Maasdam cheese

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Maasdam cheese


Whole cow's milk 10 liters
Dry thermophilic starter culture TA 45 LYO 1/4 tsp
Propionic bacteria Uglich 1/8 tsp
Aroma bacteria Leofast LN2 1/16 tsp
Liquid rennet 1 tsp
Calcium chloride 10 ml (1 amp)
For salt bath: sea salt of medium grinding, not iodized 400 g
Boiled water 1.6 l
Calcium chloride 33% 1 tbsp. the spoon
Vinegar 9% 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Maasdam cheese
  • Let's get down to this exciting activity, cook cheese!
  • I have farm milk, not pasteurized, so we put 63 degrees on the cheese dairy display and turn on the heating. I set the temperature 2 degrees lower on purpose, since I take into account inertial heating. As soon as the temperature is reached, a sound signal sounds, I set the timer for 30 minutes for pasteurization. So that the milk warms up evenly, I have a mixer working. At the same time, I add calcium chloride. After 30 minutes, I cool the milk to 33 degrees and add dry thermophilic starter culture, sprinkling it on the surface of the milk, wait for three to 5 minutes and stir.
  • Dissolve the propionic bacteria in a small amount of milk and pour it into the milk. Also, at the same time we add an aroma-forming one. Mix everything well and leave for 30 minutes, maintaining a temperature of 33 degrees. The cheese dairy keeps the temperature well.
  • After 30 minutes, mix everything well, when the milk calms down, pour out the rennet, after dissolving it in boiled water 50 ml.
  • Close the lid and wait 35-40 minutes until a dense clot is obtained. Since the milk was not previously pasteurized, it curdled well in 45 minutes and I got an excellent dense curd. We cut it with a long thin knife into 1-1 cm cubes, let it stand for about five minutes so that the edges of the cubes are fixed and they sink to the bottom. Then, gently knead, I do it manually, because at this stage, the stirrer of the cheese dairy can damage the grain, it is very nimble.
  • After 20 minutes of stirring, we leave for 5-7 minutes, at this time we prepare boiled water in a volume of 3 liters, that is, 30 percent of the total volume, this is necessary to reduce acidity.
  • Using a colander, select 3 liters of whey and pour in 3 liters of hot water at a temperature of 60 degrees. Thoroughly mix water with whey and slowly increase the temperature to 42 degrees, this process should take 20-30 minutes. All this time we stir the curd. Leave it alone for 5 ~ 7 minutes for the curd to sink to the bottom of the dairy. Drain the whey so that the rest covers the surface of the curd.
  • We shift the clot with a slotted spoon and a ladle with holes in a form lined with gauze, straighten all the creases, and equalize the cheese grain. We put a press in 2.5 kg for 15 minutes, then turn over and press for 30 minutes weighing 2.5 kg. After 30 minutes, we wrap it in clean gauze, press with a weight of 3.5 kg for an hour, and after the expiration of the period we put a press on 5 kg for 8-12 hours, overnight.
  • Also at this time, we prepare a saline solution, mixing all the ingredients at a water temperature of 70-80 degrees, and cool it to 15 degrees.
  • In the morning, take the cheese out of the mold and put it in a salt bath for 6-6.5 hours, turn it over on the other side after three hours.
  • After salting, take out the cheese and leave it to dry for 4 days, until the crust is completely dry, turning it over 2-3 times a day. I usually dry for a day at room temperature, then I put it in the refrigerator on the top shelf, turn it over every day.
  • Stands on a grate with a drainage mat.
  • When a dense crust formed, and it had already increased in size, it could be seen, I vacuumized it and left it in the refrigerator on the top shelf, where I have 10-12 degrees.
  • So, as it was summer, I left it in the refrigerator, although the recipe scheme was like this for 10-14 days at a temperature of 10 ~ 12 (we turn it once a day, without coating) Propionki worked very well, even in such conditions it is noticeable rounded.
  • 4-6 weeks at a temperature of 16-20 degrees.
  • I took it out of the refrigerator and put it in the cellar for 2-3 days, temp. there was 19 degrees, then changed the vacuum and back into the refrigerator. Basically, it matured on the upper shelf of the door, the temperature there is always higher.
  • This cheese is 2 months old, ripe and delicious.
  • Maasdam cheese
  • Bon appetit and delicious cheeses to everyone!
  • Maasdam cheese

The dish is designed for

1180 g

Time for preparing:

2 months

Cooking program:

Cheese dairy, forms and accessories for making cheese


A distinctive feature that certainly makes Maasdam cheese stand out, giving it originality, are the large holes called "eyes". They are formed in the process of maturation, when the gas formed inside squeezes out the surface and bulges appear.

Distinguish between Maasdam cheese: young and matured, they depend, like the structure of the cheese, its aroma and taste on the ripening period (calorizer). It will take only four to five weeks to get young cheese. When fully ripe, the cheese has a light yellow hue, large holes and a firm texture.

The calorie content of Maasdam cheese is 350 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The recipe is taken from the website and adapted to the amount of milk I need, the ingredients are recalculated accordingly.

Nadyushka, this is CHEESE!
Ilmira, Thank you!
Learning pays off! I myself did not expect such a result!
Nadia! Struck just on the spot! I have never made cheese myself. For me it is akin to a large collider ... and you are just a pro ...
Nadyushka, it seems to me that I am not trained in this matter. There are so many scary unfamiliar words in the recipe
Quote: Oroma
For me it is akin to a large collider
just about, for me too
Nadyusha, what a beauty

Olga, Ilmira, girls, a year ago for me it was also like a Chinese letter. But the more difficult the task, the more interesting it is. The main thing is to want. It's very exciting, plus it's delicious, so join us.

Tatyanais it a mouse? Let him come in, I will treat
Hope, and out of interest did not calculate the cost? It is curious to compare with the store price.
Jouravl, You can ubizzo. I showed it to my husband .. Appreciated it .. But I asked myself not to take it.
Quote: gawala
But he asked me not to take it myself.
Galya, and choet? Excitement?
Quote: Ilmirushka
and choet? Excitement?
But what ... Bacteria, they are so, they are marching in orderly rows, striking a step, strictly in his direction.
Quote: gawala
they walk in orderly rows, striking a step, strictly in his direction.
well, yes, behind them eye and eye!
Ilmira, milk is 10 liters, it is 600 rubles, well, and the leaven is 150 rubles, there is a scanty amount. It turns out about 700 rubles. I now understand that a kilogram of good cheese cannot be cheaper !!!
gawala, Thank you!
Quote: Ilmirushka
well, yes, behind them eye and eye!
Well, that's why we buy, and not do it ourselves. And Nadezhda's cheese is awesome!
Quote: Jouravl

a year ago for me it was also like a Chinese letter.
Nadiahow you have grown!

Nadya, but seriously, the cheese is super, I can taste it straight. I won't even take it, I won't do it in life.
Gala, Galya, cheese making is a meditation and you need to do it in your free time and only alone with it! Otherwise, nothing will work! I get great pleasure from the process, life changes and pleasure too

Quote: gawala

Well, that's why we buy, and not do it ourselves. And Nadezhda's cheese is awesome!
Galya, it is difficult with us with good cheeses, even if you buy expensive, it is not always tasty and of high quality, therefore, it was an impetus to make cheeses. And you are doing well with them I love cheeses
Nadyush, you can go crazy !!!
Just a masterpiece of cheese making. Do not take your eyes off!
The beauty!
Nadyusha, where do you buy starter cultures and bacteria?
I want to try too.
Nadiayou are so great! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing this recipe! It's true, I'm immensely grateful!
Rita, starters and bacteria I buy in Zdoroveevo. But the most important thing is milk!
It will not work out of the store, it is pasteurized at high temperatures, it is necessary to have low pasteurization, and in the summer, even milk vending machines carried out a high one. It didn't always turn out to be a good clot. Yes, and in Moscow, the sale of unpasteurized milk is prohibited. We ordered milk from farmers, they brought unpasteurized milk to the machine.
And, of course, theory.
Cheese Stories, or Cheese Factory at Home # 1
Everything is scheduled, all mistakes are sorted out, experience is shared, all questions are answered. Come in

Tatyana, Thank you! This is thanks to all of you: girl-yes: who patiently explained and showed everything. To all participants of our theme Many thanks
Nadyush, great. Thank you!
And out of 10 liters of milk, approximately what is the weight of the finished cheese?
Great. But in an apartment, probably, such a miracle still cannot be prepared. Still, a country house with cellars and verandas is more suitable for a cheese factory.
Rita, Rita, out of 10 liters of milk I have a maximum yield of 1200 g. They also cook in apartments, many of our participants brew in apartments. I am at the dacha, as my rhythm of life in Moscow does not allow me to do this. And they ripen in refrigerators, it is possible in refrigerator bags.
The most important thing is desire, and experience will come with time.
Rita, join, it is very exciting
Irishk @
Jouravl, this is not cheese, just fantastic eyes cannot be taken away !!! You are smart Nadya, you made such a beautiful cheese! I can imagine how delicious it is !!!!
Irina, Thank you so much!
Very tasty, only a small piece remains
Nadia, great cheese!
It is directly visible to the naked eye that the taste matches the appearance.
And your approach is far from amateurish - that is what it means to have golden hands, the desire to master all the subtleties and live a year in a topic where Everyone learns in the right places, Everyone! try to figure out all the details (and there are no trifles in cheese making, as I have already seen) and generously share successes with other participants in the topic and, more importantly, even failures or difficulties.
Another cheese in our piggy bank! Uryayaya!
Cheese making is a real drug, it is also an opportunity to load the brain, which is important with age, if, of course, you want to get really tasty results. You cook one, but in your head there are already plans for the next 10 pieces!
More successful cheese. Well done!
And about the price ... It can be made even lower if you prepare industrial starter cultures. From one bag we get many, many jars of active, ready-to-use crops.
My dacha conditions are much worse, in terms of location, in comparison with the apartment, but I cook, and nothing, I manage somehow.
Nadia, but if there is no vacuum degasser, will a heat-shrink bag work?
Rada-dms, Olya, thank you very much!
Here, our cheese dairies have come in handy!
I'm not yet ready for the mother's leaven, there are still so many recipes to try, maybe someday ...
And I have already ordered the books, we will read and try new recipes together.

Natasha, Natasha, yes a shrink bag will do. I have them, but somehow I do not use them. Through the vacuum bags you can see how the cheese ripens, processes are going on there, and if I see moisture in the folds of the vacuum one, then I open it, dry it for a day and vacuum it back. And shrink-opaque, it's hard to predict what's inside ...
I have wax, but it smells like oil to me, chemical, I don't use it either. Maybe I'll try it somehow, while I manage with vacuum ones.
Quote: Jouravl
is it a mouse? Let him come in, I will treat
Nadyush, wait a minute to feed the mice with such gorgeous cheese, here their kittens have not tried this!

Although we are not mice at all
We'll tighten it under the window:
"Aunt-aunt Cat ...."
In a squeaky hungry voice.
Let's ask furniture for a little cheese
A piece with more holes ...
Otherwise we will gnaw through the monitor !!!

Tatyana, Tanyusha
Come all over to the light
Enough for everyone, my cheeses are still ripening, there are enough holes, so don't worry.
I can also offer cider to cheeses! Let's sit by the window in a warm company
Quote: Jouravl
I can also offer cider to cheeses!
Don't waste too much cider!
Rada-dmsdon't worry, I hope he'll wait for you. But if you go for a long time, then I can't guarantee))
Quote: Rada-dms

Don't waste too much cider!

Here's an eye and an eye, right, Ol?
That cheese, then cider ... straight: "The hare distributes apples, and at home there are hungry hares sitting!"
Quote: ok

Here's an eye and an eye, right, Ol?
That cheese, then cider ... straight: "The hare distributes apples, and at home there are hungry hares sitting!"
Bunnies need to be faster in a big family then
Jump-jump, straight to the east from me!
Quote: Rada-dms

Jump-jump, straight to the east from me!
That's right, the route is correct!
Wow! Cool.
I hope, and I will someday get together.
From this syyyyyrrrrrr Beauty, holes-holes-holes ... I already feel the spirit
Miranda, OlgaGera, girls, thank you very much
Join in, it's super fun
JouravlSo far, I’m on simple cheeses, without ripening, but sooner or later I will start with ripening.

Very, very beautiful, and it feels delicious!
Miranda, if a start has been made, and these are homemade cheeses, then the further path will lead to complex and maturing. Want a different taste. My Ted de Moine is ripening, he already tastes like Swiss hard cheese, although there were mistakes, but it's still real cheese!

Maasdam cheese
Nadia, such a gorgeous cheese turned out. Well done. I wanted to cut it off and start making cheese again. Something I completely abandoned. Bryndza, mozzarella and that's it.
Hope, the cheese is fantastic! You have golden hands!
Angela, Irina, Newbie, Thank you so much!
Girls, I'm just learning
This is cheese, cheese for all cheeses !!!!! In my life I never thought that you can do this at home (y) Tell me what kind of cheese dairy you have and what is its beauty?
Irina, Irina, I have a small cheese dairy for 10 liters. Here, I showed here
Cheese stories, or Cheese dairy at home # 3511
But I don't need it anymore, my cow is gone)))
Very comfortable, connects to a cold water tap, water jacket about 5 liters,
Electronic thermometer with timer and electric heating of the water jacket. I set the right temperature, and the dairy calls me when the temperature reaches the right value.
I just cool down - I turn on the cold water tap, hot water flows into the sink, when the desired temperature is reached, it beeps.
It greatly facilitates the process of cheese making, the only thing is that you need to remove the whey yourself.
: flowers: Thank you very much for your answer! The girls from the neighboring group infected with cheeses, and now I look
Irina, Ira, there is an electric stirrer, it interferes with milk and grain. But, I turn it on when the grain is already dried, very carefully with it, it can break the soft grain.
Jouravl, Hope, credit cheese
I read about the aroma-forming bacteria Leofast LN2, they also perform a protective function, I really liked this moment
Nadyush, what other cheeses do you add them to?
lydia, thank you, yes, this culture is also protective, so I chose it, there is Danisco (corrected), but for now I train on these.
I made two more cheeses with them - another maasdam, and an emmental with the Italian sourdough technolatte. They lie, ripen, but the milk there was different, and there were surprises, I will see what happens and write it down. Maybe nothing good)))
And this cheese turned out because the milk was correct
I added Leofast myself, in my own recipe without it.
Jouravl, if you ever sell cheese, then I'm the first in line.

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