Zucchini pancakes with meat

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Zucchini pancakes with meat


squash 750 grams
egg 1 piece
flour 4-5 st. spoons
any minced meat 200 grams
turnip onion 1 piece
garlic 1-2 teeth
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Zucchini pancakes with meat Grate the zucchini on a medium grater. Season with salt, stir and leave for a few minutes. Squeeze out. Season with pepper, egg and flour. The mass should not be dry, but not liquid either.
  • Rub onion and garlic into minced meat.
  • Add pepper and salt. Mix.
  • Zucchini pancakes with meat Put a spoonful of courgette mass in a frying pan. Make minced meat cakes with wet hands and put them on a squash cake.
  • Zucchini pancakes with meat Put another spoonful of mass on top and smooth.
  • Fry on less than medium heat on both sides until golden brown.
  • Remove and place on a tissue to remove excess fat.
  • We serve warm, but tasty and cold.
  • Zucchini pancakes with meat
  • Zucchini pancakes with meat
  • Enjoy)

The dish is designed for

10 pieces


Delicious. It is better to take minced meat fat. Recommend!

Angela, thanks for the recipe! Very timely. I don't know where to put the zucchini. I make pancakes, but somehow I didn't know how to define the minced meat.
Delicious, thank you, took it in!
So, the last time there were pancakes ... when I had pancakes, and the recipes were practically next to each other And now ... I thought of oven pancakes for zucchini, and they are already standing here I'll wait until tomorrow ...

Angela, a good, unusual recipe for pancakes
Delicious should be with meat ...
What a great idea!
Angela, Thank you so much! I also often make pancakes from zucchini, but my husband sweeps them away so quickly that I have to put some meat next to me for satiety.
And here everything is right together!
Thank you so much,Angela!
Great recipe, Angela! We'll do it, I've been missing out on zucchini!
Angela, thanks! Delicious and satisfying.
Angela, thanks for the tasty treat! went to do)))

Angela, thanks for the delicious and not overwhelming recipe. We will try.
Girls, thank you all for your interest. Hope you have it. Everything is simple to disgrace, but delicious.
Angela, thanks for the delicious recipe. So I think how can I "fatten" the minced meat, there is a chicken breast. Can butter grind with breast?
Taya, I had lean pork. Also very tasty. You don't need to "fatten" anything on purpose. All the same, it is soaked in squash juice. Just like the advice I wrote.
I beg your pardon, it is somewhat doubtful that the minced pork will have time to fry inside, did you stew it under the lid?
alina, no, did not put out. Minced meat there is a thin flat cake. Therefore, I wrote that frying on a fire below average does not work out quickly.
ang-kayokay let's try
alinaokay try
I made them, or rather cooked them. With chicken breast. Very tasty and fast. Thank you
Tanya, to health. Hope you cook it more than once.
And I cooked it with chicken breast. I was afraid that the breast would be dry, but the meat in the middle turned out to be juicy and tasty.
But it is necessary to fry the pancakes under the lid after the coup, otherwise they would not be fried with me.
Thanks for the recipe.
Taya, then the fire was too big or the layer of meat was thick. Moreover, the chicken cooks very quickly. As if they did not "float" under the lid.
I'm glad that in general everything worked out and I liked it. Thanks for the report)
No, the meat was cooked, but the zucchini was a little hard. I put little meat, but the pancake itself turned out to be thick because of the layers.
I just couldn't get used to it. But nothing, we will still train.
ABOUT.and I thought there was a problem with meat. But you still need to do less fire and put less zucchini mass. Get used to it)
Angela, here again I do not get tired of praising you. Well, it would seem, zucchini pancakes. What could be easier. And I drew attention to them not even because of the meat "hot". Who doesn't know how to make squash pancakes? Yes, everyone probably knows how, including myself ... But they don't eat them from me ... They're boring ... It's been three years since I haven't done them at all.

And here...

Quote: ang-kay
Rub onion and garlic into minced meat.

I was amazed. Why, why didn't I think of this myself ???

And how delicious! Complements, sets off, catches up or whatever else you can say ... in addition to the taste of zucchini! Fine. I will, I will do more and mine liked it, which is the most important thing.

But grate the onion bliiiiin ... of course I sobbed

Thank you and continue to amaze-amaze with simple, but so delicious recipes

Zucchini pancakes with meat

As I said, no minced meat inside, but ooooooo tasteful!
Svetik, thanks. It's so nice to receive such a beautiful report and such kind words) Your fritters are handsome. Glad that your fussy was satisfied. And you too, as I understand it.

Do you think your grater is average?

But you yourself supplemented the pancakes with onions and garlic. It went into the minced meat.But, of course, this also sets off the product)
great recipe! well just kiss you! super!!!!
Quote: ang-kay
But you yourself supplemented the pancakes with onions and garlic. It went into the minced meat.But, of course, this also sets off the product)

Well, Angel, a lot of culinary masterpieces were born due to the absent-mindedness of the hostesses (tart tatin or cookies with chocolate chips, for example) And I improved the squash pancakes
Quote: Tumanchik
well just
Tumanchik, use it, to your health. Straight squash pancakes)
Quote: Svetlenki
And I have improved zucchini pancakes
Angela, my dear girl, very tasty! Everything, as taught, even at the output of 10 pieces. I put my husband five, he sighed: I can't eat so much ... I ate and did not flinch
Thank you, my dear

Zucchini pancakes with meat
Tanyushka, feast for the eyes, your squash pancakes! Wow. How nice it is to receive such reports. Thank you)
Tanya, is everything fried, baked? Did you cover it with a lid?
Hello to my husband. Let him eat for health)
Quote: ang-kay
Tanya, is everything fried, baked? Did you cover it with a lid?
No, Angela, didn’t cover and everything was fried. I think you have to guess with fire. Exactly as for potato pancakes) I laid out the base, I have just five pieces in my pan. While rolling the balls, the base was fried, then she laid out the flattened balls) she smeared less dough on top. And fried on the bottom until the dough began to hold its shape well. For me, this is one of the indicators that the bottom is ready. Well, then she turned it over. And yet, you can't spare the oil))
Everyone is like me. I laid it out, laid it out, and stretched it on top. Fire is below average. Thank you)
Delicious! Thank you! Directly helped out

Dokhtur told my teenage daughter to eat meat and fish regularly. It stretches like a spring shoot, a squirrel is needed. And she is all fair and white. Either she doesn't want to, then she has a diet, it's not all thank God. I don't have the strength to do it. And here I say - zucchini pancakes. And so it went well. And I'm glad

I will do it. And about frying ... I fried them sharply, until they set. And then I brought it in the oven (I cook meat pancakes like that). It turned out softly, but with a crust. And it was baked great.
Thank you!
Irina, good health to you and your daughter.
Quote: IvaNova
I fried them sharply, until they set. And then in the oven "brought"
It is also an option)
Thank you very tasty and satisfying.
Grifanya, to health)
Thanks, too, from the table only. fried very tasty but ready-made for some reason do not keep their shape. spread out
Svetlana, it means a lot of liquid remains, therefore they are creeping)
Was it better to squeeze zucchini?
Angela, do not say "sho for sandals and why did she bring them here" This recipe of yours inspired me to experiment and I made ordinary pancakes with hot meat. When there are a lot of men and they always want to have something to eat, you need to act very quickly - and this option is just that

The dough started a little thicker than usual. The first ones were quite huge, well, by the end, with the skill, they began to get more or less reasonable pancakes.

Zucchini pancakes with meat

Zucchini pancakes with meat

Thank you for the inspiration
Sveta, you know that I will never say that. I'm glad to inspire you to experiment. Critical pancakes, well done))))
Angela, thank you very much for the recipe! Focusing on your proportions of the dough, I baked pancakes, but without meat it turned out very tasty! Made from yellow sweet zucchini, rubbed thin straws on a berner.
The recipe flashed in the tape, immediately remembered how tasty it was and cooked it, since all the products were there. Angela, delicious! Thank you dear! At the same time I tried a spiral cutter and a spoon for the sauce The spiral on the cucumber turned out, but with the sauce bad luck Doesn't want sour cream to go to bed I think sour cream lacks viscosity

Zucchini pancakes with meat
Nata, Tatyana, I'm glad I liked the pancakes.
Quote: celfh
immediately remembered how delicious it was and cooked
Tanya, they are so beautiful! Plain, ruddy. It's very nice that you repeat.
Quote: celfh
tried a spiral cutter and a sauce spoon
The cucumber lay down beautifully. And what kind of spoon with a petal-shaped spout?
Quote: ang-kay
It's very nice that you repeat.
And what is delicious not to repeat
Quote: ang-kay
And what kind of spoon with a petal-shaped spout?
Yes, but I'm such a great pastry chef The spoon was bought for the occasion in a fixed price for three kopecks I don't really need it, so ... to indulge
I also have it, but not very good at it. You need skill, of course)
After pushing up 1,230 kg. (peeled, no core) zucchini left 277 gr.

Angela, this is probably not enough even for one portion)?

I'm at a loss to guess, grate another zucchini?

Rub, of course. Looks like a lot of cores and squeezed out conscientiously. I always have young zucchini. Therefore, the core is present)

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