Hello everybody!
I ask for help! Help me to understand!
The Philips HD9240 / 90 Avance Collection Airfryer XL (and a frying pan) came from a computeruniverse. Today I got it out, turned it on, nothing seemed to bother me (I don't remember now, maybe she turned off herself). Acting according to the quick instructions, I set the temperature, pressed "Play" (well, you understand me, the triangle), it made a noise, heated up, emitted a beep, I pulled out the basket, poured the potatoes, pushed in, set the time, pressed "Play", time passed ( I took it out once and shake it), squeaked, set the temperature higher, the time was different, pressed, then I don't remember, something strange she somehow worked this time, I remember I turned it on again, but in general, then the time passed, I squeaked, I got the potatoes, I washed the basket, dried it, washed the pan, dried it, pushed everything back, and let it turn on and warm it up, although I didn't press anything, then it turns itself off, turns on and continues this way several times until I remove the plug from the socket. I waited, plugged it into the outlet, it turns on itself, changes the temperature, sets the time back and forth, immediately starts / turns off the fans, turns itself off / on, in general, it does whatever it pleases. It’s out of order, right? In electronics? It seems obvious, but I still don't want to believe it (after all, I just received the long-awaited one) - that's why I'm asking here. Answer me please. I will be especially grateful if someone can call me on Skype, I will show in the video how it all happens.
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Irina, I had a very similar situation. It turned out that the shadows were all in fat. There is a sensor there, I still do not understand. I washed the shades well (especially at the attachment point), dried them - the problem disappeared.

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