Strawberry ice cream with yogurt

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Strawberry ice cream with yogurt


fresh or frozen strawberries 350 BC
sugar 150 g
plain yogurt 250 ml.
cream 33-35% 500 ml
vanilla taste
xanth gum optional 1 tsp
salt pinch
food coloring option

Cooking method

  • Strawberry ice cream with yogurt
  • Strawberry ice cream with yogurtChop strawberries with sugar, xanth gum, salt and vanilla in a blender and puree.
  • Strawberry ice cream with yogurtPour in yogurt (milk can be used) and beat.
  • Strawberry ice cream with yogurtAdd some food coloring if desired.
  • Strawberry ice cream with yogurtPour in the cream. Beat.
  • Strawberry ice cream with yogurtPour the mixture into another dish and place in the freezer. For three to four hours, take out every hour and stir vigorously. Leave to solidify completely.
  • Strawberry ice cream with yogurt
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Delicious strawberry-creamy ice cream. I cooked both with yogurt and milk. I liked it more with yogurt. Recommend!

Angela, thanks for another delicious ice cream recipe! As soon as my berries appear, I will definitely do it!
ang-kay, Angela, ice cream beauty.
Quote: ang-kay
xanth gum
This is Xanthan gum (E415) or I'm wrong and what fat content is better to take yogurt, the question is of interest because I make yogurt myself and I can make any fat content.

Tatyana1103, Tatyana, Thank you)
Quote: Tatyana1103
Xanthan gum (E415)
Quote: Tatyana1103
what i make yogurt myself
So do I. I have a home. What fat content is it From homemade milk. But here, as you like best. I love fatty ice cream)

Quote: Myrtle
ice cream recipe
I would be glad if you use it)
ang-kay, Angela, then one more question, Xanthan gum can be replaced with other alternative products (agar, pectin, gelatin) or it is better to exclude it altogether, as this will affect the ice cream itself.
Tanya, xanth gum is also a natural product. Used to thicken and prevent crystals. If completely against her, then just exclude. Therefore, I wrote that it is optional.
Agar and pectin need to be activated during cooking, and using different technologies. Therefore, mashed potatoes will have to be cooked. It's a completely different taste. The algorithm of actions will also have to be changed.
Gelatin is used in the manufacture of ice cream. It seems that I tried once. But I don't remember how he behaves in it.
The beauty of this ice cream is in the minimum of body movements, and if you use other components, they will be added. Everything is fresh here, so vitamins are at their peak.
I understood everything, thanks for the comprehensive answer, I just don't have gum, but I want ice cream.
Dont worry. Do without her.
Good day!
There are all the ingredients except the gum. Do not tell me where it (xanth gum) can be purchased. Thank you.
melanie, natasha, there are pastry shops such as the pastry baker.
Quote: ang-kay
It seems that I tried once. But I don't remember how he behaves in it.
Perfectly gelatin behaves And it is just added to it so that ice does not form in fruit (and in other too) ice cream
Ira, thank you.
j @ ne
Angela, really liked the recipe! Which gum do you prefer as a thickener for ice cream, guar or xanthan? (I judge by your other recipes too) Will guar work with sour berries?
Zhenya, Thank you. I love xanth. I do not like guar because of "snotty". The mass somehow stretches. An example is popsicles.
Quote: j @ ne
Will Guar Work With Sour Berries?
Will be.
Quote: Kara
Perfectly gelatin behaves
Ira, if you used gelatin, please write how much and how. I want ice cream without ice. And then I did something like that, only without yogurt, with only cream. It really freezes into a conglomerate. I have to chop off with a knife
ang-kay, great at thank you very much for the ice cream. Delicate, delicious! No photo, I didn't have time, my guests dared.
meatball, how glad I am. To your health and guests)
ang-kaythanks for the ice cream! I did it without xanthan gum (I don't have it) - everything turned out just fine. Very, very tasty
Elena, to health. I'm glad everything is great)

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