Vegetable rolls (lean)

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Vegetable rolls (lean)


For green pancakes:
Frozen spinach 150 g
Bean decoction 200 g
Oat flakes 50 g
Wheat flour 100 g
Salt pinch
Sugar 1 tsp
Oregano 1 tsp
Carbonated water 200 g
For orange pancakes:
Carrots (instead of spinach) 150 g
+ all other green pancake ingredients

Cooking method

  • For green pancakes. Defrost the spinach. it is better to take chopped and pressed spinach. If the spinach is leafy, then grind it with a blender.
  • Pour the broth after boiling the beans into the bowl of a stationary mixer. You can also beat with a hand mixer, but it will take longer.
  • Vegetable rolls (lean)
  • Beat on medium-high speed until frothy. The time depends on the power of the mixer. On average, about 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth must be immediately used in the dough, otherwise it will separate and the liquid will go away.
  • Vegetable rolls (lean)
  • Grind the oatmeal with a coffee grinder.
  • While the broth is whipping, beat the carbonated water, salt, sugar, oregano, spinach, flour, flakes until smooth.
  • Gently mix the broth into the dough with a spoon until a homogeneous liquid consistency is obtained.
  • Vegetable rolls (lean)
  • Bake pancakes in a well-heated skillet with vegetable oil. Turn the pancake over only after the top surface is completely matte.
  • Vegetable rolls (lean)
  • For orange pancakes, grate the carrots on a fine grater. Repeat the procedure with whipping the broth and kneading the dough as for green pancakes. The dough is a little thinner.
  • Vegetable rolls (lean)
  • Turn the pancakes over according to the same principle, avoiding strong frying, otherwise they will break.
  • Vegetable rolls (lean)
  • For rolls, fold a green and orange pancake in pairs, roll up, cut into pieces and pierce with skewers.
  • Serve as a snack.
  • Vegetable rolls (lean)
  • An original and light appetizer, to taste, reminiscent of an omelet.) The whipped bean broth gives the "pancakes" lightness and tenderness. You can layer the pancakes with sauce or vegetable pate.

The dish is designed for

5 servings

World snack, bookmarks are straightforward, but what a beautiful
Hope, Thank you! I'd be glad if the recipe comes in handy.)
Oh! what kind of pancakes mmm .... And then I boiled the beans, and poured the broth: girl_cray1: offensively I took it to the bookmarks ...
zluka, Olya, for me the experience of whipping broth from the beans is also the first. But I have been using chickpea broth for a long time.)

Vegetarian meringue (Omela)

Vegetable rolls (lean)
Quote: Omela
the experience of whipping a decoction of beans is also the first. But I have been using chickpea broth for a long time.
And how do they compare? Is it worth messing with beans or her?
Stranded, well, I had foam on top. but under it - liquid and it did not want to turn into foam!
Quote: Premier
And how do they compare? Is it worth messing with beans or her?
In comparison, chickpea whips better, but in this case, such a foam is enough for loosening.)

Quote: sweetka
Well, I had foam on top.
Svetik, I have more than just foam on top. All the liquid whipped up. I don't know why you didn't succeed. Next time I will cook the beans, I will beat the broth specially again.)

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