Fermented tea "Mojito" from mint leaves, grapes and cherries

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Fermented tea Mojito from mint leaves, grapes and cherries


Grape leaves 70 %
Mint leaves 20 %
Cherry leaves 10 %

Cooking method

  • Hello dear tea lovers! I am showing you my first recipe.
  • We discussed the peculiarities of tea made from grape leaves on the forum, and it came to my mind to compare its taste with lemon. And then mint surfaced in the conversation ... And the association with the well-known mojito was clearly asked for! And so a new tea recipe was born. Please welcome!
  • Mojito tea
  • For making tea, I took leaves in an approximate proportion, in which grape leaves became the basis, mint gives the main aroma, and cherries - an additional one. My grape leaf is made from ordinary wine grapes, which we call "shredded". When fermented, it smells like grape juice. Mint is a mixture of different types.
  • All leaves were wilted separately in a "diaper".
  • Fermented tea Mojito from mint leaves, grapes and cherries
  • Fermented tea Mojito from mint leaves, grapes and cherries
  • Then I poured everything together and tried to mix as evenly as possible.
  • Fermented tea Mojito from mint leaves, grapes and cherries
  • She twisted the leaf mass in a meat grinder. She took the leaves so that grapes, cherries, and mint were in the handful. So they mixed more evenly.
  • Fermented tea Mojito from mint leaves, grapes and cherries
  • Although all the same, after the first twisting, the granules turned out to be loose, twisted a second time. Therefore, the mass was mixed even better.
  • Fermented tea Mojito from mint leaves, grapes and cherries
  • As a result, about 1 kg was spent on fermentation. granules.
  • Fermented as usual: in an enamel bowl, with a layer of 10-12 cm, a little over 5 hours. The smell was gorgeous! Mint, cherries, and grapes were heard.
  • After fermentation, 2/3 of the mixture was sent to the dryer at an average value (less than 70 degrees).
  • Fermented tea Mojito from mint leaves, grapes and cherries
  • And I roasted 1/3 in the oven with a slot for 15 minutes at a temperature of 120 degrees.
  • I mixed the granules and sent them to dry in a pillowcase.
  • The tea turned out to be fragrant, with a pronounced sourness. Aromas of mint and grapes predominate, with cherries subtly in the background.
  • Help yourself!
  • Experiment, change the number of leaves in the composition - and you will get your own "Mojito", the taste and aroma of which will be selected individually, according to your preferences!

The dish is designed for

380 g

Time for preparing:

1-2 days

Cooking program:

meat grinder, oven, dryer

Lasto4ka, smart girl! So everything is detailed) Congratulations on your initiative! Why did you decide not to freeze?
Hurrah! You are my sun! Thank you very much for the beautiful recipe! I will do it, definitely!
Elena Kadiewa
A good student was caught!
Svetlana - congratulations!
Well, girls, well, you give. Thank you so much.
Svetlana, smart girl.
: girl_red: oh, embarrassed, girls ... Thank you for your support!

Added Thursday, Jul 21, 2016 2:05 PM

Tatka1, I didn't want unnecessary gestures, and my freezer is full. Well, the meat grinder, as I understand it, can cope without freezing.

Added Thursday, Jul 21, 2016 2:07 PM

elena kadiewa, thank you Lenochka!
These are good teachers! Hats off, tea girls, you are our luminaries! Following your footsteps is now very easy
Svetlana, congratulations on the recipe
I have been making tea for the third year, but I did not dare to make a recipe ...
Lasto4ka, Svetlana, a new tea recipe! That's lovely!
Our person!
Lind @
Well well. Grapes, mint and cherries you say? Very interesting
Lasto4ka, Svetochka, congratulations on the recipe, very interesting gulls, and most importantly, we will definitely do timely.
And if its coldoooo ... yes with ice ooo ... yes in the heatuuuuu ... What doKhtor ordered! Eh, I would venture to ask dad about grapes ...

Svetlana, very interesting recipe, detailed and understandable!
Svetlanawhat an interesting combination !!!
Yanka, I also thought about it. Toning tea is obtained. And if you also take into account that grapes relieve puffiness - in the heat, that's it! Only I didn't store ice. But I will improve!
Lasto4ka, Sveta! With the first recipe for you! : rose: With a delicious recipe! I will look for the leaves I need! And how am I without MOJITO?
And I have already kicked the leaves, without putting it on the back burner! I got a small variation - there is not enough mint, I got a few branches of lemon balm under my arm and took it.
Lasto4ka, Sveta, smart girl !!!!!
interesting combination and creative approach to drying temperature
space, Lidochka, thank you. The recipe is largely based on the recipe "Fermented tea and fiber from aromatic herbs"
(Linadoc). There Lina very well described the technique and temperature regime for drying "aromatic" teas. Well, she told me
Quote: Lasto4ka
The recipe is largely based on the recipe "Fermented tea and fiber from aromatic herbs"
(Linadoc). There Lina very well described the technique and temperature regime for drying "aromatic" teas. Well, she told me
Svetik, then you are a capable student
Svetlana, Yesterday I was breaking grapes. You have to do Mojito, but there is no heat! There will be savings for next year, right?
By the way, the improvisation on the theme of Mojito from last year's teas is successful! Admin, however, no. But, I still have the rum essence. One drop of "chemistry" and the effect was magnificent. We'll have to buy rum ... Eh ... Where did you come from with your Mojito?
This is a "winter" mojito, tea, so it will go even without the heat!
Do you also add rum? More details, please ...
Lasto4ka, Svetlana, real mojito (cocktail) with white rum. Well, I also go to tea when there is rum, of course
Here it is! And I only have black ...
Svetlana, So what? Try with black
Radushka, what are the proportions? How is cognac in coffee?
Svetlana, well, prescription is a lot like for me. 50 ml per glass ... that's a lot. I pour a couple of teaspoons
Svetlana, I finally got to your MOJITO! BUT ... gee ... in my only composition, like yours. And the rest ... I've had cherry leaves in the freezer since the end of May. And thawed-frozen a hundred times. Well, and the grapes had to "sweat" three times, no less. So, I will ferment them exactly (looked at the clock) for an hour and a half ... Do you think you get mojit tea? Or drink it without rum, eh?
It will definitely work out! Or has it already worked out? Did you throw the mint?
Svetlana, Well I did not retreat from the percentage composition! Everything is as you recommended! I will not brew. We are now hooked on jidzibiru
what is that a dirty word?
Lasto4ka, Svetlana, while I was chilling out without light and the Internet, and you brought us such a miracle. Thanks to Radushka, I gave a tip on the recipe, and I would never have found it myself. And in general, I would not know what to look for him.
Sveta, great recipe! Thank you so much . This year, I’ll hardly repeat myself - because of the rainy summer, the grapes for everyone were ordered to live a long time, along with the leaves. Yes, and I do not have a meat grinder yet - it was the grape leaves that were broken when I made fiber from them. But by next year, God willing, I will get a meat grinder and the summer will not be so cold and rainy. So, I will definitely try to make a mojito.
lappl1, Lyudochka, praise from you is doubly pleasant for me
Did it. Fermentation for 5 hours. Drying / frying - in the switched off oven after the cakes. Drying day. Day of dry fermentation.
It turned out as much as 48g!
Sour pleasant taste. What I liked is that the mint doesn't stick out. The color is even lighter.
lily_a, Lilechka, I'm glad you liked the recipe! Drink to your health! Does it look like lemon tea? And the benefits, I think, are no less.

Added Saturday 13 Aug 2016 08:47 AM

Did you fry all or part of it?
Quote: Lasto4ka

lily_a, Lilechka, I am glad that you liked the recipe! Drink to your health! Does it look like lemon tea? And the benefits, I think, are no less.

Added Saturday 13 Aug 2016 08:47 AM

Did you fry all or part of it?
Thanks for the recipe!
Tea is a bit like tea with lemon: sour and light. Fried / dried whole - there was nothing to share. Mint was the determining factor in my weight. Her withered was 20g. Cherries and grapes, respectively, took 10 and 70 g, also dried.
I asked why, because mint doesn't like high temperatures. Essential oils are volatilized. But the main thing is that I liked the tea
Here the taste of mint is completely irrelevant to me. I don’t love her.
So I can make grapes + cherries? Or instead of mint, what thread to put? pear for example for color?
lily_a, without mint? It won't be MOJITO at all
Mojito didn't drink either. Is mint so important there? The tea that I made has a little taste.
lily_a, Yes. Mojito is a mint drink. Has no options. Here, lime can be replaced with lemon (in our case, grape leaves)
Well, I thought that I would not make tea this year! since last year there is! and enough for another season!

but there is such beauty! Moreover, everything is available in the garden ... how can I stay without Mojito? everyone will soak, and I just lick their lips?
so sho - I'm with you!

Svetulechka, I will definitely do it, thanks for the magic pendel
Olka44, Olga, drink to your health!
And the magic pendel is always easy for me!

Added Sunday 14 Aug 2016 9:51 PM

lily_a, Lilechka, that's why it's a mojito with mint! But if you really don't like mint at all, you can try it with lemon basil. But also either dry at a low temperature, or fry only a part. Because basil contains essential oils, and they are delicate.
Sonya Mitina
Good day!
Tell me, can the ingredients be frozen after withering? Will grape leaves survive this normally?
Yulia, I freeze grape leaves. They give good granules with other leaves.
Here, I'm going to try to add clary sage to the main composition, in addition to mint. Wondering how tea will change?
Yuri K
RadushkaI think mint or cherry will win
Nadia 2016
Quote: Radushka
in addition to mint, add clary sage

I also decided to experiment with Mojito: Grape leaves, cherry, mint and apple tree and a little bit of basil. Fermented. The leaves were not frozen. She just dried under a cotton sheet.
I made a mojito following the recipe: grapes, cherries, mint in half with lemon balm, an apple tree of 10 percent of the total volume, except for the apple tree I weighed everything on a scale and did it as in the recipe. Withered, froze 2 times, twisted after the second defrosting, fermented for 5 hours, drying without frying. At first there was a very strong smell of grass. I wanted to throw it out. I took it away for dry fermentation, a month already passed, but I haven't tried it yet.
Hello everyone! For a long time I have not entered my topic
What good fellows, the recipe is in full swing! If it gets overgrown with innovations, it means it lives!
Sonya Mitina, Allochka answered you, thank her for that. I also began to freeze all the leaves, including the grapes. It seems to me that they ferment better when frozen and thawed. Well, the leaves become softer for a meat grinder, although the grapes are already very soft.
Radushkahow is the result with sage?
Nadia 2016, Nadia, how about basil? I, too, want to hammer some seagulls with him ...
Katerinka, Katyusha, somewhere something went wrong, if it smells like grass. Even when thawed and fermented? (It seems to me that 5 hours is still a bit too much for ice cream-defrosted tea). I have a grape leaf in the process, it directly gives a strong aroma, it smells like grape juice.
Lasto4ka, nothing with sage! There was no time to go. But nutmeg gave me bitterness and I scored on it completely. For beauty, blooms on the site. True, this year there was no rain for almost three months and its leaves did not even grow.

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