Salad "Goat in the garden"

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Goat salad in the garden


White cabbage 150 g
Beet 150 g
Carrot 150 g
Sausage p / c Finnish serv 200 g
Sticks of potato chips Tutu
Red onion 1 PC
Garlic 1-2 cloves
Mayonnaise Taste

Cooking method

  • We take all products raw and chop them in a small vegetable cutter. Cut the sausage into strips. Potatoes "Rumstick" in red packs are ideal (five, Dixie and the intersection are always available) only without flavorings. Classic with salt.
  • That's the whole recipe.

The dish is designed for

For the company

Time for preparing:

10 minutes

Cooking program:



Friends from Germany came to my neighbor (they actually brought this recipe) and invited me and my daughter to visit. We go in and see - the table is bursting with treats (the neighbor is from the Kuban), and what kind of appearances were not there ... And suddenly a glance falls on a plate of raw beets and cabbage. Seeing my amazed look, they told me - here you sit down and do not turn away from this plate for a long time, otherwise it will not be enough.
The bottom line - it seems to me that we, together with my daughter, have persuaded this whole plate))) we prepare this salad for all the holidays and just like that, when you want something like that. Try it, highly recommend !!! Very juicy and tasty)
I tried it without sausage, but the taste was not at all the same, I tried it with boiled meat - it was not that. But with half smoked it is the most)
You need to fill it with mayonnaise directly at the table !!

Oh, I love such a goat, but for myself I make an option without meat and, as a rule, I use all vegetables as Korean salads
Tanyulya, so he is therefore a Goat: girl_wink: because among the grass they pushed the sausage. But I realized that you, in principle, do not eat meat. Respect))
Quote: Zhannptica
Tanyulya, that's why he is a Goat because they shoved sausage among the grass.
Yes, I do everything else with meat (I bake the meat in the grill and cut it into pieces), it is with meat not with sausage, they say that it tastes better.
With me on you
Tanyulya, agreed))
My "Puddle" salad is also similar to this one, but it includes deep-fried meat and no onions. My also love it.
Albina, yes, that’s why it’s a salad, to stuff everything into it and more. There are just very tasty options and I want to share them)) and in Luzha, isn't it boiled beets? All vegetables here are raw and not salted. I think it's still a completely different option, litter)) but I will definitely try yours one of these days !!
Jeanne, yes, I have boiled beets. I'll have to try yours too.
M @ rtochka
I cut and rubbed everything. I took an ordinary onion, poured boiling water over it. I put everything in the salad bowl except the potato chips. She looked longingly, without any confidence that it would be delicious.
And then she barely came off. Well, really! We must remember about this salad, it will be especially good in autumn and winter! When the roots are fresh.
Thank you thank you thank you!
Daria, so I also met him without trust, and now we only have time to run after potatoes
Well done, what you did! Glad you liked!!
M @ rtochka
Recently there was an action in Pyaterochka for this potato, we bought 5 packages!
So you still have to make a salad, otherwise someone will just sharpen them like that

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