Mackerel schnitzel

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Mackerel schnitzel


Mackerel 2 pcs
Sour cream 2 tbsp. spoons
Egg 1 PC
salt, ground pepper
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Butcher the mackerel, pull out the ridge, small bones, cut off the fins.
  • Mackerel schnitzel
  • Remove skin
  • Mackerel schnitzel
  • The skin comes off very easily. Season the prepared fish with salt and pepper on both sides.
  • Mackerel schnitzel
  • Coat the fillet with sour cream and let it brew for 20 minutes. My fish lay in sour cream for more, 40 minutes, everything is fine
  • Mackerel schnitzel
  • Beat an egg with a fork, bathe the fish in it.
  • Mackerel schnitzel
  • Fry in a frying pan in heated vegetable oil. On one side 3 minutes, turn over and on the other side 2 minutes.
  • fish is ready
  • Mackerel schnitzel
  • It is very easy to decorate the fish with onions. To do this, cut the onion at an angle, put it in a glass. Cover the glass with your palm, flip it over the fish and remove your palm. The bow will fly apart as he pleases.
  • Mackerel schnitzel


Recipe from Oksana Putan.
Very simple, tasty, juicy. Well, and, importantly, it is not expensive and fast.

Tatyana, Thank you
I love fish in any form and any ... I can breathe unevenly to mackerel
and this option is generally incomparable ... and besides, it fits perfectly into my power system
respect as they say
ABOUT! Yummy! Bookmark, I will definitely do it!
Tan, and Tan, and where are you taking the recipes from Putan. I looked at the shrimp before, but it has not been updated for a long time. Does she have a website or a blog? Send me there, please ... you can in a personal, so that the delicious recipe does not clog :)
Only she could teach me not to be afraid of yeast dough
Katerina, AllaThank you for stopping by

Quote: katko
also fits perfectly into my nutritional system
that's fine, good health
Quote: solmazalla
Send me there, please ...
Alla, sent
Oh, what a fish, a recipe very handy.
why ... and send me, too I will look
celfh, Tatyana, thanks for the recipe, I love mackerel very much, but I never fried it, but baked it in the oven or steamed it.
Tanya, thanks for the interesting recipe. I have never heard of such a method of cooking fish. It should be delicious. We will try.
Nice recipe.
We now sell excellent mackerel in the store. Her belly is downright silver.
Tomorrow I will be in the city and will definitely make a schnitzel.
Quote: katko
why ... and send me,
Go my dear
Quote: Eugene
but never fried it, but baked it in the oven or steamed it.
Evgeniya, Zhenya, many years ago I fried mackerel. And we didn't like it, the fish turned out to be dry. Recently I read this recipe from Oksana Putan and wanted to repeat the experiment, and Oksana's recipe did not disappoint, the fish is very juicy, not overcooked. We ate it with pleasure.
Quote: gala10
I have never heard of this way of cooking fish
Galya, me too, But it turned out well
Quote: Wildebeest
and I will definitely make a schnitzel.
SvetlanaI hope you like it

celfh, Tatyana, I love any fish .. thanks for the recipe
Quote: kristina1
I love any fish ..
Kristina, I also love
Tanyusha, thanks for an interesting recipe. Never fried mackerel. For me, it tastes best salted with dill in oil. By the way, my mackerel turned out to be dry when I cooked it in the oven in foil.
Tatyana, I think, due to sour cream, the fish is juicy. Now I will insert a larger photo, I hope the juice will be visible on it
It doesn't work, even with a radical I forgot how to work
I will take note of the recipe, very interesting!

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