Lunch "Trio" at Thermomix TM 31

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Lunch Trio at Thermomix TM 31


For minced meat:
Chicken fillet slightly frozen 500 g
bulb onions 1 PC
Pumpkin 150 g
mayonnaise 1-2 tbsp. l
salt, dill 1/2 tsp
For garnish:
rice 1 m glass
dry mushroom powder
vegetables of your choice 300-400 gr

Cooking method

  • Put all ingredients for minced meat except mayonnaise in a bowl and chop
  • 8-10 sec / sk. 7, add mayonnaise and stir for 5 sec / sk. 3
  • Spoon into boiled with vegetables. (I had a frozen Mexican mix).
  • Put the washed rice in the steam basket, add the dried mushroom powder. Salt if desired.
  • Pour boiling water 1 cm above the rice level, set Varoma.
  • Lunch Trio at Thermomix TM 31
  • Cooking 25 min / Varoma / Sk. 1
  • Lunch Trio at Thermomix TM 31
  • The cutlets are airy and fragrant. I really like rice as a side dish in the steam basket.
  • Fast, tasty, healthy!
  • Bon appetit and pleasant activities in the saved time.

The dish is designed for

4 servings

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:

Thermomix only


It was an absolutely ordinary recipe, I wrote longer than I cooked.
But I really wanted to show once again the functionality of Thermomix and the like.

Lily, thanks for the recipe !!
And the photo you got alive! Now I use Varoma to the full, it is very convenient that a lot fits into it !!
And I haven't gotten to Varoma yet! Thanks for the recipe, wonderful!
Masha, Olya, thank you!
Very good varoma!
Tomorrow I will make lazy dumplings.
Lily, yes, I always cook on Olivier on Varoma, her size is excellent)

But I never cooked in three levels.
Maria, and how long do you cook for Olivier?
Svetlana, if I'm not mistaken, then I put 25 minutes.
Maria, but you pre-cut vegetables into cubes, right?
Yes, I cut it into cubes and boiled.

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