"Winter" version of Kimchi

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Winter version of Kimchi


Cabbage 5 koch
Carrot 7-8pcs
Small cucumbers 15 pcs
Bulb onions 7-8 pcs
Garlic heads 1-3 pcs
Bitter pepper 10 pieces
Paprika powder 2-3 tablespoons
Rice flour 250 g
Sugar Glass
Pears, oranges Option
Fish sauce Taste
Ginger Taste
Daikon 4-5 pcs

Cooking method

  • I know it's summer, but the girls are asking for this recipe, so for now, bookmark until autumn))
  • So, let's start "dancing with tambourines"
  • We cut the "butts" of the heads of cabbage and tear them to the end with our hands (I don't know why, that's how they taught)
  • We wash it properly under running water and put it in a large basin (I specially bought a type of small bath in Auchan, it is very convenient)
  • We set to boil 5-6 liters of water, add 8-10 tablespoons of salt, boil for three minutes and turn it off. Let it cool. (the last time I boiled 2 liters of salt and topped up bottled water so as not to wait)
  • We take 2-3 liters of water, add a glass, one and a half sugar and bring to a boil. Mix rice flour with cold water and pour into boiling syrup. We cook ordinary rice jelly. The kissel should be quite thick. And cool it down. (I cook it in the evening)
  • Pour the cabbage and cucumbers cut along the length with cooled brine and leave for 2-3 hours, it is salted quite quickly, but you can reduce the salt in the brine and pour overnight. After fermentation, the salt will go away, even if it seems to you that you have oversalted.
  • Cut carrots and radishes into strips and you can also pour brine overnight
  • After the jelly has cooled, add onion, garlic, ginger, hot pepper and fish sauce chopped in a food processor. You can add a few spoons of rice vinegar if you like
  • I rub pears (3-4pcs) on a fine grater and squeeze the juice of two oranges. The result is 5 liters of red fiery sweet porridge. (in fact, I write longer than I do)
  • We wash cabbage and cucumbers with cold water
  • Now we put everything in layers in our huge basin - cabbage, jelly, carrots with daikon, jelly, cucumbers, jelly, cabbage. We put a plate on top or a small baking sheet in my case and not a heavy load.
  • After a day, we ram everything very tightly into jars or ceramic pots with a lid and put it into the cellar, refrigerator, or take it out to the cold terrace.
  • This dish has several stages of maturation. You can eat right away and it will be very spicy, salty, when bubbles appear, it will be like a sour snack. But when it all peroxides, then the real aged taste of Kimchi will appear. But you can eat it absolutely at all stages. I make 10-20 heads of cabbage every year and in the intervals we throw in "express".

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:



Success to everyone !!!!

Uuuurryayaya !!!! Wait !!!
Thank you for the recipe!
We have such a coldness that it's time to ferment and eat kimchi!
I have never done it with pears yet, and with cucumbers in the same vat too. I will definitely try - the season of cucumbers and chimchi has just begun.
Here's how to prepare pears for the base for the winter? And then we have them almost 200 rubles. per kg in the cold stand, and the most chimcha time will be when the good, fragrant pears have already left ... freeze mashed potatoes with cubes? Dry and grind into powder?
Anastasia, ask if you wrote something incomprehensibly. In autumn we will do it together !!! We will write off according to the proportions) just the girls categorically do not want to wait until the fall and asked to lay out. So I obeyed)))

Added on Tuesday 07 Jun 2016 10:07 AM

AnastasiaI think it's best to puree and sterilize a couple of jars. The most it will be
Quote: Zhannptica
categorically do not want to wait until autumn and asked to lay out.
Well, so it is necessary to prepare mentally for such an action!
Cool recipe!
Zhanul, how much fish sauce do you pour? Otherwise, I don’t know how to taste it .... hang up the lope in grams ... for such an amount

Added on Tuesday 07 Jun 2016 10:26 am

Is your cabbage in the picture?
I have never really pumped up (they grew it in a greenhouse). When it was more or less normal, they ate it right at the root of the caterpillar, then someone else ..
Elena, yeah !!!! And I told you that you need to hang in grams !!! Flax, to taste, I pour a hundred grams))

Added on Tuesday 07 Jun 2016 10:35 am

It is purchased. Photos from the summer before last, but I always do the ruble to the ruble the same !!! Why reinvent the wheel if every time with a bang !! Moreover, even fussy, such as "we do not eat spicy", destroy bowls under a clean
Quote: Zhannptica
Why reinvent the wheel if every time with a bang !!
Well yes! I can imagine WHAT kind of deliciousness it turns out It is imperative to mature for dancing and cook a tambourine
And I ask about the sauce, because I somehow poured it and this option did not really suit us. Here you want the perfect taste
Elena, so put a tablespoon or not at all. There is a video on YouTube with a little Korean woman (she cooks from a chair), here her recipe is very close to me, I will find one of these days, I will throw a link, there it is in English, so everything is clear.
She only took the summer one to bookmarks, and then the winter one arrived in time.
Today in Magnit we have Peking cabbage at 99r per kg, and even sluggish. And on the market 40r kg, dense, elastic, 1400gr.
So tomorrow I'll have to go for sauces.
Alla, waiting for impressions))
Jeanne, very good, on time. And morally mature, and buy pears. I will test on less. since mnu does not have a bath.

Added on Tuesday 07 Jun 2016 07:17 PM

Tricia, why do we need pears in the cold? It's the very time when our cucumbers will ripen, and cabbage is not very expensive then.

Added on Tuesday 07 Jun 2016 07:19 PM

Jeanne, but how is this dish served in whole chunks, or cut
Quote: Loksa
Tricia, why do we need pears in the cold?
Oksana, Duc this is a new base for kimchi (I collect them!), suddenly I like soooo like that I want to be a magician, I'm also a thrifty squirrel! and in winter I will replace the cucumbers with daikon
Quote: Loksa
whole chunks, or cut
Loksa, Oksana, laughs aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... how I imagined eating lomtyamia ...

Added on Tuesday 07 Jun 2016 09:50 PM

Quote: Zhannptica
there in English, so everything is clear.
Another one amused ... in the morning ...
I'll send my daughter, let him translate. Not only is it cold here, you can't watch a video either. No Internet ... Satellite ..
Oksana, glad to please !! I always cut before serving. I don't cut it only when I make rollers with rice from it. Then I wrap it in a long piece of paper and hamster
Anastasia, you can just stir up cucumbers without cabbage as well. For the name to Lena, but there is no difference. But the Korean taught me to throw everything together. My only digression, I cut the radish into strips, and they are petals. But it tastes better to me
Elena_Kamch, do you even sleep sometimes?
Quote: Zhannptica
do you even sleep sometimes?
So I slept all day ...
Masha Ivanova
Jeanne! Since I have never made kimchi in this way, I have many questions for you. 1. How much ginger do you put on this amount (5 heads)? It is clear that to taste, but you have to start from something, if you haven't done it before. How much do you put in to your taste? And can you replace ginger with dry? Then how much dry for 5 heads of cabbage? 2. If we boil 2-3 liters of water with sugar, then dilute the flour with water taken from this amount (2-3 liters) or in an additional amount of water, then how much? 3. If I understand correctly, are cabbage with cucumbers soaked in one container, and carrots with radish in another? How then is brine distributed from 5-6 liters of water? How much to pour into cabbage with cucumbers, and how much into carrots with radish? This is the first part of the questions. Please answer them, and only then I will ask the rest. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Masha Ivanova
How much ginger do you put on this amount (5 heads of cabbage)
Aha, and I'm interested! I concluded that you shouldn't be a fan of ginger
Quote: Masha Ivanova
If I understood correctly, are cabbage with cucumbers soaked in one container, and carrots with radish in another?
Masha Ivanova, Elena, I realized that after standing in brine, cabbage is layered with carrots + radish
Quote: Zhannptica
Now we put everything in layers in our huge basin - cabbage, jelly, carrot with daikon, jelly, cucumbers, jelly, cabbage.

Added Wednesday 08 Jun 2016 00:26

Quote: Zhannptica
when I make rollers with rice from it
Taaax ... what kind of beast is this? Which one of her? From Beijing? Wrapping rice in it or what?
Masha Ivanova
Lena! Overlaid in layers, yes. But it is also not entirely clear about soaking there, read it.
Quote: Masha Ivanova
not quite clear written
something is clear to me ...
Cabbage with cucumbers in pickle. And carrots with radishes can be soaked in brine, or you can not soak them.
Then we put everything in layers ...
Well, let's wait for our author Zhanna to say, of course

Added Wednesday 08 Jun 2016 00:44

Masha Ivanova, Lena, you already have a completely deaf night there? It's dawn already ...
Here Jeanne with her recipe as a person interested
Masha Ivanova, Elena, but it seems to me that everything is clear. We soak Peking and cucumbers in brine; you can soak both radish and carrots. I suspect that they are soaked in different containers, because for different times: cabbage and cucumbers are cut larger, salted later, radish and carrots - in strips, salted instantly, it makes no sense to keep them in brine as much as cucumbers with cabbage ... And the amount of brine, it seems to me, is not important for carrots, the main thing is to cover the vegetables.
Quote: Tricia
not important for carrots, the main thing is to cover vegetables
and I think so I would not soak at all They then all together and salt and sour ... Well ... for my taste ...
Masha Ivanova
And I often have free access to my computer at night, and I cook more often at night (in parallel with the computer), no one interferes. And the time difference between us and Moscow is 3 hours, they have 12, we have 15. And you have 21 hours.
Masha Ivanova, Elena, I know about the time, yeah My daughter is studying at NSU
Masha Ivanova
Girls, thanks! You have clarified a few things for me. Let's wait another author.

Added on Wednesday 08 Jun 2016 10:36 am

That's great, Lena! We have a good university!
Anastasia, Elena_Kamch, Masha Ivanova, Elena, hello everyone and thank you !!!!
Wow, I'll try to answer !!!
First, about ginger - a root with a thumb and two heads of garlic (12 cloves somewhere) and together with onions in a food processor and a couple of tablespoons of fish sauce to them. If you use ready-made Kimchi sauce, then fish is not needed, it is already there and there is enough salt.
Now about the pickle. This is not really important. Carrots with radishes can be soaked or not.
And finally, about jelly - you can add rice flour with a whisk (a glass of two liters) into cold water, add a glass of sugar there and then do not leave the saucepan and, while stirring, bring to a boil and regulate the density with water. If you see that it is very thick, then add a glass of water. It is necessary to achieve the consistency of an ordinary drinking jelly. It should taste almost sugary sweet. There is no need to be afraid of this, all the sugar will be eaten by the acid during fermentation.
I'm a little busy today, but I'm online !! Ask, I will definitely answer!

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