Chicken thighs in pumpkin

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Chicken thighs in pumpkin


raw pumpkin 3 pcs. 1 kilogram
chicken thighs 4 pieces
turnip onion 2 pieces
big carrots 1 piece
pumpkin pulp 200 grams
butter 3 * 20 grams
walnuts handful
vegetable oil for frying
bell pepper sweet 1 large
ground black pepper taste
chicken spice mix taste
salt taste

Cooking method

  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinWash and dry chicken thighs.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinTake out the bone.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinCut the thigh meat into large pieces.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinPeel, wash and cut the onion into half rings.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinPeel, wash and cut the carrots into half rings.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinChop the pepper coarsely. I cut with diamonds.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinCoarsely chop the pumpkin pulp. I used the pulp of another pumpkin.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinCoarsely chop the nuts.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinLightly fry the meat in vegetable oil. Remove from the pan.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinIn this fat, lightly fry the onions and carrots.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinAdd pepper and lightly fry too.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinAdd pumpkin to vegetables. Stir and lightly fry everything.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinPut fried thighs with vegetables. Mix.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinSalt and pepper the meat with vegetables, add chicken spices and add nuts. Mix everything.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkin
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinCut off the cap of the pumpkin. Remove the seeds, wash.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinFill pumpkin thighs with vegetables.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinPlace a piece of butter on top.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkinCover with a cut cap. Put in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 45-50 minutes.
  • We take out and serve as an independent dish or with a side dish.
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkin
  • Chicken thighs in pumpkin
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones)


Smart, festive, tasty) I recommend!

Yes, walnuts are very appropriate here! Thanks for the interesting option! Now we need to find small pumpkins!
Quote: Rada-dms
Now we need to find small pumpkins!
Isn't this Hokaido by chance, pumpkin?
What a beauty!!!
Angela, what a beautiful pumpkin!
Quote: gawala
Isn't this Hokaido by chance, pumpkin?
Yes, what kind is it? Is she sweet?
Girls, Help yourself! It's nice that the recipe interests me. What kind of pumpkin? I do not know. I bought it in Kharkov from Koreans or Chinese. I have never seen such small ones. It tastes ordinary. It could be sweeter.
Angela, you’re a treasure trove of wonderful recipes! Tell me, you can use more pumpkin. I haven’t met such little ones for 100 years. I see that it is straight orange, sweet, probably. It will not be right at all if it is made in an ordinary large pumpkin? Again, you can push a lot at once
Straight hands to the pumpkins reached out, how delicious)
We have grown such, the variety was called Russian, the packaging said "portioned"
(The Russian woman is also large-fruited).
Hokkaido is like that too.
Kara, An4utka, Thank you)
Quote: Kara
but you can also use a larger pumpkin
Of course. You can take such a flattened one. Push in everything at once, and then, like pouring from the brazier. Only increase the baking time, I think. I look at the pear-shaped one. You can cut off a narrow part, which is completely pulp, and bake at the bottom.
lettohka ttt
ang-kay, Angela, beautiful, original, tasty, and healthy! Thank you!!!
Angela, thanks for the recipe! As always, the recipe is beautifully designed!
I have a small Shaspagne Pastila, I need to cook it according to your recipe!
Duc !!! This is it))) these seeds !! And the hat is one to one. Here with her I bake all the bread. I am glad that it is small !! Critical dish, respect
I also like to bake in a pumpkin, but somehow mostly fruit pilaf, a lot of dried apricots, raisins, carrots and the pumpkin itself. And the meat for the "side dish", you have to try it))) I have entikh Red kids like mud more pieces 10-12 lying around lies
Quote: Olechka.s
Yes, what kind is it? Is she sweet?
It is more for soups, you don't even need to peel it, everything is cooked perfectly and is soft ..
Zhannptica, Jeanne, the Pastila Champagne variety has a different skin color and it is sweet. And Angela writes that she is not very sweet. This is possibly a Russian woman or a Golden Pear, there is not enough sweetness in them. Similar to the Golden Pear in shape.
Khe-khe. Now I'll tell you ... Angela, your imagination is limitless, it knows no limits, and I never tire of admiring your culinary masterpieces. It is a matter of great respect that you take on any recipes, even technically incredibly complex ones. You are my culinary idol, you are my lighthouse, you are my guiding star in the world of culinary. What are the Jamie Olivers! You're the best! And the photo for the recipes? They are very beautiful and just perfect.

Do you want to publish a book? I would call it: "It's not difficult to cook tasty". No, I understand that some of the recipes are not original, but who and when was it stopped? Moreover, you make your own changes. And a youtube channel could blow up the internet. We should develop it.

And I go to the store, look at these pumpkins and think, what could I do with them? They are very beautiful in themselves. I would buy a lot of them and just put them in the kitchen. I'm only afraid that they will deteriorate. Now I know why I need them.
Angela, soul delight !!! However, like everything and always with you! I have not visited the forum for a very long time, today I looked and was stunned ... How many new recipes you have! Everything is very tasty and unrealistically beautiful! I wish you victory in the competition!
lettohka ttt, marika33, Zhannptica, mirtatvik, girls, thanks. So nice. Cook with love and pleasure).
Tatyana, thanks for the wish. I'm really trying)
Bridge, Natasha, moved to the depths of my soul, to tears! I can't even express it in words. Such kind words addressed to me are said that I did not deserve it. But it's very nice.

With our present life, there is no time for dreams. To survive, and nothing more. Nobody is interested in this, I think. And you can hardly find a sponsor (((

Without postponing things on the back burner, I hasten to report.
I decided to give the whole dish a kind of Maghreb flavor, so I added a little couscous to the filling, just a little, less than 25 ml of dry. Also, in addition to walnuts, I added pumpkin seeds. And instead of pieces of pumpkin, soaked dried apricots. I love the combination of chicken with dried apricots. And sprinkled everything with cinnamon seasoning. Dear ones, it turned out so delicious! Eat your mind, lick all the spoons. The aroma is breathtaking, the view is stunning. Such a dish will decorate any festive table.
True, when the pumpkins were ready, the question arose of how to eat them. Mom and I decided to eat one for two, so I just cut it in half. And even though my mother said that she would not eat so much, she ate as cute. And licked her fingers.
I have some filling left. Cold is an excellent tabbouleh. You just need to sprinkle it with a little lemon juice. However, you don't need to splash.
Now I'm anxiously waiting for my husband to say. And a photo report. It's almost polar night now, it's dark, it's hard to get good lighting. Please do not judge strictly for the photo.

Chicken thighs in pumpkin

Natasha, wow! A beautiful new dish! What a fine fellow! Thanks for the experiment. There are more options on the site. Take a look. And you need to draw up your recipe. And don't mind.
Quote: Bridge
when the pumpkins were ready, the question arose, how to eat them. Mom and I decided to eat one for two, so I just cut it in half.
I did everything right. You could just put everything on the plates with a spoon, and cut the pumpkin and put it next to it)
Quote: Bridge
Now I'm anxiously waiting for my husband to say.
I hope that he will approve too, because it cannot be tasty)
Quote: Bridge
It's almost polar night now, it's dark, it's hard to get good lighting.
Natasha, I begin to suffer myself. It's dark and a bunch of lamps doesn't help much. The buzz was in the summer. Take it out into the yard in a proven place, put it in a proven position ... We'll wait for the summer
Angela, the husband was a little puzzled by the taste - could not understand what the dish was made of. I thought it was with pork. I didn’t tell about all the ingredients - I must be a mystery. But I said that it’s delicious, albeit unusual. By the way, he ate straight from the pumpkin, and scraped the whole pumpkin pulp. By the way, she turned out to be quite savory. And soaked in the juices of all the ingredients, it was delicious. Today the spouse took the pumpkin to work. So, I definitely liked it.
Angela, thanks again for the recipe. Directly opened my eyes to how you can cook a pumpkin.
Natasha, well, weird.
Quote: Bridge
tell about all the ingredients
Knows less, eats better.
I recently laughed. Went with my husband to the store. And he used to tell his acquaintances something about bread that I bake and don't buy. I bake with leaven. They started asking me. He didn't let me open my mouth. He told everything himself again. I stand and only clap my eyes and laugh. Here. No mystery
Angela, and I, with a report, cooked turkey legs in a pumpkin yesterday. It turned out very tasty, thank you for showing the recipe, looking at your beauty and you have to cook And I would not have been honored, I cooked a pumpkin like that for the first time. My husband really liked it.
The pumpkin I had was not a big Pastila Champagne, I cut it, and it turned out to be pale, not ripe. I had to take the Pearl and put it on the "priest", because I no longer have a round one. And on top I covered the lid from the pan. The meat turned out to be tender, tasty, nuts here give a unique, refined taste to the dish. They put the pumpkin right on the table and put it out of it, like from a pot. It baked and turned out to be glossy, I believe that guests can be surprised with such beauty.
As always, your recipe is delicious and beautiful! Thank you!
Chicken thighs in pumpkin
ps dark in the photo, it's so baked, but not burnt.
Marina, you've got a beautiful pumpkin! I have no doubt that it is delicious. Glad I did. Thank you for your trust and excellent report)
ABOUT! I have such a pumpkin and recently I baked a breast with vegetables, mushrooms and rice in it. But one pumpkin remained, this is where your recipe comes in handy. I need to remember the variety, I have grown 3 pieces, portioned about 1 kg, bright orange.
Chicken thighs in pumpkin
Irinahow great it will be if you like it)

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