Pickled hot peppers

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Pickled hot peppers


hot pepper 1 kg
garlic 2 goals
water 1.5 l
sugar 300 g
salt 3 tbsp. l.
vinegar 9% 150 ml
mustard seeds 2 tbsp. l.
Bay leaf 2-3 pcs.
carnation 4-5 bottles.
allspice peas 6-7 pcs.

Cooking method

  • Pickled hot peppersCut the pepper into rings. You can remove the seeds or leave. I am not deleting.
    Pickled hot peppersPour water into a saucepan. Boil. Add pepper, bring to a boil and boil for 2-3 minutes. Turn off.
    Pickled hot peppersAdd garlic cloves. Cover and hold for 10 minutes.
    Pickled hot peppersArrange in sterile jars and cover with sterile lids.
    Pickled hot peppersMeasure into a saucepan 1.5 liters of water in which the pepper was boiled. Add all the ingredients for the marinade except the vinegar. Boil. Boil for 2 minutes. Pour in vinegar. Pour the boiling marinade over the pepper and roll up the lids.
    Pickled hot peppersTurn the cans over and wrap. Leave to cool completely.
    Delicious wintering!


Pepper is suitable for pickling and cooking meat, sauces. Can be added to borscht and soup. And for those who love spicy, simply with sausage for a sandwich or a bite to the same borscht. The pepper is not sour, more sweet, but spicy. Recommend!

Angie, what a delight, I am the first for a delicious pepper.
"The pepper is not sour, more sweet, but spicy." - A very tempting description of the taste. Thanks honey for the recipe.
P. s. And when the pepper is boiled, can you breathe? It seems to me that the spirit will stand tear? Not?
Angela, Laid out the recipe a bit late. The pepper harvest this year was very large. How I just didn’t preserve it. I would make your recipe. But now until next year. Bookmarked. Thank you
Vika, Ludmila, thanks for your attention to the recipe.
Quote: Gabi
boil pepper, can you breathe?
Vika, I have not noticed. The hood is on and everything is fine.
Quote: kirch
I posted the recipe a bit late.
I still have pepper. And it's in the box. Closed this one before. Itself nakuralesila. I waited to open and taste. I didn't know if I would like it or not. I didn't want to share it blindly.
Angela, it's your turn to recipe. And I'm dulling something. The recipe says 1.5 liters of water, and the description says 2 liters. What did I not understand?
Ludmila, believe the recipe above. I would like to ask you to change the description for 1.5 liters.
I realized thanks
Ludmila, write later, as you like. I composed this recipe last year and everyone likes it so much! Who ate was shocked.
I will write. I like that a lot of sugar
Angela, opened the jar today. I liked it very much. Very very. For lunch, I ate with simple potatoes with butter and fried cabbage. Well, with pepper. He gives such an appetite, so he would eat and eat. And now I went and ate it with a piece of bread. Moderately spicy, sweet. I closed a lot, I thought I wouldn't eat it during the winter. Take off. thank you
Ludmila, I'm glad. Well I said that all my friends appreciated. I had 16 half liter cans last year. Before NG, they ate everything. And one of my acquaintances opened a can, says, and immediately finished it all. And my friend ate half at once. So I have no doubt that you will eat. Not enough yet. I'll just start closing it this week)
Angela, what is the way out of this portion? They promised to bring me some pepper. I want to try to do at least a little. And if you like it, then on the trail. a year near the house (away from sweets) I will plant
Natalia, 6-7 half-liter cans, if I'm not mistaken.
ang-kay, Angela, bought hot pepper. Today I will do it. The pepper is not a big finger. Angela, do you think it should be finely chopped anyway?
Lily, this is probably a very hot pepper. I would cut it in half horizontally.
Wouldn't a whole peppers cook like that? And then it's more customary to somehow take him by the tail, and chum-chum ...
Quote: Kapet
take it by the tail
And it is more convenient for me to prick a piece and chum chroom on a fork. Angela, I'm finishing the third can. You're right, we'll probably eat it before the new year
ang-kay, Angela yes he is very sharp. I make this recipe with honey from our forum.
Here I decided to try your way.
Kapet, Yes Constantin, I think I love that too
I'll try it entirely and then you will see what happens
Quote: Kokoschka
I'll try it entirely
Lily, try it. It will not be worse.

Quote: kirch
I finish the third jar. You're right, we'll probably eat it before the new year
I didn't even doubt that I would eat)
Angela, did, decided not to deviate from the original.
The jars look very beautiful!

Lily, now I'm waiting for a review)
Angela, OK
I made a half for a test. It turned out 3 jars of 0.45 ml. While I was cutting I breathed in pepper, horror ...
Oksana, he is such pepper!
I'm waiting for the pepper to turn red. I will definitely make it according to this recipe. Last year, out of three recipes, this one was the most delicious. Another thanks to Angela
Ludmila, I am very glad. I also just close it. It's a good recipe.

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