Raspberry muffins

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Raspberry muffins


premium wheat flour 200 grams
baking powder 2 teaspoons
sugar 75 gram
egg s-1 1 piece
butter 125 gram
milk 175 ml
fresh raspberries 175 gram
silicone molds d = 5 cm

Cooking method

  • Put baking powder and sugar in flour.
  • Beat the egg a little with milk.
  • Pour in the cooled melted butter. Mix.
  • Add flour mixture. Stir until smooth, without fanaticism.
  • Add raspberries, mix gently.
  • Arrange the dough in tins, 1 cm short of the top edge.
  • Put the molds on a baking sheet and put in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Willingness to test with a stick.
  • Remove the finished muffins from the molds and cool on a wire rack or towel.
  • The berries can be tossed with a little chopped unflavored chocolate.
  • If fresh raspberries are not available, use frozen ones or replace them with blueberries.
  • Magazine recipe Gourmet baked goods

The dish is designed for

12 pieces

Time for preparing:

about 90 minutes + cooling

Cooking program:

oven, whisk


Very delicate and aromatic muffins
Raspberry muffins

Moderately sweet, with a pleasant sourness
True, the husband said that there is not enough sugar, but the rest of the family liked it
Try cooking while the raspberries are still there.

Not long ago, in one recipe, we discussed why we call muffins muffins.
It also interested me. I found How muffins differ from cupcakes

How are muffins different from cupcakes? Cupcakes have always been in our lives as long as we can remember. Sold in bakeries and cookery, sprinkled with icing sugar and with a traditional "raisin" inside. Muffins came to us relatively recently and still raise the question: how do they actually differ from traditional cupcakes? At first glance, they both look like small cakes, often beautifully packaged in corrugated paper cups.
However, if you strictly approach the theoretical side of the issue, then muffins and muffins are completely different baked goods, and the difference lies in the basis of the basics - the dough kneading method.

Cupcake is translated from English as "cakes" - a cake, a sweet confection with raisins or nuts, baked from biscuit or (less often) yeast dough, often muffins are baked from the same dough as cakes.

To prepare muffins, butter is ground with sugar, and then eggs and other ingredients are added further according to the recipe. All mix (do not beat!) With a mixer. Usually cupcakes are not filled with anything inside (although they are quite common with raisins) and sometimes they are decorated with cream on top.

Muffins "muffins" are small portioned muffins, they are slightly heavier than muffins, and they use a different ratio of ingredients - less sugar, but more "liquid" in the form of eggs, milk. Very often, berries, fruits, nuts, chocolate are added to muffins, and, as a rule, they are not decorated with cream.
But the main difference between muffins and muffins, as mentioned above, is the dough. There is a concept - "Muffin Mixing Method", if translated literally, it is "a method of mixing muffins", and in fact - a way of mixing ingredients. To prepare dough for muffins, all dry ingredients are mixed separately, and separately all "wet" ones, and only then all this is combined and quickly mixed. There are lumps that do not need to strive to destroy! The muffin dough is kneaded with a spoon (at least at the final stage). They will be heavier when using a mixer.

Delicious cupcakes, there were no raspberries, I added strawberries, I made them in a Redmond multi-baker, it turned out well, I will experiment with other berries)))
Annushka, thank you very much for trusting the recipe
Glad you liked it.

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