Spiral zucchini sandwiches

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Spiral zucchini sandwiches


Zucchini 1 PC.
Egg white 1 PC.
Flour 2 tbsp. l.
Starch 1 tbsp. l.
Cheese 100-150 g
Salt pepper taste

Cooking method

  • Zucchini is sliced ​​with a spiral vegetable slicer
  • Spiral zucchini sandwiches
  • Add flour, starch, salt, pepper and whipped egg white
  • Spiral zucchini sandwiches
  • Mix. To give a neat, not "tousled" shape, I spread the mixture along the bottom of small round containers
  • Spiral zucchini sandwiches
  • And then I just flip them on a hot skillet
  • Spiral zucchini sandwiches
  • On one of the ready-made hot "pancakes", pour a thick layer of grated cheese (you can just use a slice of cheese) and cover with the second half
  • Spiral zucchini sandwiches
  • If desired, you can put inside a slice of ham and other desired filling. The healthy sandwich is ready!

Larissa, great! I just wanted to stuff something like that into a multi-baker, and I already bought zucchini.
I would not have guessed to use only protein! I will definitely try! The only thing left is to unpack the spiralizer ...
Thanks Lena ! In principle, you can, of course, and a whole egg. But I just had a restless squirrel, so I attached it. And come on unpack, the entertainment is guaranteed!
I'll take it to your bookmarks, then it will come in handy when I buy it
Great! And soon the vegetable season will begin and we will not know where to attach these zucchini and zucchini ... Larochka, thanks for the recipe!
Larissa, thanks for the wonderful recipe! I am not very raw vegetables ... But this, in the form of fried potato pancakes, zucchini - I love it! This one will definitely be in favor !!!
Thank you girls. Hopefully the recipe doesn't disappoint. And the main thing is to fry faster, until the zucchini strands are soaked and limp.

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