A la Prunes in an electric dryer

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A la Prunes in an electric dryer


Plum Hungarian (Ugorka) 3-4kg

Cooking method

  • electric dryer Ezidri Snackmaker FD500
  • wooden skewer for removing bones or sushi stick (pointed)
  • hot and cold water
  • baking soda, sieve
  • I dedicate my first prepared recipe to all my friends from Tea Gazebo, led by her mistress lappl1 Lyudochka!!
  • On our unique site there are many very interesting recipes for cooking fruits and vegetables in electric dryers. I have been using them for several years. I dry, I dry a lot and with pleasure. Today I decided to share my recipe for drying Vengerka (Ugorka) plums.
  • For the preparation of plums "a la Prunes" it is better to take a ripe but dense Hungarian, moreover, small. A large one is possible, but then be prepared for a long, long drying))
  • My plum. Take two pots (or large bowls). Pour cold water into one and set aside for now.
  • Pour water into the second, put it on the stove and bring it almost to a boil (t 85-90C).
  • Add soda (just a little bit, for 2 liters of water, a teaspoon of soda without a slide is enough). This will soften the skin of the plum and speed up the drying process later.
  • Put the plum in a sieve in small batches and put it in a soda solution for literally 1 minute, then send it into cold water. This is how we stop the cooking process.
  • A la Prunes in an electric dryer
  • After that, dry the plum on a large towel or sheet.
  • A slight white coating may appear on the plum. It can be left on or can be wiped off with a towel before styling.
  • Pour on the trays of the electric dryer and turn on the High mode (60 degrees) and forget for 7-8 hours. If you have a different brand of electric dryer, I advise you to periodically change the trays in places (in Ezidri this is not required).
  • I use a shallow plum, but if it still "lifts" the tray and a small gap forms, just put the load and remove it after an hour or two. During this time, the plum will become softer.
  • A la Prunes in an electric dryer
  • After the specified time has elapsed, turn off the dryer and let the drain cool completely.
  • Now we need a wooden long skewer or a sushi stick (only pointed on one side).
  • Holding the plum in the palm of your hand, insert a skewer into its base and push out the bone. It should already be well removed. If not, turn on the dryer for a few more hours, then repeat.
  • After all the bones are removed, it remains only to dry the plum.
  • A la Prunes in an electric dryer
  • I recommend turning off the dryer after running it for 7-10 hours and letting the drain cool completely, and then continue.
  • A properly blanched plum is almost black in color. Sometimes it can remain dark brown (which does not affect its taste at all).
  • Ready-made a la Prunes do not release juice when pressed. Even if you dry it out, it's okay. Just when preparing your favorite dish with it, soak it in warm water, well, or in alcohol, if the recipe requires it.
  • The finished plum is stored in glass containers under a lid in a cool place outside the refrigerator.
  • To prevent mold from forming during storage, it is important to thoroughly dry the plum during the process.
  • I don't think it's worth listing recipes for preparing dishes with prunes, you are all experienced hostesses and you yourself know many interesting ones.
  • A la Prunes in an electric dryer

The dish is designed for

5 trays

Time for preparing:

depending on the size of the plum, drying can take from 2 to 3 days with interruptions

Cooking program:

High mode (60 degrees).


For this recipe, it is the Hungarian (Ugorka) variety that is suitable. Since her skin is dense, in the process it practically does not burst (only 3 things have cracked for me).

Tanya, with the initiative, what a fine fellow, she brought and showed such cream.
I won't do it myself, but I will try here Thanks,Tatyana!
Gaby, Vikusya, Lightthank you for stopping by here
Tatka1, Tanyusha, thank you for sharing your drying method !!!
alba et atra
Dried prunes!
We love this!
Thank you, Tanyusha!
I will definitely try your way!
GuGu, Natasha, alba et atra, Helen, thank you!)
Tancha! Beauty and deliciousness! If I come to visit, will you treat me with prunes? Then hide a little for me!
With the first recipe! Well done!
Tatka1, Tanya, congratulations on the first recipe !!!!!!
Guzelka, I always have this good for you and the girls))) Thank you, my dear! 🌹
Zena, Zhenya, thanks! 🌹
Elena Kadiewa
Well, the question is, did you have to sit in the bushes for so long and hide such recipes from us?
Well done, Tanyusha! With a start!
Elena Kadiewa, Lenus, I like to learn from all of you, I get such a high from this))) But some (very conscious and already beloved personalities) "pressed"
Thank you for stopping by!
Tatka1, Tanya with the first recipe!
Continue to delight us with the necessary and tasty recipes!
Guzelka will taste an outlandish berry from you and tell us!
Anatolyevna, thanks, Tonya! I follow you all!))
Tatka1, Tanechka, well done for filling out the recipe. This year there is no plum, but next year I will try to make it according to your recipe.
francevna, and we, Allochka, this year her sea!))) I made it whole, and in halves, and dried it)))
Thank you honey for stopping by!
lana light
This year I have collected two large buckets of prunes from young plums! All went to drying, half just dried (I will cook compotes on demand), and half first boiled in syrup, and then dried. Outwardly, how did yours turn out one to one! Before drying in soda solution, it was not blanched and dried at a time, without interruption. Just dried - I cut the halves 3-4 times along - dried for about a day for a medium in Isidri, from syrup - just in halves - almost a day and a half in the same mode
Tatka1, with the debut on HP you, dear! Thank you, Tanechka, for the recipe and for the dedication! It was very pleasant to read it.
Great recipe. So everything is clear and wrote in detail that even without a photo I presented how to do everything. But don't be relaxed. First, next year you can add step-by-step photos (ask the Chief about the opportunity to edit the recipe, he gives such an opportunity). And secondly, we are waiting for other recipes, for example, your awesome bread. Well, and other goodies. You are smart, you can learn a lot from you.
It’s a pity that we have not had plums for a long time - in July it was all over. Eh, and I just dried the plum. Dried a lot. Tasty, but my technology was the most common - I just dried it and that's it - in halves ... By the way, black plum looks like a prune in halves to me. White also turned out to be dark, but not black. So I'll leave your recipe bookmarked for now. I will definitely do it next year.
lana light, boiled in syrup is already dried and it is not necessary to blanch with soda, since it will all the same boil. I agree to taste, of course, very cool. Only jerky for meat dishes with prunes is not suitable.I really respect prunes with potatoes
Take another look Dessert prunes our Admin-Tanyusha, there is generally mortality. I prepared it so much)))

Added Sunday 25 September 2016 09:38 PM

lappl1, Lyudas, and we have it right now, in September, there is so much on the market. Small is just a penny.
Thank you, our dear! Get well and come quickly to your place of honor in the Gazebo!
Tanya, I will definitely try! I haven't dried it yet.
Yunna, you will not be disappointed, Natasha! Thank you for your trust!
Tatiana thank you so much for the recipe. I'll take it to my piggy bank until next year.
Tumanchik, thanks, Ira, I am pleased!
Tatka1, Tanyusha! Here's how you came up with your recipe in time .... Well, while I was lying down, I can say with a corpse, my plum is not dry ... And about half of the berries can be pitted. I think that tomorrow I will accomplish this feat !!! And I will have prunes with and without pits.
And I also blanched the berries in a soda solution.
And after all, not all of the plums have been harvested ....
ValyushkaHow glad I am that the recipe comes in handy!
For Christmas, I stuff prunes with nuts, dip them in melted chocolate and in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. What kind of "purchased" sweets are there))) They don't even stand nearby
Tatka1, I remember about your recipe from last year, I wandered around to look and be ready, the plum is singing, a lot of crumbled, but I hope it will remain for drying. Unsubscribe later, as I dry.
Thanks for the recipe!
marika33, Marisha, let's hope together!
Tanya, we have a late variety, I don't know which one, is it suitable for drying or not?
marika33, Marinochka, I only always did Ugorka (Hungarian), somehow I didn’t try another
Tanya, looked at the photo of Ugorka, we are similar, but not sure. I'll try anyway, it should work out.
Tanechka, girls, we need a collective mind ...

I have no idea what kind of plum I got, but the bone, even from overripe fruits, is simply separated from it. Oh, oh, how bad ...

The plum that I got in the hotel looks like this:

A la Prunes in an electric dryer

I wanted to put my drain on a la prunes , but I'm not sure what it will be possible to knock out the bones with a skewer ...

Girls, maybe someone has already had experience in making prunes from a similar plum, what do you think, to start or not?

Tatka1, Tanya, and if a prune is initially very difficult to take out a stone, this recipe will do?
Lilechka, so I'm interested in the same above ...
Quote: Krosh
Lilechka, so I'm interested in the same above

I, Innochka, will probably do it anyway.
Lily, I think after withering, the bone will begin to come off better and then you can take it out

Innochka, I somehow didn’t have to dry a variety other than Ugorka, so I can’t tell you so as not to let me down. Maybe you can knock on Admin-Tanya in a personal message? He has been with us for a long time in this Guru business.
Tatka1Thank you Tanechka, I'll try.
I wish you, Lilechka, good result and delicious
Quote: Tatka1
I wish you, Lilechka, a good result and delicious

Quote: Krosh
Girls, maybe someone already had the experience of making prunes from a similar plum, what do you say, start or not

Now I will cook the plum the only way

A la Prunes in an electric dryerHungarian plum, natural, in its own juice (oven)

It doesn't matter if she is Hungarian or not. Put on a deep baking sheet with the bones, add sugar and into the oven.
Plum turns out to be delicious

And don't worry about bones if they can't be removed.

And it turns out so tasty too

A la Prunes in an electric dryerOven-baked plum with salt and pepper
Admin, Tanya, the recipes are gorgeous And your dried in the oven I now like more than tomatoes
My plum is completely different at the exit, it is solid after drying, then I stuff it with a nut and make sweets in chocolate.
A friend soaks in alcohol and whipped cream ...

Tanyusha, you have excellent recipes - I will remember There is a box of huge plums
Quote: Tatka1
We take two pots ...

This will soften the skin of the plum and speed up the drying process later.

Tatulechka, I understand correctly, this procedure can be omitted, but will it take longer to dry?

Or no ?

It's so lazy to bother with saucepans, I agree to a longer drying time, if ...
Crochet, Innochka, in no case miss this moment
It is necessary and important !!! With all fruits with a dense skin, be sure to do this!
Got it !!!

I will do everything as written !!!

And I wilted tomatoes with a dense skin right alive (without any preliminary heat treatment) in halves, by the way, they turned out superbly !!!

PATAMUSTA tomatoes are not cherries, grapes and plums
Quote: Krosh
And I am a tomato with a dense skin, right alive
Innochka, what kind of cream did you take?
I agree here, they (tomatoes) are definitely not them (cherries, grapes and plums) ...

Olenka, yeah, exactly "cream" ...

Quote: Tatka1
I recommend turning off the dryer after operating it for 7-10 hours and letting the drain cool completely

Tattoo, and how long did you let the dryer cool down, do you remember?

I'm still dry, some of the prunes are ready, and for others, how far to do it ...
Crochet, Innochka, hour 2
I also dried unevenly. And other dried things too (cherries, cherries, raisins, etc.). Those that suit, take off, dry the rest. Drying time is highly dependent on room temperature and humidity. If it's damp outside, it's a long time. The other day, the basil was dried for almost two days
Drying everything is not fast
Taste for readiness after cool.
If there are very few of those that have not dried up, transfer them in one layer to something, cover with gauze and dry them in a warm place.
I usually finished drying on the heating boiler when it was already turned on.
I dry sourdough for bread, for example.
Girls, can someone help identify the plum variety - in the photo?
The plum is large, round, and sweet.
A la Prunes in an electric dryer
I tried, as described in the recipe, to dip the plum in water with soda - instantly the skin slides off (
And the entire plum on the isidri tray does not fit in height - that is, the recipe does not suit me? (

Did everyone have hemorrhoids with a bone or is it my crooked hands?
Please tell me the recipe where there is no such torment with bones

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