Bread with spices and tea

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Bread with spices and tea


Wheat flour 2 cups
Wheat flour of coarse grinding
(you can flour with bran)
1 cup
Warm black tea
(tea with bergamot gives a very pleasant taste)
1 cup
Salt 1/2 tsp
Honey 1 tbsp. l.
(can be replaced with olive)
2 tbsp. l.
Dry yeast 1 tsp
Lightly beaten egg 1 PC.
(can be replaced with kvass wort concentrate)
2 tbsp. l.
A mixture of ground spices to taste
(oregano, cumin, coriander, etc.)
2 tsp
Dispenser - dark raisins 75 g

Cooking method

  • We put on the Basic program with raisins. If the stove is not provided, then add the raisins manually after the signal.


It turns out a pleasant dark creamy bread. Its delicious with butter for breakfast, for example.

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I baked bread today according to this recipe. I baked it with my changes and adventures. I put it on a timer for the night, it was unhealthy in the evening and programmed the stove in a daze. I chose the mode, poking at everything - it ended with the fact that the "Pizza" mode was accidentally chosen and the blades had time to spin well before I realized what was happening and turned off the stove. In thought, she looked for a long time at the mixed components, at the drowned liquid. There was nowhere to retreat - I set the timer anyway and warned everyone not to wait for bread in the morning.
In the morning I was in for a surprise like this:
Bread with spices and tea
Bread with spices and tea
I was very surprised that the bread turned out almost to the edge of the bucket when actually loaded at size M. The loaf is very airy, straight lace. She didn't put the raisins in the dispenser, although she cooked it. I thought that nothing would work and there was no point in translating an extra product.
Here are my proportions in grams:
yeast 1 tsp
wheat bran 20gr.
wheat flour 430 gr.
salt 1.5 tsp
egg 1 pc.
warm tea with bergamot 240 ml. for 2 sachets
molasses 2 tbsp. l.
buckwheat honey 1 tbsp. l.
olive oil 2 tbsp l.
coriander 2 tsp
raisins 75 gr.
The total volume of liquid was 300 ml. If you add raisins to such an amount of liquid, then only dry. If the raisins are wet, you must definitely reduce the liquid. I don't know what will happen with raisins, I'll try to do it next time.
The bread is delicious, but nothing unusual. Next time I will definitely add raisins and spices.
Baked according to this recipe.
Really tall bread, dark cream crumb. It seemed to me a little damp (maybe because of the raisins).
For me, this bread is not very suitable for me: it is too sweet, but at the same time uncomfortable, such a half-and-half, and somehow I like salted bread and sweet bars more. But others like it - they eat.

Thanks for the recipe! Simple, affordable, unusual.
Zubastik, krasatul no words Not always our mistakes are the path to defeat Maybe it should be on the timer, after PIZZA
So I think why is he so high - maybe you really need a timer after the pizza!
But seriously, I still don’t understand why the roof doesn’t fall from so much liquid and the bread is so lush. Yeast is only 1 tsp !!!
By the way, it is not at all sweet without raisins - such a simple bread for any dish.

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