Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50)

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Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50)


beef part apple
common salt taste
ground black pepper
hot red pepper
any seasonings can be taste

Cooking method

  • I propose to cook beef in the suvid methods.
  • The main thing is to buy good meat, for the suvid I bought beef, part of the Apple, this is the softest part from a cow. Come to the store and say, give me an apple))
  • You can also cook marbled beef, it turns out well, especially roast beef, shank.
  • So, wash the meat well, if there is a film, then it is advisable to remove it.
  • a piece of beef, sprinkle with spices and salt to taste, as you like.
  • Pack in a vacuum bag.
  • Set the temperature to 63 grams, the cooking time is 15 hours, the piece was about 2 kilos, but I divided it into two parts and cooked it in two bags.
  • I put it overnight, woke up in the morning, pulled it out and can be used immediately, you can cut it into 2 cm thick steaks and fry quickly in a dry frying pan or grill, literally a minute at maximum temperature.
  • Can be chilled and then thinly sliced ​​into sandwiches
  • After cooling, the beef is all gelatinous, well, very tasty !!!!
  • It turns out soft, tender beef, melts in your mouth))
  • My children and my husband liked this version of beef, rather than on the video, because here it is completely ready. We ate with pleasure))
  • Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50)

Time for preparing:

15 hours

Cooking program:

suvid, frying pan,


There is a video that I filmed, I also cook beef, but at a lower temperature and less time, I used marbled beef from Miratorg, in the video, and in the recipe, beef from the market

Beef is the meat of cattle. Usually, one distinguishes between the meat of adult cattle, young animals (over 3 months old) and veal (meat of animals under 3 months old). Beef is the most widespread type of meat in our country. The digestibility of beef meat is 75%, veal - up to 90%. The chemical composition of beef and veal varies depending on the category (fatness) of the meat. So, in the beef of the 1st category, the protein content is 18.9%, the fat content is 12.4%, in the beef of the 2nd category, the protein content is 20.2%, the fat is up to 7%. Veal of the 1st and 2nd categories is characterized by similar fluctuations in the content of protein and fat. So, in the meat of veal of the 1st category protein contains up to 19.7%, fat 2%, in the meat of veal of the 2nd category the amount of fat is only 0.2%, but the protein contains slightly more - 20.4%. By the content of essential amino acids, beef proteins do not differ from lamb and pork. The yellow color of beef fat is due to carotene, which prevents its oxidation, being an antioxidant. It is known that the digestibility of fat is the higher, the closer its melting point is to the temperature of the human body. The melting point of beef fat is 47 °, and its digestibility is only 92.4-95.2%. In beef fat, the cholesterol content is 75 mg%, the accompanying lecithin cholesterol content is 70 mg%.

Beef and veal are important sources of vitamins. Their real pantry is beef liver, containing significant amounts of vitamins Ai (8.2 mg%), E (1 mg%), C (33 mg%), B6, (0.7 mg%), B12 (60 mg%) ,
PP (9 mg%), B2 (2.19 mg%), B, (0.3 mg%), etc. Beef meat is also a supplier of mineral salts (sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, etc.). The highest iron content found in beef liver is 8.4 mg%.

Boiled beef is good for everyone.But it should be remembered that in addition to useful substances, meat contains purine bases, during the exchange of which uric acid can be formed in the body. The accumulation of uric acid, which occurs with excess meat nutrition, can disrupt the permeability of the capillaries of the renal nephrons, contribute to the development of gout, osteochondrosis and other diseases. It has been proven that excessive consumption of meat reduces the body's immunity, its resistance to various diseases.

I'm first!!!!
Helen, Len, glad to see you, help yourself))
BUT you have already seen the recipe But thanks anyway !!!
Irina, that's how it happens)
Hope the recipe comes in handy
Well, something in the photo seems to me, the meat is damp although it should be ready for 15 hours.
I made sous-vide oovine on nitrite salt, about 6 hours, the piece was thin enough, so it got stuck in my teeth, even fried. It was not marble
Twig, yes, it is pink, not gray))
But it's completely ready
6 hours is not enough for beef, in the video I cooked longer, 8 or 10 hours.
Mash, what is the order of prices for this part of the carcass?
Anna1957, about 420 rubles per kilo
Well, that's nothing. And then I was with Alexey Onegin at a meeting, so they discussed ribeye at 4tyr / kg.
Well, I cooked beef steak (with souvid) and pork ham from ordinary store meat according to the recipes of Alexei Onegin - it turned out well. Although I don't even know what the parts were.
Maria, thanks for the new recipe.
Quote: Masinen
Anna1957, about 420 rubles per kilo
What nice prices !!!
Quote: Anna1957
Ribeye 4tyr / kg.
Well, it's a ribeye)))
Miratorg has good marbled beef, if anything, Roast beef within 600 rubles

VolzhankaDYes6 it turns out well, but sometimes the meat comes across oak, you can't chew it, you definitely need to cook it for 20 hours.
HERE Apple came out well in 15 hours, soft, just class

Lisichkalal, Svetlana, try it, you should have good meat on sale.
BUT always keep in mind that beef takes a long time to cook)
Quote: VolzhankaD
pork ham from regular store meat - it came out well.
Pork and chicken always work out. But the beef has never turned out soft. Lamb turned out only 1 time, the rest several times also turn out to be tough. But I always remove the fat as much as possible, so this is probably natural.
Quote: Masinen
Svetlana, try it, you should have good meat on sale.
Yes, there is, only the price is not good. Euro 20 per kg

ooo, 20 euros is cool)))
Mashul, it's okay if I fit in with my beef Cooked for 6 hours at a temperature of 58 degrees (Steba SV-50). Marbled beef shoulder blade. It turned out well, very soft and tender
Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50)
MasyushaAle, of course, we will assume that this recipe is dedicated simply to beef, not at what temperature it was cooked))
Moreover, in the video I cooked at 58 grams
Masinen, Mash, so I cooked beef from your feed Next time I'll try 15 hours (this time there was no time)
Mashenka, what a delicious ... ...., photos are just awful ...
Galina, Checkmark, thanks !!!!! I made this recipe in the night
Anna1957, I don't eat fat at all, I don't like it. The husband bought a piece of lean beef, cut it off, stewed the goulash - 5 hours, it turned out hard, the children did not, the husband frowned. From the rest I made 2 steaks, cooked the souvid in a slow cooker 60 gr. whether 6 hours, or 8, I do not remember, then fried. True, I added a drop of rice vinegar to the bag, it has a faint smell, it disappeared when frying, otherwise my husband does not like the smell of vinegar in food. The result is soft and juicy.
Came with a report. Meat is the simplest boneless hip part. I did it for 63 degrees 15 hours. Salt, pepper, smeared with mustard. It is pink at the edges, and in the middle - gray. The consistency is soft, chews well. The first time, the beef turned out to be delicious.Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50)
Anna, hurray!
Yes, it turns out very well, and 15 hours is the minimum, if you put less, then you may not have enough time)
Today Nastya Trisha tried it - she liked it
I bought a piece for stewing. He looks so handsome. 63 degrees 16 hours. Tough and wiry
Here is today's Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50) Soft and tasty. I saw it 16 hours.
Anna1957, Anya, well, so with beef, the more the better)
Lisichkalal, Svetlana, so it was necessary to keep it all 20 hours, you can see the muscle part, and maybe there was an old cow.
Masinen, Mashenka, thanks for the recipe.
Brought a report.
cooked meat Miratorg 17 hours at 65 degrees in MV Redmond
The most delicate meat turned out. I would never have thought that beef could be like this!
And the main thing is that she herself cooked there, and in the end she was yummy!
Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50)
dana77, Natasha, yeah, it's so good that it prepares itself, but it turns out very tasty))
And here I was doing mutton, I don't remember where I put it. But also
Mash, super !!! I also want, for a long time sous did not indulge in)))
Tell me, pzhl, which company is the burner? For meringue I wanted, but here it turns out for meat too
Anna1957, Anna, well, there should be lamb, you will lick your fingers)

Gulsine, yes, usual, some kind.
Now from the construction market that is screwed onto a gas cylinder)
Maria, delicious! Made beef tenderloin, and a pig's neck. In different bags)))
Cooked in Oursson 5005.
Minimum body movements, yummy at the exit
I fried the cold pieces in a dry frying pan.
Souvid beef without nitrite salt (Steba SV-50)
Masha, does it take so long because of the fibrous meat? Or was the piece huge?
I have a splint 7 centimeters thick, weighing about 600 g. With nitrite. According to the table, he needs 4 hours.
I usually bring in the oven at 80C to 68C inside. But now I have to leave, it’s scary to leave the oven, I vacuumized it, and in the Headquarters it.
Svetlana, long because beef.
At least 15 hours are needed, or even more if old meat.
Wow! I'll hold it until night then.)
Why does it take less time in the oven? Are these 15-17С so critical (63-65 suvid versus 80 in the oven)?
An interesting experiment will turn out)) I still want to smoke later.
Svetlana, the lower the temperature, the more time)
And they gave me Caso 500))))
Lelka, Olya !!! Congratulations!!
Cook with pleasure!
Will a boneless shank (Miratorg, mother beef) fit this recipe? Onegin's recipe is 80g and costs 24 hours. But there with the bone ...
ElenaM, ok, you can increase the time)
But you shouldn't put 80 grams)
M @ rtochka
Somewhere iron escaped from the body, I have to eat meat more often. I am making this recipe in MV. At 65 degrees I put it for the night, 8-12 hours.
The consistency of meat is just a song! You also need to choose a taste for yourself. Either there is more salt ... Or what spices

And even the "not so" pieces are great! Gentle
Daria, play with additives, salt, spices)

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