Italian cake Soffioni

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Italian cake Soffioni


wheat flour of the highest grade 150 g
sugar 40 g
egg C0 1 PC
olive oil 25 g
salt pinch
ricotta 200 g
eggs C0 2 pcs
sugar 50 g
salt pinch
lemon juice a few drops
zest of one lemon
powdered sugar for serving
dusty flour

Cooking method

Italian cake SoffioniBeat the egg with sugar and olive oil.
Mix flour with salt, sift.
Pour the egg mixture into the flour, knead the non-sticky dough.
Put the dough in the refrigerator for one hour.
Italian cake SoffioniSeparate the whites from the yolks.
Beat the yolks with sugar until fluffy white foam.
Italian cake SoffioniAdd ricotta and lemon zest, beat.
Italian cake SoffioniWhisk the whites with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice until firm peaks.
Italian cake SoffioniGently add the whipped egg whites to the curd.
Italian cake SoffioniRoll out the dough thinly.
Cut into 6 squares 12x12 cm (I got another square from dough scraps).
Italian cake SoffioniPlace the dough into molds.
Lay out the filling.
Fold the edges of the filling dough.
Italian cake SoffioniBake in an oven preheated to 180C degrees for 30-35 minutes, then lower the temperature to 160C degrees and bake for another 15-20 minutes.
Cool on a wire rack.
Sprinkle the cakes with icing sugar before serving.

Italian cake Soffioni

Italian cake Soffioni

Enjoy your tea!

The dish is designed for

6 items

Time for preparing:

2 hours

Cooking program:



The recipe from here: 🔗

Manechka, how beautiful! : hi: Bookmarked, thanks! : rose: As always, the recipe and presentation are excellent! All I want to try to bake is not all the products are at home, I will buy it necessarily.
Sonadora, beautyaa
Do you need baking powder in the dough? It turns out like a sand.?
Sonadora, Manechka, such a beauty!
Man, and I have already baked

Italian cake Soffioni
Manya, such a beauty, a festive dessert! : girl_love: Oh, and Galina has already baked. Well done girls, gorgeous little baskets!
Irina, Antonina, Lerele, Natalia, Galina, thank you very much for your attention to the recipe, girls Help yourself.
Lerele, no, you don't need baking powder. The dough does not look like shortbread, it is dense and crunchy.
Gala, Galina, how beautiful!
Manyasha, what charming cakes!
Thanks for the beauty, I took it away!
Ksyusha, Thank you so much. I would be glad if you like it.
Ah, Manechka, as always, classic splendor! Bravo!
Wow, if I didn't go to work in the morning, I would dash and do it - beautiful, tasty, and, most importantly, understandable)) Now I want to eat
Alevtina, Lenathanks girls. I would be glad if the recipe comes in handy.
Manechka, absolutely amazing cakes!
Such handsome men that it’s just yum-yum!
Manechka, is that so many ingredients per tab, 7 pieces?
Rita, thank you very much. Yes, it turns out 6-7 small cakes.
Sonadora, Manya, do they not resemble Hungarian cheesecakes? What a good recipe, and given that I have heaps of ricotta, there is more!
Manya, but just soft cottage cheese will not work? Do you need to run ricotta?
Quote: Rada-dms

I have ricotta heaps
Rada-dms, Olya, people are lucky! No, it doesn't look like a Hungarian cheesecake at all, it is sweeter and the dough there is tender, shortbread.

Quote: Mirabel

just soft cottage cheese will not work?
VikaI'm afraid the soft won't do. But with the usual, greasy, rubbed through a sieve, it can work out. Only then I would increase the amount of sugar.
Quote: Sonadora
But with the usual, greasy, rubbed through a sieve,
oooh so it is necessary to do it, and Ricotta is quite near in the super. Buy it means Thank you!
Quote: Sonadora

Rada-dms, Olya, people are lucky!

So after each cheese you practically cook whey ricotta, if you are not lazy. And if you add more cream there, then it turns out to be just creamy.
Mirabel, Vic, delicious pastries.
Rada-dms, Olya, I have a book on cheese making. I can't make up my mind. It seems terribly difficult.
Yummy! I liked it very much! It is done quickly if you knead the dough in advance. I used cream cheese instead of ricotta! Just finished eating, and my daughter asks for more!
okcin, Thank you! I am very pleased that the recipe came in handy, and I liked the cakes.
Very nice buns !!!

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