Lamb with fried potatoes in a cauldron

Category: Meat dishes
Kitchen: Russian
Lamb with fried potatoes in a cauldron


Mutton 1 kg
Potatoes 1 kg
Vegetable oil 70 g
Bulb onions 5 goals
Spices and condiments taste

Cooking method

  • Lamb with fried potatoes. What could be simpler and ... delicious, besides.
  • It means that the potatoes have grown. Look what .... That is, not that she grew up, but simply, let's say, the first young woman appeared.
  • Not yesterday, of course, it was, but only now the hands have reached to tell. We will not clean it. Just wash it thoroughly.
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  • And the bow too. And what kind of potatoes ... without onions? So they picked the onion (or plucked it?), Peeled, chopped - chopped.
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  • Lamb. The freshest was not found. We got it out of the freezer. Thawed it, of course. Washed and sliced.
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  • And then, as usual, vegetable oil in the cauldron with mold. Heat it a little and put the onion there.
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  • And then, stirring constantly, so as not to burn, make it transparent….
  • By the way, we keep the fire strong. To keep you warm.
  • And the meat there! Stirring, fry the meat until crusty.
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  • We try to make it happen quickly. Let the crust remain juicy. It should be like this.
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  • If there is any broth in the house, well, except for fish, of course, then you need to throw it into the cauldron. That's how much. And if there is no broth, then the water will do.
  • We add, then.
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  • And as soon as it starts bubbling in a cauldron, then we send potatoes there.
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  • We keep the fire on average, or slightly more, but gradually decreasing. As the liquid evaporates. And, not forgetting to stir, we continue ..., in general, at this moment, probably "stew".
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  • We fry until there is almost no liquid left.
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  • And so ... it turned out something like this.
  • Angela to you at the meal !!!
  • Yes, of course, salt, spices, seasonings, etc. - all this should be used exclusively in accordance with your tastes and preferences.
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The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Wow, what a dish: bravo: we love that. I take it for bookmarks, in the spring at the dacha in a cauldron I will definitely cook
Ivanych, well, where did you learn to write like that ??? More precisely, a story to tell? Didn't they instill such a syllable at school? You read like water good cognac you drink!

And what kind of onion is there on the "final" plate? We respect onion for meat. I looked and looked, and did not understand what kind of fur coat he had.

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