Garlic gooseberry seasoning

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Garlic gooseberry seasoning


Gooseberry 1 kg
Garlic 250g
Dill 200g
Salt, sugar 1-2 tbsp

Cooking method

  • I want to share a delicious seasoning recipe, I just cooked it at the dacha today.
  • To be honest, I did everything by sight, dug up fresh garlic in the garden, now I have a lot of dill, and I had to pick the gooseberry bush.
  • Where to put this gooseberry? It's just that I don't like it, the jam from it for pies is delicious, but I'm too lazy. I will cook a compote of berries, which is larger.
  • The recipe is the simplest - we take all the ingredients and throw them in turn into the meat grinder!
  • At the exit we have a delicious seasoning for meat dishes, you can just smear it on bread instead of jam. On the photo I smeared it on a loaf, because there is no bread, I beg your pardon. It tastes better with bread.
  • No need to cook, everything is perfectly stored in the refrigerator, I don't know what it acts as a preservative.

The dish is designed for

Three half-liter jars

Time for preparing:

The longest thing is to prepare the food, the meat grinder will cope in 7-10 minutes.

Cooking program:

Meat grinder, hands.

Wow, Twigwhat an unusual thing you have twisted!
I've never heard of this in my life!
And we periodically spin this seasoning
Her only negative is the smell of garlic
But in the country under the barbecue, it goes great.
And you can also marinate chops with it, always at hand.
My mother salt this seasoning a little more, and instead of salt it adds it to the meat.
Just awesome, Vetus! I would never have thought that gooseberries can be used in any way other than in sweet preparations! You opened my eyes, really!
An interesting recipe! Need to try

And then the gooseberry ".. like shoe polish .."

I have already made the Gooseberry I have is thick-skinned, sour ... It does not survive until it ripens, it bursts and deteriorates.
I collected a little unripe, made it with a slice of bread and tasted it sour, although I had already added a lot of sugar, but delicious
I also added parsley.
I was hungry for dill and garlic and ate something with pleasure
I think it will be infused and it will be even tastier, just balance the salt and sugar with this acid.

Garlic gooseberry seasoning

Twig, Thank you!
An interesting recipe, thanks!
I can't even imagine how it tastes ...
I also knew gooseberries in jam / compotes until now ...
The taste is sour-scrub!
Asya Klyachina
Girls, but sterilized and sealed for the winter, will it be stored? Haven't tried the taste and color of the product?
Heat treatment will change the smell of garlic. Yesterday I smeared pizza with this sauce, well, I did not find ketchup, I cut the tomato on top into slices. They were smart, delicious
In the next branch there is a recipe with heat treatment, with basil.
Unusual, but very interesting. I love innovations in meat sauces.
that's great how !!!
Irinaif you don't forget in gooseberry season, give it a try!
This year I missed the moment (I was on vacation, I collected gooseberry mush)
I will definitely do it next year!
A couple of jars from last year are in the refrigerator at the dacha, they recently ate with a kebab - you can't come off!
Here's an honest pioneer, fresh
Then, of course, this is a minus, but on weekends you can

A child today chopped garlic according to your recipe today he smeared it well on the boutique, on top of a chicken, ketchup, cheese and went to school
Quote: Twig
and went to school
death to germs and the teacher at the blackboard will not hold for a long time
Twig, so I found a recipe, and then there are no gooseberries, the children brought grapes for juice, leftovers, I sit thinking what sauce to make of it, and here - ..
Twig, and if you take a frozen gooseberry, how do you think, it will turn out to be as tasty as from fresh?
Ilmirushka, I will allow myself to answer - I did everything that I made from freezing, it does not differ in taste, I think that the gooseberry too (we have very little white this year in children, and I shuranul the hybrid with black currant in the sauce, it remained in nothing in the freezer for the winter ...
kartinka, on some holiday I will surprise the children-guests.
Ilmirushka, there is also a need for dill. But with him, of course, it's easier, the store always has it. You can twist the stems from the store, they are tender.
Quote: Twig
dill is needed. But with him, of course, it's easier, the store always has it.
well, yes, buying is not a problem, I shouldn't forget ...

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