Hot dog buns

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Hot dog buns


Milk 240 ml
Water 120 ml
Butter 60 g
Wheat flour VS 580 g
Dry yeast) 7gr
Sugar 25 g
Salt 9 g
Eggs 55 gr (1 piece)

Cooking method

  • Heat milk, water and butter in a ladle to 45-50 degrees. For those who do not have a thermometer, this is when the finger in the dipper is already hot, but the skin has not yet peeled off. In a large bowl, combine 150 grams of flour, yeast, sugar and salt.
  • Pour in the milk mixture and break the egg. Be careful with the temperature, otherwise you can brew the dough and nothing will come of it. Knead gradually adding 100 grams of flour. When the dough has absorbed all the flour, put on the table and knead until smooth. The mixer cannot cope with this, at least for me, so you have to work with your hands. Minutes 8-10.
  • Divide the dough into 12 equal parts (about 85 g each). Roll into balls, cover and rest for 5 minutes.
  • Hot dog buns
  • Roll each ball into a layer of about 10 by 15 cm. You can simply stretch it with your hands, like this.
  • Hot dog buns
  • Roll tightly on the short side and roll out. You should get a sausage about 22-24 centimeters long. Place on a greased or paper-lined baking sheet. This makes two baking sheets of 6 rolls each.
  • Hot dog buns
  • Cover and let stand for 25-30 minutes. Bake with convection for 12-14 minutes at 200 degrees in a preheated oven.
  • The result is wonderful and, most importantly, fast and tasty buns with such a cut.
  • Hot dog buns
  • A standard sausage for a standard hot dog is 15 cm. In this recipe, I made 20 cm long sausage buns. With sausages for French hot dogs. If you make standard buns, then it is better to divide the dough not into 12 but into 16 pieces of about 65-70 grams each and make buns 14-15 cm long. They are shorter and thicker.
  • Before using them, you need to hold them over steam for 2 minutes.

The dish is designed for

12-16 pcs.

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:



The rolls are wonderful!

Quote: Trinitron
this is when the finger in the dipper is already hot, but the skin does not peel off yet

k @ wka
What beautiful buns!
Isn't it necessary to let the dough rise for them after kneading? Straight to butcher immediately?
Then, of course, very quickly.
Thanks for the recipe, let's try
nice cut, cute buns
Quote: Trinitron
For those who do not have a thermometer, this is when the finger in the dipper is already hot, but the skin does not peel off yet
at 45-50 * we most often wash the dishes, the skin does not peel off the thermometer with such special t generally not superfluous, an inexperienced hostess, after such vague recommendations, will brew the dough at once
Quote: k @ wka
Isn't it necessary to let the dough rise for them after kneading? Straight to butcher immediately?
Yes, that's how quickly ..))) I myself thought about it for a long time
Vladimirthanks for the good recipe!
Vladimir, took the pretty buns to bookmarks
Trinitron, so even and beautiful, bravo to the master!) in one of these days I will try
Bon Appetit everyone!!!

Quote: Innushka
so smooth and beautiful
Well, about even ones, I will modestly keep silent, unfortunately I was in a hurry, I didn’t do it very carefully ... But the taste .. This is real for those who nastolgiat on street hot dogs 90th, a godsend.
Natalia K.
Trinitron, Vladimir, you got great buns
The recipe is definitely bookmarked, and thank you
Trinitron, what you need! Thanks for the recipe and detailed description. I took it to the bookmarks. A little heat will subside, I will bake.
Trinitron, Vladimir, thank you, bookmark the recipe, I will definitely bake it.My family is hooked on your "Stakhanov loaf" only I bake it in a bread machine and bought mustard oil for the second time.
Shyrshunchik, Tatyana, Not at all .. By the way, about mustard oil .. Sold in markets and supermarkets for 400-500 rubles for 0.5, so I didn't like it. There is simply no scent. ... And from Pyaterochka, an economy class store, at 85-90, that's how much bread you baked if it's already the second time
Trinitron, Vladimir, I buy oil "Oderikha" unrefined, it is very fragrant, but I immediately bought 500 gr. And I bake white bread every day, my son comes home from work and immediately cuts off 3-4 kusmans, and this is if you take not a loaf, but a roll from a bread machine, 750 gr. and with cheese, and then in the evening, that is, at night he eats. I didn't have time to bake "Milanese buns" from Angela, and then he liked your loaf.
Vladimirwhat beautiful buns you have
Quote: Albina
beautiful buns
Thank you
TrinitronVladimir, just like by order, I just wanted to look in the bookmarks
Trinitron, Vladimir, the recipe is already in the tabs. Wonderful buns!
Bon appetit, everyone, get well!
Quote: Trinitron

Bon appetit, everyone, get well!
Oh, you are a joker, however.
Trinitron, the beauty!!! To bookmarks!!!
k @ wka
I baked it today. Here is the report
Hot dog buns
The dough turned out to be sticky, although I kneaded with a dough mixer. I had to add flour and roll it out on a table dusted with flour. Maybe the flour is to blame, or maybe the liquid of the milk, I don't know. Next time I will reduce the water. And so everything is OK.
Thanks again for the recipe
Quote: k @ wka
I got a sticky dough
Beautiful buns, however .. I do not knead the dough by machines, only by hand. And only then it becomes what it should be. And without flour))
k @ wka
And I'll try to knead it next time in HP. Maybe she'll do better
Quote: k @ wka

And I'll try to knead it next time in HP. Maybe she'll do better

Kneading bread dough (wheat and wheat-rye) in a combine and manually
k @ wka
Admin, Thank you, Tanechka, went to read ...

And the buns are delicious !!!
k @ wka, and very pretty and appetizing
k @ wka
Yes. And already ate one. They turned out beautiful, yeah. I didn't even expect it. I am always cracked or bloated. And then the rules turned out. Itself is happy
The rolls are simply gorgeous, I baked 2 times and I will still bake very tasty. Thanks for the great recipe
Trinitron, Vladimir catch the report. I made the kneading in a bread maker, added 20 grams of flour additionally, maybe an egg a little larger or put butter per gram more, it doesn't matter. The dough turned out to be tender, a little sticky (if you hold it in your hand for a long time, it sticks), but I didn't add flour anymore, rolled it out on a silicone mat, so everything is fine. True, she baked for 25-30 minutes, oven without convention, waited for it to brown.

Hot dog buns

The buns are delicious, boom to eat with cheese, I bought sausages for a very long time, maybe looking at the buns my son will want sausages. Well, we'll see.

Thanks a lot for the recipe, delicious.
Quote: Shyrshunchik
The buns are delicious, boom to eat with cheese,
the beauty
Trinitron, thanks for the recipe. Here are my crooked little ones in haste
I was too lazy to knead with my hands, I tried to bake for me. Well, she shouldn't be idle

Hot dog buns
I'm carrying a big merci for buns! It turned out super! Only I did half the norm and instead of half an egg I poured 30 ml of extra water. A little sticky, but I dust the table with flour. It turned out 8 buns. Pets are delighted!
Quote: irisska
Pets are delighted!
This is the best in the recipe)))
And I baked ...
Hot dog buns
nevertheless, they do not turn out badly, it is necessary to divide for large sausages not into 12, but into 8-10 parts

Added Friday 13 Jan 2017 11:58 PM

and came not after 30 minutes, but after an hour
Wonderful buns.
I just kneaded half of the dough for buns in the bread maker, and left the other half in the bread maker on the dough mode, waiting for it to finish. further standard, divided, rolled, put on proofer. climbed faster. Conclusion: happy owners of ovens can in this case use the "dough" mode to the fullest.
Vladimir, a great recipe for the perfect hot dog buns!
Thank you!

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