Catherine. Yes, unfortunately, you can't buy COM just like that in a regular store (at least here). Only online or in health food stores.
But you can do it with the usual. According to this recipe or another. We have a recipe on our website.
Quote: francevna
I haven't seen something on sale for a long time
It was in stores in the middle of summer. The bag was worth 72 rubles. Then it disappeared. And everywhere there was a milk powder substitute. And recently I went to Auchan, where milk is dry. appeared, but the price-ah-ah ... twice as expensive.
Guzel, thanks for the recipe, I'll try
I was surprised by the calorie content, I will find the COM label, take a closer look and be surprised again
marina-mm, Marina. I don’t know how with ordinary milk powder, but with SOM like this:
Condensed milk without sugar and 3 ways to prepare it
Guzel, I’m not at home, I’ll come and see, I have a label on the can, COM is a different brand, I believed you right away, but I was still surprised.
Quote: Guzel62
But you can do it with the usual.
Guzel, looked at the label and came to the conclusion that you can not even bother, but make it out of 1.5% of the usual, and the calorie content will be lower. only a daughter ... and does not recover, while she is lucky ...
Guzel62Guzelechka, you write that you cooked condensed milk without sweetener. And what did it taste like? I can't imagine
Chardonnay, Rita. It turned out sweet !!! Not cloying (like a store), but sweet !! After all, COM, it is sweet in itself. Even sprinkle baked goods on top instead of icing sugar. This sweetness was enough for us.
Ahhhh, that's it! Got it!
Guzel, good evening. I prepared condensed milk according to 3 recipes, 3 cooking methods.
turned out to be bitter.
Could this be the reason that instead of corn starch - potato, in the sweetener - fructose? Instead of milk powder - milk powder substitute?
formochka, Veronica. I don't even know ... I had a very sweet one. In general, COM is very sweet in itself (it is even used in sugar-free recipes instead of sugar powder!). Maybe the usual dry does not have this sweetness? Or is there not enough sweetener? Starch, I think, does not play a role here (starch, it is starch. It does not matter, from what!).
Straight, you surprised me and puzzled!
Well yes. I was surprised too. I never did anything with starch. Therefore, I do not know how potato is different from corn. I tried milk - absolutely not bitter. But when everything was cooked ... I then added two tablespoons of fructose to disguise the bitterness ... I also think ... I liked the consistency and the process, but ... I will think. Fructose itself with this combination could not give bitterness? (she didn't say anything to guests and family))) if anyone caught the remaining slight bitterness, they didn't say or decided that it should be so!)))
and I study your recipes! And I ordered a waffle cutter ... oh, they'll kick me out of the house ...

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