Tea pie (under the grill)

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Tea pie (under the grill)


Wheat flour 150 g
Sugar 250 g
Butter 250 g
Egg 2 pcs.
Yolks 4 things.
Protein 4 things.
Vanilla sugar 1 sachet
Rum or cognac 4 tbsp. l.
Starch 100 g
baking powder 2 tsp
Powdered sugar 125 g
Lemon juice 5-6 st. l.
Chocolate 25 g
Coconut fat 15 g

Cooking method

  • Whisk butter into cream with sugar (2). Add eggs and yolks, rum. Beat again. Add flour in parts (in 2-3 passes) (after mixing it with baking powder and starch). Beat the whites until they peaks. Mix 1/3 of the proteins with the dough to liquefy it, then carefully "put" the proteins into the dough.
  • Heat (grill) - upper spiral. Grease the 28cm mold well and line it with paper (bottom only), grease the paper. Pour 2 tablespoons of dough into a mold, smooth (the most convenient - with a spatula for cream, a good brush, but you can also use a spoon). The layer will be very thin.
  • Place under the grill for 1.5-2 minutes (until light brown. Take out, apply another 2 tablespoons and return to the oven. Do this until all the dough is finished. The dough layer should always be about 20 cm below the spiral (I put it on the middle wire rack two prying and removing them as the form is filled.) Carefully remove the cake from the mold, on a tray and return to the oven for 2 minutes.
  • Dilute the icing sugar with lemon juice. Melt the chocolate with the fat. Apply lemon and sugar fondant to the cake and make a free chocolate pattern.


Here is such an unusual cake we baked the other day

Author's words

The main reason I made this cake is curiosity. Very interesting baking technology. But the result did not deceive, if you, like me, love the lightest, soft, but at the same time dry cakes - this is your recipe. But I want to note that you need to cook it only if you have an hour that you can spend in the kitchen, practically without distraction. On the other hand, it's amazing how much you can do in 2 minutes.

Recipe from 🔗 by innok

What an original cake, it's strange that no one tried to cook it.
I took it to bookmarks, baked it using a similar technology in an airfryer, it turns out very tasty, and I'll try this one in a grill with a top ten, thanks for the recipe!
recipes baumkuchenbut there is on the forum = not quite popular due to long baking, I once baked such a cake in AG (the recipe was not exactly this one I had) - very tasty, but not fast

spit baked goods

Baumkuchen (Germany)
Baumkuchen is a smooth version of Shakotis, during the preparation of which the skewer is not poured with dough, but dipped in it. In section, the pie resembles a saw cut from a tree. Baumkuchen is the hallmark of the city of Salzwedel.

Tea pie (under the grill)

Šakotis / Sękacz (Lithuania / Poland)
"Shakotis" appeared during the times of the Commonwealth. A wooden skewer is poured with egg dough, which begins to drain, forming "twigs". When they are slightly baked, the spit is poured over with the dough again.

Tea pie (under the grill)

Tea pie (under the grill)

Irsha, I have got accustomed on baumkuchentort, I like it very much, but I want to try this one in the grill
spit baked goods interesting

now there are many different convenient equipment, the same pizza makers - we bake quickly and without problems, this pie is aside

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