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Diet Mix Bread


Wheat flour 167 g
Rye flour 167 g
Corn semolina 67 g
Oat flakes 34 g
honey 67 g
salt 15 g
water 330 ml
Flax seed
Yeast saf moment 11 g

Cooking method

  • Diet Mix Bread
  • The glycemic index and calorie content of such bread is almost two times lower than usual, the crumb is quite dense, does not crumble.
  • The bread has a very pleasant smell with distinct hints of honey.
  • I ground the corn grits in a coffee grinder to make corn semolina.
  • I put all the ingredients, except for yeast (yeast in the dispenser) in a bucket, mixed everything well. After the yeast poured out of the dispenser, the silicone spatula helped to knead, since the dough is sticky and not very thick (no oil !!!). After the end of the batch, she leveled the "roof" with wet hands and sprinkled abundantly with flax and sesame seeds.
  • Voila!
  • Diet Mix Bread
  • In the photo, the cut is a little wet - the bread has just come from the bread machine, has not rested.
  • As always, I could not resist cutting off the hot crust - a favorite delicacy.

The dish is designed for

Output -710 g

Cooking program:



Bread Maker Panasonic SD-ZB 2502

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Diet Mix Bread
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Diet Mix Bread

Thank you, the right recipe
Thanks for the recipe. I just need these.
To health
Maybe only salt and honey can be a little less, but everyone can determine this to their own taste. And sometimes I replace part of the wheat flour with 25-30 g of amaranth.

Sorry for the mistake, I originally wrote buckwheat flour instead of rye ...
ruta129, I take it to bookmarks.
Very interesting Khlebushek, thanks!)
mamusi, to your health!
Quote: ruta129
The glycemic index and calorie content of such bread is almost two times lower than usual
ruta, how? Honey, corn flour have a fairly high GI, not inferior to sugar and wheat flour. The oatmeal is slightly lower, but there are very few of them in the recipe. Due to them, do not reduce GI by 2 times
I would be afraid to give such bread to my husband, who is a diabetic.
Or am I missing something in the recipe?
Larssevsk, I'm trying to find a recipe for myself (I have CD 2), I love bread and I can't do without it.
The logic is this:
Glycemic indices of ingredients
Wheat flour 85
Rye flour 45
Corn groats 35
Hercules 40
Sesame 35
Flax seed 35
Sugar 70 chemical does not contain biologically active substances, trace elements and vitamins present in honey.
Honey 70
The calorie content is much lower than that of wheat, and according to my calculations, the GI of this mix is ​​55
100-150 grams of such bread a day will definitely not hurt me. Such a roll is enough for me for 4-5 days. Stored in a regular bread bin. Does not have time to harden

If you bake bread only from wheat flour, then the GI will be 85, that is, almost two, more precisely, one and a half times more.
ruta129, I beg your pardon then. In the source where I looked, the GI of corn flour is 70, so I tensed. In fact, I really like the cornmeal dishes. At one time, I really practiced baking with it, but someone told me that it is also not very useful for diabetics. And if we really replace wheat flour, then with flaxseed or buckwheat, which I hate. I was upset and decided to exclude baking altogether.
Corn flour and corn semolina have different GIs, according to sources
Quote: ruta129
Have corn flour and corn semolina
Isn't that the same thing?
I went to study the materiel
Thank you
Flour is flour ... and semolina is small cereal ... apparently due to the larger fraction, GI decreases (can it take longer to digest?)
That you bent the wrong way with GI and calorie content, especially when there is so much honey in bread
For complacency, boldly underestimated the indicators or what?
Well, then, do not mislead our losing weight, they have a great experience, right now they will bring criticism and spread the calorie content on the shelves

It is advisable to check the calculations once again, how useful such bread is for diabetics
Diabetics do not eat honey-sugar, they switch to stevia more
A tablespoon of sugar is processed by yeast and diabetics are not afraid. But flour should only be whole grain. This is undeniable. GI lowers grated zucchini, in my opinion, there was such a recipe here.
$ vetLana
Is wheat flour, honey (?), Corn flour (in any form) suitable for diabetics? In my opinion, no. If I'm wrong, correct it.
Admin, I agree that honey is too much. But .. it tastes ... and then in what quantities to consume this bread ... With the calculations of the GI - so far I have found only such information. I would be grateful if you could provide a link to an authoritative source of GI calculations. Least of all I would like to mislead anyone, I apologize if I involuntarily got such a result, which turned out to be erroneous. Am I really wrong? I would like to sort out my mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future. Thank you!
Honey is much healthier for diabetics than sugar. Is not it? Or how many people, so many opinions?
Stevia and steviazide are perceived by my body with hostility, alas ... I can't get used to it, although I still try to use this sugar substitute from time to time for several years now.
Calorie content will be counted.

Elina, thanks, look for recipes with zucchini.

$ vetLana, diabetics are allowed any food in reasonable doses, and wheat bread too. Of course, it's an undeniable fact that whole grain flour is better. But not always and not everyone can get it. So what? Shop bread to buy? I have determined for myself which evil is less.
Quote: ruta129

$ vetLana, diabetics are allowed any food in reasonable doses, and wheat bread too. Of course, it's an undeniable fact that whole grain flour is better. But not always and not everyone can get it. So what? Shop bread to buy? I have determined for myself which evil is less.

Absolutely not! I speak like a person who has lived with a diabetic (mother) for 20 years. And honey is one of those products that diabetics cannot categorically. As well as wheat and corn flour. There is also a whole list of such products. Do not mislead people!

My mother began to experience irreversible deterioration, leading to death within a year, it is because of this that "any food is allowed in reasonable doses", she began to eat everything she wanted in reasonable doses, and I was no longer there to fix her brains ... The result is a mound in the cemetery That is why I am so categorical !! I don’t want anyone else to be drawn to such conclusions.

$ vetLana
Kara, Thank you for the clarification. So I am right.
ruta129maybe it was not worth giving the name Diabetic bread? GI - high, not for diabetics.
Durum wheat flour should be. (So, Kara, ?)
Kara, I never want to mislead anyone. From personal experience: my mother was a diabetic with more than 20 years of experience, I myself am a diabetic with more than 10 years of experience, my sister, aunt and some other relatives are also diabetics with experience. And about the fact that honey is allowed to diabetics, like other products in REASONABLE quantities - not I came up with, but endocrinologists (all my relatives have different endocrinologists). Or are all endocrinologists lying, and the opinion of the forum participants is more authoritative? I do not urge anyone to eat honey in kilograms or even tablespoons. In my recipe, 67 g of honey is two tablespoons. I already wrote in the first answer that you can put less honey and salt.

Added on Friday 10 Feb 2017 08:16 PM

$ vetLana, maybe you are right, and it was not worth giving such a name to bread. For me, this is the first experience of posting a recipe on a forum, which I consider successful for myself, because I want to eat bread with taste and pleasure, and not a tasteless mishmash.

Thank you all for your feedback!

Just don't throw your slippers at me, please, I'm starting to hurt
Nobody throws slippers. Perhaps your recipe is more dietary than standard white bread recipes. But he's never "diabetic." Therefore, I sincerely advise you to change the name. It is better not to use such "medical" names at all, especially if you are not a specialized doctor in this field by profession.

My mother also believed that banana and watermelon are "fruit, it's not sugar in its pure form, so you can." Organisms of different people, especially those suffering from various diseases, react differently to food, medicine, living conditions, etc. And only the attending physician can decide what a particular person can and cannot, based on his particular disease! And nobody else!

Quote: ruta129
Whole grain flour is best. But not always and not everyone can get it. So what? Shop bread to buy?
You can add bran.
$ vetLana
Quote: ruta129
Just don't throw your slippers at me
Ruta129, never, only support!
As for the doctors, I am somehow not sure that they are ALWAYS right.

In my opinion, sometimes they carry nonsense.
If there are no patients, who will they treat?

Quote: Kara
only the attending physician can decide what a particular person can and cannot, based on his characteristics of the disease! And nobody else!

I envy your optimism with white envy!

Thanks for the tip, changed the name to "Diet Mix"

Just in case, if you wish, look at the list of products in the "Diabetes 2000" program

- a program for insulin-dependent diabetics - there are sooo many "forbidden" products. The main thing is to make the right diet. The attending physicians, as a rule, do not deal with such issues, but suggest keeping a food diary and compiling rations on their own. They are, by and large, purple what patients eat. (from my own practice of communicating with doctors)

Posted on Friday 10 Feb 2017 9:08 pm

Elina, of course, you can, I add bran to wheat, rye, and mixed bread, but this somewhat changes the taste and structure of the bread - and this is a different recipe.
Quote: ruta129
I would be grateful if you would give a link to an authoritative source of calculations

Our site has a section Alexandra (recipes and secrets of healthy eating)

Alexandra faced the problems of type 2 diabetes, she has something useful to take on this subject - I recommend
Simply, advice should be given extremely carefully, especially with such serious diseases.
Sometimes people, out of despair, listen to everything in a row, only to be cured, but it turns out ... nothing turns out, as it were, no worse

Quote: ruta129

I envy your optimism with white envy!

Don't envy me, I buried my mother 7 years ago.

Quote: ruta129

program for insulin-dependent diabetics - there are sooo many "prohibited" products.

There are also non-insulin-dependent diabetics, and they did not switch to injections exactly until the moment they observe the dietary regimen with a doctor (and there are actually knowledgeable and competent doctors, one size fits all) or without him

I wish you health, a sober view of reality and a delicious table.
I post the calorie calculation I made on a well-known site dedicated to dietary nutrition

Diet Mix Bread

For a loaf of bread (in the recipe I have given) - 710 gr. accounts for approximately 1843 kcal. Per 100 g serving - 260 kcal

The plate contains a rationale why dietary bread is preferable to wheat.

Nutritional value per 100 g
Kcal B W U GI GN

Wheat 213.60 7.60 0.90 46.70 85.00 39.70
Diet 260.00 7.20 3.80 49.00 55.00 26.95

GI - glycemic index
GN - glycemic load

The lower the GN indicator (and it can be reduced in the recipe even further by reducing the amount of honey, for example), the more useful the product is for a diabetic.

Posted on Friday 10 Feb 2017 10:46 pm

Kara, I meant your statements about doctors that only they know what the patient needs. I really sympathize with you, I had the same trouble a little earlier ...
You can completely remove honey from the recipe. Why is he there?
Kara, I do not insist that you bake bread with honey.
I think that if honey is completely removed from this recipe, then this bread will lose its aroma, taste and its structure will deteriorate ...
I will bake with honey.

I bake all the breads with honey.
For example, Darnitsky from Fugasca ...
mamusi, please write what happens. I would like to know your opinion. Everyone has different tastes, I admit that my taste may turn out to be somewhat "distorted", since I try not to use sugar in its pure form at all and in dishes too.

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