Pike in tomato (autoclave)

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Pike in tomato (autoclave)


Pike 3 pcs
Turnip onion 5-7 pcs
Tomato paste
Ground black pepper

Cooking method

  • My brother brought pikes from fishing (you can take any fish)))
  • We clean, gut and wash the carcasses. Cut into pieces. Salt, pepper to taste
  • And we put it in prepared jars. I take 0.5l "just once"
  • Making a filling - fry a lot of onions in vegetable oil and add the tomato. I use homemade products, but you can also dilute tomato paste with water. Add sugar to the tomato-onion mixture and pour our fish. We roll up the banks. And we put the autoclave on fire. I have a working pressure of 4.2, 15 minutes on and off.
  • Delicious snack))

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:



It turns out delicious in the pressure cooker too)

PIKE is a freshwater fish. Length up to 1 m (occasionally up to 1.5 m), weight up to 8 kg (sometimes up to 35 kg). The body is elongated, arrow-shaped, with a large head and wide mouth, studded with numerous teeth; the dorsal and anal fins are moved far back. Body coloration is spotty, dark stripes are located across the body; depending on the living conditions, it can have a gray-greenish, gray-yellowish or gray-brownish tint; the pectoral and pelvic fins are yellowish-red; the rest are brownish with black spots. Inhabits rivers and lakes of Eurasia and North America. Fishing object.

It goes on sale in live, chilled, ice cream and canned form. The meat is lean, bony, sometimes smells like mud, contains 18.4% protein, 1.1% fat.

Large and medium-sized pike is most often used chopped (fish cakes, meatballs) and stuffed, small (squinting weighing 200-300 g) is boiled in a spicy broth: 0.75 liters of water per 1 kg of fish, 1 piece of roots (carrots, parsley, celery), 1 onion, 3 black peas and 1 allspice pea, 1 bay leaf; everything is boiled together for 5-7 minutes, then the fish is put into the broth and cooked until cooked (about 20 minutes), always on low heat, avoiding strong boiling, then the fish is removed with a slotted spoon, placed on a heated dish, sprinkled with parsley and served with boiled potatoes and butter.

Small pike can also be fried, used for fish soup. The British in the Middle Ages considered pike the most delicious and expensive fish. In some countries, to this day, pike dishes are classified as exquisite.

Jeanne, Thank you for the idea! In the pike freezer, the sea is simple, no longer climbs do not eat, but here it is so simple and certainly delicious! I will definitely try to cook it!
Katerina, more sugar in a tomato. And the taste of the "Soviet" canned food is indistinguishable
Quote: Zhannptica

Katerina, more sugar in a tomato.
how much more? Should it taste sweet?
Yes Yes !! It's sweet. Well, not to the syrup, of course, but the sugar should be felt, when it cools down, it will turn into a sweet marinade. And salt the fish as if you're going to fry.
Zhannptica, ABOUT! The first autoclave recipe! It is necessary to define it in the topic "Autoclave", otherwise it is empty for now. Do you feel the bones after 15 minutes? And then I have 40 minutes in my recipe book, like for fish. And in the pike of bones there is a lot, so nobody eats it at me: ((
Alla, no bones, except for the central one, as in saury banks, they seem to be there too, but it seems they are not
40 minutes only goose or duck I do, and even then 35)))
Jeanne, share how to do in a pressure cooker. I have, however, the most primitive. There is pressure there. Well, in short, you can adapt.I love this fish and, as you write, sweet gravy. Yum)
Quote: Olekma
The sea is simple in the pike freezer, they don't eat anymore,
Kate, it's a pity you are so far away. Otherwise I would have made a raid
Jeanne, and if there is no autoclave, then how to live?))
Angela, Tatyana, GIRLS !!!!!
I didn't even know what it could be that there is no autoclave ..

if anything, then I have a very good friend in combination with the owner of patented autoclaves, or rather their production in Krasnodar. He sends them to all parts of the world

Eat !! My husband came))) I will answer everyone soon. And about the pressure cooker too.
Quote: Zhannptica
I didn't even know what it could be that there is no autoclave ..
Jeanne, you are the meat queen. You are nowhere without him. And so we bought a chicken and where to autoclave it? Nope, we are cooking something ordinary, not stew)
Quote: Zhannptica
if anything, then I have a very good friend in combination with the owner of patented autoclaves, or rather their production in Krasnodar. He sends them to all parts of the world
I looked closely at these Krasnodar autoclaves. They stand like a wing from a Boeing.

Jeanne, thanks for the recipe!

Quote: celfh
and if there is no autoclave, then how to live?))
Easy! The autoclave will replace a conventional pressure cooker. I make canned food both at Shteba and at Unite. It turns out great! Only cans with screw caps should be taken.
Elena, Thank you!!!
They cost 7500 with delivery to the apartment. Some of my friends in Klin ordered, others in Volokolamsk, and the price has not changed. I have been using it for at least 4 years, and all year round, especially in winter (stew). Very happy. And most importantly 140 degrees, butulism is excluded)))
Angela, you can put a silicone round mat on the bottom of the pressure cooker and Elena has noticed correctly, the covers with a screw. Just increase the time a little, up to 30 minutes, I think
Yes, butulism only kills 140. You can't do that in a pressure cooker. Yes, and you need fish
Quote: Zhannptica
They cost 7500 with delivery to the apartment.
Wow yyyyyyy! It means that I have not seen this.
Jeanne, And you can throw a link in a personal?
I was late, Zhannochka, with a recipe for a week, bought AB exactly a week ago, could not decide for a long time.
But now I will know who I can consult and
Previously, I made canned fish like this: I cooked them in a pressure cooker with vegetables and tomatoes, carefully laid them out, closed the lid and sterilized jars with full immersion in a very concentrated saline solution (to increase the sterilization temperature). It turned out very tasty, but I was worried about this bootulism all the time. True, she reassured herself that if acid from a tomato is present, there must be an acidic environment, and it does not seem to develop in it
We have a Belarusian AK, volume of 18 liters., I like Krasnodar more, but then maybe we'll buy that one if this one doesn't suit
We tried to make canned carp with oil. It tasted good, but half a can, apparently you need to stuff very tightly? or add something like broth?
In your jars, the normal amount turned out ready-made
The pressure was brought to 3.8 atm and sterilized for 25 minutes, the bones turned out to be soft, although in crucians they are rather hard.
lydia, congratulations on your purchase !!
Learn to determine the level, with practice it will come.
I usually don't report 2 cm. But here again you have to look at which product. If the bird is skinned, then all 4 cm should be left, fat will melt out of the skin and squeeze the lid. Try it and everything will work out !!!
Tomorrow I will lay out (if I have time) duck stew)
Quote: Zhannptica
Congratulations on the right purchase
Thank you so much
Quote: Zhannptica
Try it and everything will work out !!!
I will try, but I would like the cans not to be half-empty and I’m afraid to shift too much, so as not to damage the lid
Quote: Zhannptica
Tomorrow I will lay out (if I have time) duck stew)
we will wait, Jeanne and the subtleties of a professional
Oh, Zhannochka, and me a link to the autoclave, please! I'm very interested!
Zhannptica, and how many liters do you have? How many 0.5 liter cans are there per load?
Katerina, I don't know how many liters. Banks of 0.5 and 0.7, 7 pcs, liter 5 pcs at a time. You can make two batches per day. The autoclave must cool down before you open it. I have a hiking option. I carry it everywhere with me.

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Pike in tomato (autoclave)
Quote: celfh
Zhanna, and if there is no autoclave, then how to live?))
No way !!!
Honey agarics turned on. Zhanna, over time, how was your impression - weren't they disappointed? And what, right there are absolutely no bones in the pike?
Omela, we just a couple of days ago opened a half-liter jar of mackerel with the addition of oil, the parents sang it in an autoclave ... well, mind you can eat all the tender bones, the taste is delicious ... I just wanted the autoclave in mind ...
Omela, right here they are completely concealing there ...., we must take, anyway !!!
Jeanne, from you are a temptress
pralna, pralna, autoclave good topic
Katerina, please tell me, after cooking in an autoclave, the rolled up lids do not rise?
Irina, not involved, I would even say
I read here about such sweets and bought myself an autoclave (my husband is a fisherman and a hunter), for the first time I rolled up 8 cans of pork stew - it turned out so delicious, it's impossible to come off Thank you girls for sharing your experience Fish is next in line

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