Chicken Legs with Potatoes in Delonghi Multi-Cuisine

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Chicken Legs with Potatoes in Delonghi Multi-Cuisine


Chicken legs On demand
Potatoes On demand
Soy sauce
Pomegranate sauce
Pepper mix

Cooking method

  • So I wanted duck legs with potatoes, but for lack of, Frau Tim's recipe turned into what happened.
  • Chicken Legs with Potatoes in Delonghi Multi-CuisineDuck legs baked with apples and potatoes
    (Elena Tim)
  • I do not write the number of products, it depends on the appetite and the composition of the family.
  • Everything turns out very quickly and very tasty.
  • So, we take the legs and marinate them in a sauce made of soy sauce, pomegranate sauce, garlic, pepper, and add a little honey.
  • The sauce can be made to your liking.
  • Leave the legs to brew and soak in the sauce. I had it for two days, but this is for technical reasons, sometimes marinade, then I do the rest and cook.
  • We clean and cut the potatoes into slices, they should be neither large nor small, medium-sized slices. Since chicken cooks faster than potatoes, I put it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes, you can cook it on the stove.
  • At the bottom of the cousin we pour 1 st. l butter, put the chicken. Potatoes, we already have them hot, pour in the chicken sauce, mix, then spread them with a slotted spoon on top of the chicken so that the sauce remains in the dose in which we kept the cut potatoes, and it did not float in this sauce in our cousin.
  • We turn on the program oven level 3, there it costs 60 minutes automatically.
  • But 50 minutes will be enough.
  • this is how it looks after turning off the stove.
  • Chicken Legs with Potatoes in Delonghi Multi-Cuisine
  • The smell is unusual in the apartment. Put it on a plate and enjoy.
  • The potatoes are crusty on top, soft inside, mmmmm .... delicious !!
  • Chicken Legs with Potatoes in Delonghi Multi-Cuisine
  • Chicken Legs with Potatoes in Delonghi Multi-Cuisine

Elena Tim
Wow! There is such a potato with chicken, and I don't even know!
Irish, how healthy, rosy.
Listen, but I don’t understand, did you bake without a stirrer? Straight everything is so intact, not crumpled. It always seemed to me that if you put potatoes along with the shanks, you get porridge, and then there is also a cooked potato ... but it is still all whole.
How so?
Elena Tim, nothing wrinkles, it turns out great. I always make chicken with potatoes this way, with a stirrer and more often without oil at all, with chicken and so it is enough.
The potato is not welded, but in the micr ... well, what is it doing with it in the micr?
Never, not a single razik, I have not mashed potatoes, not with chicken, not just like that.
Yes, and it is difficult to mash it with this mixer, but potatoes and chicken in the process rise, turn slightly and turn out to be ruddy.

And I don’t peel small potatoes, wash them, if they’re large, I will cut them and also put them with chicken.
Elena Tim
Quote: Lerele
nothing crumples, it turns out great. I always do chicken and potatoes this way
Very well! Then I, too, will now bake everything together in Kuzka.

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