Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi

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Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi


For the test
glutinous rice flour 50 grams
sugar 75 gram
salt pinch
water 100g
Sweet potato paste
sweet potato puree (I have a purple sweet potato) 300 grams
sugar 30 grams
corn starch 20 grams
butter 15 grams
white chocolate or confectionery glaze 50 grams
condensed milk 1 tbsp. the spoon
salt pinch
dye in the dough option
----- -----
dye in the dough option
corn starch

Cooking method

  • Sweet potato paste
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiPeel the sweet potatoes, wash, cut into rings and boil in a double boiler until tender (10-15 minutes). Purée.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiMix puree with sugar, starch, butter, condensed milk and salt. Transfer to a skillet with a thick bottom and preferably a non-stick coating. Heat, stirring occasionally, until the puree begins to separate from the bottom and becomes thicker. Turn off the fire.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiChop the white chocolate (glaze).
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiAdd chocolate to hot sweet potato.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiStir until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth. Then put the pasta in a bowl, cover with contact foil, and let cool. Refrigerate for several hours.
  • Urine, Mochi
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiGlutinous rice flour is used for mochi. Maybe the usual one will do, I have not tried it. But it is right to do it from such flour.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiFirst, we need to prepare the filling. Roll small balls of sweet potato paste.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiIn a microwave-safe container, mix all the ingredients for the dough until smooth. The dough will turn out to be approximately like for pancakes.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiCover with foil and set in microwave for 2 minutes at full power (I have 900 W). We take out and stir until smooth, because not all the mass can be brewed yet.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiCover the mass again with foil and put it in the microwave for a minute. We take out and stir. The dough will stretch, it will look like melted chewing gum.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiSprinkle well with starch on the surface on which we will continue to work with the dough. Pour the dough onto it and sprinkle with starch on top too.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiFlatten or roll out the dough with a rolling pin into a rectangle.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, MochiCut into squares with a knife. You can also sprinkle the knife with starch.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi The starch inside must be thoroughly removed with a brush. Otherwise, the dough will not adhere well to the edges. Put a ball of pasta in the middle of the square, wrap it in dough and seal. Rounding off. Dessert is ready.
  • Japanese dessert Mochi, Mochi
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones)

The dish is designed for

8 pieces

Time for preparing:

30 minutes


There are many variations of such a dessert on the Internet.
Sweet potato pasta recipe spied on Lana19 on the Flour forum.

A kind of dessert. Very similar to Turkish delight.

The filling can be anything: chocolate paste, anko paste, pasta with cookies, nuts, fruit wrapped in chocolate paste mixed with cookies. Flight of fantasy. It can even be with ice cream balls.

It tasted good for us, but I don't think everyone will like it. I recommend you try and decide for yourself whether to cook or not.

What a beautiful dessert ... looks awesome, and since I adore Turkish delight, I think this is my dish, oh, I just haven't seen sweet potatoes, and I really want to look for it. All your recipes are interesting, original, and very tasty. Thank you
Angela, you're teasing yourself again. Not all of your Easter cakes have been tried yet, and you are throwing other recipes here! Probably it's delicious too. To bookmarks.
Svetochka and Natasha, Thank you, my darlings)
Quote: Svetlana777
oh, just haven't seen sweet potato here
Shine, well, why with sweet potatoes? I wrote options in the notes. And there are a lot of them in the net.
Quote: lungwort
Probably it's delicious too.
Natasha, it tastes good to me. But I'm not sure everyone will like it)
Quote: lungwort
Quote: ang-kay
well, why with sweet potatoes?
I want it, this sweet potato is PATAMUSHTO BEAUTIFUL, I have a crush on it for a long time, I don’t know the taste, but the color, well, sooo captivated me (and I don’t like chocolate. I’ll go to study anko ..
I finally didn't like anko. I did, tried and threw away (((But this is for me.
Angela, I am so happy with each of your recipes, especially bearing in mind the address of the place of residence, the composition of the ingredients, their variety, the beauty of the photo ... and again, correcting for the address of the craftswoman ... create, and let nothing and no one interfere with it!
Tanyush, thank you) There would not have been a lot if not for Zhanna Zhannptica, many thanks to her. She sends me all the exotic. You can't buy it from me, and I can't afford it financially. Something, of course, I buy via the Internet. Everything is spent on food and utilities. I live in a small peaceful town not far from all the events. And what a small town is, you yourself must understand.
ang-kay, Angela, oh, what a beauty, clever ... the pictures are so beautiful ..
Do you know how much one scoop of such a frozen dessert costs in our Japanese mom ???

I knew I shouldn't go

kristina1, Zhannptica, thanks) Help yourself
Quote: Zhannptica
how much is one scoop of such a frozen dessert
Jeanne, everything for you is almost free)
Quote: Zhannptica
I knew I didn't have to go
Come on in, otherwise I’m completely stuck in business.
I ate "sushi", I didn't eat "urine", I didn't eat "carcasses", I didn't try "wilderness" ...

How many more "shi" and "chi" have not been tasted in life, however ...
Constantinhow diverse the world of food is! And I want to try everything that is possible. Certainly not crawling brrrr
Quote: ang-kay
Certainly not crawling brrrr
, and why not, however, the larvae of the large ones will soon crawl to
Shine, i pass

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